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Mrs Kirk {Part 1}

Fandom: Star Trek

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader (She/Her identifying) 

Warning: Accidental Marriage + Little bits of panic/angst

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/request: You and Jim get married. Accidentally. On a new federation planet. Without knowing about it. Turns out its legally binding. Fuck. 

Notes: Partially based off the Mrs Reynolds episode of Firefly

Part 2 X

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Washington (Seattle) Gothic

-you drive outside of Seattle, you drive for an hour, there are fields, farms, orchards. Another hour, foothills, mountains, snow. Another hour, desert, farmland. Cows. Apples, hops, apples, cherries, apples, corn. More apples. Everything is apples and farmland. You stop and buy some apples on the side of the road. You keep driving, you have not left the state. You will never leave the state.

- The mountain looms over the skyline. There are few clouds in the sky today. The Mountain is Out. People stop in their tracks outside, on the city streets. The Mountain Is Out. They smile and laugh, a man steps out of an office building and turns to you with a smile. “The Mountain!” he says “It’s beautiful today!” you agree, you walk into a Starbucks, you tell the barista that the mountain is out. She should see it.

-There is a Starbucks on every corner. There is a Seattle’s Best on every sidewalk. There is a Tullys on every block. There is also a Caffe Ladro and a Fuel and, on every street, a drive-through coffee stand with a pun in the name, or a bikini-wearing girl serving drinks. Do you want to get coffee? You don’t much like coffee. 

-There is a little festival in your neighborhood every year. It is called the Strawberry festival. Or the Cherry festival. The Apple Festival. No fruit grows here. Nothing but houses grow from the soil. 

- You are at a fancy restaurant, it overlooks the water and has a salmon on the logo, or maybe a boat. Probably a salmon though. A man at the next table is angry. He says Columbus Day is more important than Indigenous People’s Day. You order the salmon. Before he leaves, the man uses the words Puyallup, Sequim, Skagit, Kitsap, and Tulalip.

- Seattle is built on fill. Seattle is built on Seattle. Seattle is sinking.

- East of the mountains we glow in the dark, west of the mountains we grow webbed feet. 

- there is a Nuclear site built on the remains of Native American houses.

- Every fall you go to the fair. It is huge, with food and vendors and animals and crafts and competitions and rides and blue ribbons and prizes for games. It is a wonderful place. They housed more than 6000 Japanese Americans here after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. But. It is a fun place. 

- The bus is late. The bus is always late. The bus is so late it might as well be the next bus. The next bus is late. 

- Your umbrella is useless here.

- The city released a great mechanical beast, all metal, with a drill for a nose, under the city. This is not a good idea, the newspapers said. Seattle is built on fill, people said. There are great rocks underground dropped by glaciers, scientists said. This is Not a Good Idea. The Great Drill was released. We named her Bertha. Bertha is 57 feet tall. Bertha is trapped. What did she find so deep underground?

The Women of Check Please! Festival Schedule

March 4th - 11th, 2017

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm! Here’s the schedule for activities.

All content creation challenges are open not just for fic writers but for ALL artists. If you make paintings, comics, moodboard, playlists, edits, videos, poems, sculptures, needlepoint, digital art, music, whatever, we want to see it all! Anyone can participate, as long as the works are central to the nice ladies over in the Check Please! universe.

Here’s a list of women in canon: Lardo, Camilla, Caitlin, Alicia, Suzanne, Georgia, Mandy, Jenny, March, April, Camilla, Kate, Samantha, Esther S, Professor Atley and Johnson’s mysterious girlfriend. And as for canon sisters – Ransom is the middle child with two sisters, and Holster is the oldest with two sisters, while Nursey has an older sister and Chowder has a younger one.

**If you’re a TERF, this festival isn’t for you. Don’t reblog this. Don’t participate. Fuck off. 

Schedule under the cut:

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Howdy, kiddos! So @imageneralweeeee has had a kinda bad day today, and because this was a lil fic idea she gave me a while back, I figured today is the perfect day for it. I hope this brightens your night even just a lil, Charleigh, and know that even tho you’re an ocean away, I’m sending you lots of love and I hope tomorrow is a much, much better day for you! <333

Prompt: Washington supporting Alex, Laf, John, and Herc at their first Pride Festival. Washington gets a little… intense… about his show of support.

Alexander was in the back of the Washington’s car, squashed between Lafayette and Hercules, who were making googly eyes at each other over the top of the smaller boy’s head.

“Why didn’t you two just sit next to each other?” he muttered, arms crossed.

“Mon ami, you are keeping us, how you say, civil, in the company of others,” Laf said.

“Oh my god, Laf, TMI!” John said, turning around from the passenger’s seat. He shot Alex an apologetic look. “Sorry, babe,” he said with a wink.

Alex grumbled something incoherent and lightly banged his head against the headrest. Laf pulled his adoptive brother into his chest.

“Ahh, mon ami, shhh, Hercules and I will, how you say, stop.”

“Oh my god you know how to stay ‘stop,’ Laf!” Alexander groaned. He could feel Laf smiling. Despite his squabble with Laf, Alex was content with resting his head against his adoptive brother’s chest until the car came to a halt.

“Okay, boys, we’re here!” George exclaimed.

“Mmm?” Alex mumbled. He’d half fallen asleep for the last leg of the ride.

Lafayette laughed. “Come on, mon ami, up! Your John is awaiting you.”

Alexander looked up and sure enough, John had the car door open and his hand outstretched, waiting for Alex’s to fill it.

Alexander grinned and climbed over Laf to get out. Laf grumbled a bit, but he mostly chuckled.

Soon Alex’s hand was in John’s, right where it belonged, and Laf’s was in Herc’s and Alexander was no longer between the two of them, thank god.

Washington led them toward the festival, first ushering them over to a booth selling various flags. “Okay, boys, I want each of you to pick one out,” he said way too seriously for someone who was just buying flags.

But Laf just shrugged in response, a grin on his face, as he chose the pan flag. Herc did the same. Alexander grabbed a tiny bi flag right away, and Laurens a gay one. Washington beamed at them all as he held up a flag of his own. It read: Proud Parent of a LGBTQ Youth!

Alex blushed and Laf laughed, Herc joining his boyfriend in a round of laughter that was so intense, neither of them could talk for a few minutes. Laurens shook his head in amazement. Alex reached out and gave his hand a squeeze as the cashier rung the flags up. Alex was slightly worried that maybe this brought back unpleasant memories, or made John jealous, but his boyfriend’s face revealed no signs of that. He just seemed content.

Washington set the boys loose to explore the festival. Alex raced toward the cotton candy booth, John in tow, while Laf dragged Herc to the slushies one. Once they’d all gotten their respective treats, they walked up and down the lane of vendors together, checking out each booth on their way.

“I wanna get a tattoo,” Herc said, pointing to a booth that had various LGTBQ+ tattoo designs on display.

“Your parents would, how you say, murder you,” Laf deadpanned.

Herc stuck his tongue out at his boyfriend. “I’ll get it someday. Maybe after college.”

Even though it was the summer before they left for college, it still seemed so far away. But it was creeping closer and closer, making Alex enjoy and appreciate their time together even more than he had before. He never wanted it to end.

There was only ten minutes til the live music was to start, so the boys set off to find George again, just to check-in. They were shocked by the state they found him in.

There was George Washington, the usually reserved, cool, and collected state senator, with rainbow suspenders, a rainbow bow-tie, and three flags painted on his face–– the pan one on one cheek, bi on the other, gay on his forehead. He was walking down the rows of booths proudly waving the flag he’d purchased before.

“Oh my god,” Laf said, covering his mouth with his hands.

“Dear lord,” Alex murmured, secretly impressed and grateful.

Herc was full-on grinning, pumping his fist in the air. “Ya-hoo, Senator Washington!” he shouted.

Laurens was crying. Alex turned to him quickly. “Babe, you okay?” He pressed his forehead up against his boyfriend’s.

“Your dad is so… so amazing,” he said with a sniffle. “I love him.”

“And he loves you,” Alex said, pulling John in for a hug. “And so do I.”

John’s eyes widened. This was the first time love had come up between them.

“John Laurens, I love you.” Alex said firmly.

“Alexander Hamilton, I love you,” John whispered back.

They kissed in the middle of the sidewalk, Laf and Herc cheering, George clapping and dancing around in a way that would’ve been so embarrassing had it not also been so supportive and wonderful and unexpected from the man.

When the boys pulled away, the first singer had just taken the stage. They turned their attention his way as his opening line echoed throughout the festival: “Let’s fill the world with music, love, and pride!”

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what are your thoughts on rhajat and kana's festival of bonds (forever bitter those dlcs will never get a western release) dlc conversation?

(In case you’re interested ^^)

I saved it on my computer. Listen, it’s ADORABLE. I should have mentioned that in the previous post about how differently Tharja and Rhajat treat their daughters, but since Tharja doesn’t have additionnal content it wouldn’t be very fair.

Anyway, their Festival of Bonds conversation (HERE) is another proof of how much Rhajat cares for little Kana. The festival gets ruined by an attack of pillagers, right? Rhajat is FURIOUS.

Because by doing this, they are directly attacking KANA’S SMILE.

Rhajat: Hateful… How hateful these bandits are… They dared to ruin the festival… Kanna’s smile… There was going to be so many chances to see it… I’ll never forgive you… I’ll curse you for eternity… […] Those bandits who dared to make such a good child sad… I’ll put a curse on them that will last forever…

The fact that she says “such a good child” implies that she thinks Kana doesn’t deserve this. She thinks it’s unfair and wants Kana’s goodness to be rewarded.

Despite being angry at the bandits and ready to kick their ass, she is willing to make efforts if Kana asks her to:

Kanna: […] It’s not good to push yourself so much, right?

Rhajat: Well, if Kanna says so… I suppose I could lighten up a little…

As expected, Rhajat couldn’t care less about the festival itself, which is noisy and crowded, as she explains in her convo with Hayato:

Hayato: Rhajat, perhaps you don’t like the rest of the festival?

Rhajat: Yeah… I’m not good in such noisy circumstances…

But she planned to make efforts and enter the festival for Kana’s sake, to spend time with her and make her happy, because she knows Kana likes this kind of stuff, even if Rhajat herself doesn’t:

Kanna: […] What do you want to do at the festival? Like what do you want to eat, or what do you want to play?

Rhajat: Nothing special… I don’t actually have any interest in the festival itself… I only… I only want to see Kanna’s happy face…

The best part of this however?

Kana doesn’t really care for the festival either. When she asks her mother is she knows why she looks so happy, Rhajat automatically assumes Kana is thinking of all the fun activities she’s going to do at the festival, but she’s WRONG.

Kanna: Wrong! I’m happy because I’m together with Mama!

Rhajat: Kanna…

Kanna: I’m happy to be by Mama’s side!


She’s so happy Kana values her so much she’s moved to tears. She modestly pretends it’s because of the sunlight but expresses her feelings (something Tharja struggles A LOT to do) with ease and love. She reveals her life seems so beautiful, too beautiful to be real, and she asks Kana to PINCH HER to make sure she hasn’t just been dreaming this life all this time:

Rhajat: I thought that it was only a dream… To have such a wonderful child born as my child… And together with my beloved Kamui on top of that…! … Could it be that this is really a dream? Kanna, if you wouldn’t mind… Could you pinch me…?

Kanna: Yeah! I’ll do it, Mama. Here!

Rhajat: … It hurts.

Kanna: Ahaha! Of course it would, Mama!

(note that she doesn’t ORDER her, like Tharja probably would Noire, she politely asks her)


Because it’s not a dream. Everything is beautiful, she loves everything in her life and IT’S NOT EVEN A DREAM. Knowing that, she’s so happy and relieved that, this time, she actually admits she is crying. 

Kanna: … Mama? Is the sun still bothering you?

Rhajat: … No, that’s not it… These are happy tears.

These are happy tears. She loves these tears and declines Kana’s offer to repel them with magic:

Kanna: Should I say a good luck charm to stop them?

Rhajat: That’s not necessary… My eyes will dry up on their own eventually… I just want to thoroughly enjoy the happiness that I’m feeling now…

Still, don’t you find it a bit weird that Rhajat would be so amazed by the fact she’s living a happy life? Now, I am going to speculate a bit. Remember her B-support with Kana? More precisely this part:

Rhajat: Ooh. Flowers that shade of black are extremely rare, and prized for their beauty. They represent death, destruction, despair, and many other terrible d-words. They say that none who gaze upon this flower will ever know joy again.

Kana: I love them! They reminded me of you, Mama!

Rhajat is associated with a flower that forbids to feel happiness.

No wonder she is so relieved and thankful she cries when realizing she’s actually the happiest she could be.


Interview from Greenfield Festival.

Interviewer: We welcome here in our studio, Counterfeit. How are you?
Roland: It’s great. Really good.
Interviewer: I heard you arrived at around 2pm, did you already check out the festival a little bit?
Roland: Yeah we were in the, we arrived in, we just caught Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, which was amazing, you know they’re great, great.
Interviewer: Were you in the pit?
Roland: Yeah we were in the pit. We were down the front.
Jamie: You were side of stage! Fucking me and Sam were at the side of the pit. Jimmy was.. where were you?
Jimmy: I was just chillin’.
Jamie: You was just chillin.
Tristan: Yeah he ran around the entire sound desk to the front of the stage as well.
Interviewer: I’ve seen that, it looked amazing.
Sam: By the time I got back, it was like, over.
Jamie: I feel like I’ve already played our set, I’m so exhausted.

Interviewer: Have you ever been to Switzerland or is it the first time?
Jamie: We have.
Tristan: Yeah we have, actually I ski here quite a lot in February, so yeah, I really love this country, it’s cool.
Jamie: And we played in Pratteln.
Interviewer: Z7?
Jamie: Yeah, exactly, not too long ago, like on the last run of dates we were doing so that was sick and before then we played a show..
Tristan: We played Innsbruck didn’t we? The ski and snowboard festival.
Jamie: That’s Austria.
Sam: Yeah that’s Austria.
Tristan: Oh was it? I’m sorry.
Interviewer: It’s pretty much the same, c'mon yeah.
Jamie: We did,we played, what was it? Zurich before yeah. It was this downstairs like basement venue, it was kinda like 100 people, it was nuts. It was crazy.
Interviewer: Dynamo?
Jamie: I can’t remember what it was called, but it was nuts.

Interviewer: So do you have time after your gig to enjoy a little bit of the festival? Maybe get some drinks? Or do you have to go straight home?
Roland: Well, we’re playing another festival tomorrow.
Interviewer: Oh really, where?
Roland: We’re in Czech Republic, in Prague. So we’ve gotta get there. Maybe we’ll get to watch half an hour, chill, shower, and then we head out again, yeah.
Sam: It takes a bit of time to get everyone together, normally, so everyone’s like has this kind of 15 minute window to run before they get reeled back. And we have to leave, normally a bit yeah.

Interviewer: If you have time, when you play at a festival or a normal concert, is there a difference in the drinks you drink before your set and after your set?
Jamie: Jimmy’s a massive fan of tequila, so it depends on sort of like what, depends on where we are in the run of shows that we’re doing. Occasionally like, if it’s towards the end of the run, there’ll be a lot more tequila being drunk. If it’s at the beginning, there’s more likely red and white wine from these two (Sam and Jimmy). They’ve become quite the connoisseurs. I don’t drink alcohol, you see. But, I used to, and I was very good at it. But, not so much anymore. So yeah, these are the real drinkers.

Interviewer: So is it sometimes hard to deal with the drunky yeah?
Jamie: No, cos you should have seen me, I remember what it was like. I was the worst.
Interviewer: Really?
Tristan: Worst or the best, depends on how you look at it really.
Interviewer: Exactly, which perspective right?
Tristan: Yeah.
Jamie: The best at being the worst.

Interviewer: So if you could organise your own festival. I want each one of you to tell me which band he wants to headline your own festival. Let’s assume we have a festival that is 5 days, so we have 5 headliner bands, which one would you choose?
Roland: I’d go with Alexisonfire.
Sam: Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes after that performance today so yeah.
Jimmy: Hmm. Yeah, I mean. It’s right here tonight, Blink. Y'know.
Jamie: Ro, who did you say already mate?
Roland: Alexisonfire
Jamie: Oh you’d have, I’d like Foos to headline. Festival Foo Fighters to please.
Tristan: Erm, I think I might take Periphery.
Sam: Oh, strong.
Interviewer: Some differences in here. I feel it, okay.
Jamie: You should see us on stage, it’s a battle, we just fight each other.
Interviewer: Scott I think we need to go film them on stage, huh? That’ll be good.. So guys I wish you a great gig. I hope you get to enjoy the festival a little bit before you have to leave. And kill your show tonight.
Jamie: Thank you so much. I appreciate that.