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Friends Help Friends Fight Dysphoria

Hey friends, this is just a reminder that dysphoria is lessened with transition but for many trans people, no matter their stage in transition, IT NEVER GOES AWAY, so any chance you get to pay one of your trans friends a GENUINE, NON-CREEPY compliment about their transition or their appearance, take it! (Unless you know they prefer you not, always take what your friends say about their preferences over some random person on the internet.) External reinforcement can be super helpful.

Good examples:

  • “That dress looks so cute on you, it’s super femme, it really suits you.”
  • “Your new haircut frames your face, wow.”
  • “Those glasses really make your jaw look square, very boss.”
  • “Totally androgynous look today, it’s very you.”

Not-so-good examples:

  • “Your makeup really makes you look like a girl.” (Trans women are women!)
  • “I almost forgot you weren’t always a man, you look really butch today.” (Trans men were always men.)
  • Anything about hormones or how they’re affecting a person, UNLESS THEY BRING IT UP or you have already discussed that it’s okay for you to bring up HRT.
  • Do I even need to say that it’s never okay to talk about what’s in someone’s pants, ever?

Thank you, be awesome to each other!

The Memory Remains

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jess, Mary, John, Bobby

Summary: Dean has a perfect life. What could go wrong?

Word Count: 2943

Warnings:  FLANGST.  You will be happy, you will be sad. I figure it must even out, right?

A/N:  This is for Mimi’s RomCom Fluff Challenge.  My prompt was “Would you guys hurry up? I’m breaking like thirty major laws here,” from Sixteen Candles.  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I love you and I hope there is enough fluff here to counteract the angst.

As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Tags at the bottom.

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If only there could be an invention, that bottled a memory, like scent. And it never faded, and it never got stale. And then, when one wanted it, the bottle could be uncorked, and it would be like living the moment all over again. - Daphne Du Maurier

The Memory Remains

The shrill chirping of the alarm wakes Dean, the dream world hovering on the edges of his conscious, its tendrils still reaching out to the part of his mind that meets the waking world. His arm flails about wildly for a moment before he locates the snooze button. Just eight more minutes.

Rolling over, he searches for you, seeking the heat of your body. He always searches for you in his sleep. The scent of lilacs fills his nose, the comforting scent that is so very (Y/N). You are all twisted up in the covers but he works his way past the offending barriers to pull you close, his body curving to mold to yours. You sigh with contentment, nestling into him, soaking up his body heat. Dean enjoys the blissful haze of the early morning, drifting between being not fully awake but not quite asleep.

The dreaded alarm sounds again far too quickly and Dean carefully extracts himself from the tangle of your limbs.Rolling over, you push your hair out of your eyes and rub your eyes blearily.

“Want me to make you some coffee before you go?” you ask.

“No, baby, you get as much rest as you can while you still have the opportunity.” He leans over and kisses you gently on the forehead.  

“Love you,” you murmur contentedly before burrowing deep into the covers.

“You too.”

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*rant post*
This is the second day in a row I’ve had an older man in my chair just straight up bash me because my age. Complaining about 20 somethings and how they’re so lazy and entitled.. But then turn around and be mad how they got laid off because we’re stealing all their jobs. Jobs that require college degrees that didn’t when they started 40 years ago. So which is it? You guys are pissed if we do basic jobs saying how were so lazy and worthless, you’re pissed when we work for a couple years to save up to go to college without selling our souls for loans, you’re pissed when we try to get college degrees and salary jobs, you’re pissed when a 23 year old gets hired in as your boss and is more successful than you. There is no winning here. You want us to all go out and be something big but all those big jobs are held by you. Then you assume I’m stupid and uneducated because I’m a hairdresser. I went to school for 2 years to be able to cut your hair. I had to learn the entire human anatomy, physiology, muscle and bone structure, how to identify diseases on sight, symptoms to look for because your hair, skin and nails are some of the biggest indicators to your health. Just because I’m not an engineer doesn’t mean I don’t have a brain. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around. If everyone did what you wanted who would cut your hair, prepare your meals when you go out for dinner, or check you out in the grocery store? Where would you and all your friends be because we will have your fancy job at Ford? Did you ever think maybe you were one of the first ones to go when they were laying off people because you treated your 23 year old boss with as much disrespect as you treated me with? God i hate people. I usually love my job but stuff like this makes me hate the customer service industry. Enjoy your haircut that i still did my best and put effort into despite you being an asshole to me and not getting a tip. God. It is not okay to treat the people that service you like shit.

[170213] JINGYU weibo update
✩ Caption : #Valentine_secret_answer. Long time no see, weird V-ALONE-TINE. (haha nice word-play boss)

ENGSUB (cr.ryokise) : Hello, long time no see guys. Once again, it’s once in a year that I can’t get through this day no matter how - Valentine’s Day.
First I’d like to wish you a happy Valentine… giving you a little flower.
Then the weirdest thing I encounter on Valentine’s day is, is, is whenever it’s Valentine’s day, I don’t have a lover.
How about you guys? Tell me your weirdest experience.

→ Boss Jingyu are you still okay without Zhouzhou? Stop flirting please we all know who your lover is lol


Request: hi!!! can you make a mingyu version of the soulmate au? c: i loved the dino one! thank you!!!!

Note: mentioning of vomit (idk if it’s necissary but some people get nauseated of reading about it maybe?) 

  • You couldn’t wait to get your soulmate, several of your friends had their soulmate but not that many
  • but the ones that did have theirs all had these amazing stories on how they met 
  • you were slightly scared about meeting your soulmate though as the tattoo on your wrist said nothing but “I’m sorry for vomiting on your friend…”
  • like in what scenario would that be the first thing you say to someone?
  • you already felt sorry for your friends because when you have the happiest day of your life one of them will be covered in soulmate vomit, but it will be worth it you always promised yourself
  • also downside: your soulmate will most likely be sick at the moment they meet you
  • oh well 
  • they’ll feel better eventually
  • today was the day you were going to an amusement park with 3 of your best friends and you had the feeling you might knew what would happen there
  • some attractions inflict vomit
  • but eventually it could just end with you not meeting your soulmate because I mean there will be other days
  • the day had been amazing so far you’d been in a few attractions together and you got some cotton candy from a stand 
  • you saw a real cute guy there, you‘d been looking at him for some time
  • not only because he was handsome but he was wearing a shirt that looked exactly like yours 
  • and it looked like he was about to come over to you when suddenly one of his friends called him “Come on Mingyu let’s go to that ride! It’s so hot we might as well go to a water ride.”
  • there went your chance of seeing this cute guy
  • he didn’t need to be your soulmate because in several situations soulmates don’t even date, they just become best friends
  • you convinced your friends to follow them and they were okay with it
  • you stood in the line behind his group of friends and he was like in the middle so no way talking to him shit
  • so this ride you know was like a round boats going over a river with waterfalls so the possibility that you got wet was about 100%
  • it was hella hot so you were okay with that
  • when you got further it became clear that his group was gonna have to split since it was max 6 every boat
  • they were hella panicking because apparently they were with 13
  • one guy who was kinda the boss over them suggested they split in smaller groups and took other ppl with them 
  • they split themselves in two groups of 4, one of 3 and one of 2 I did the math guys honestly so they had to ride with other ppl they didn’t knoow
  • and your friend group seemed like one of their victims
  • so your group split as well to join them
  • the ppl behind you were getting pissed that is was taking so long and tbh the staff was too
  • you and your friend were pushed into a boat with the cute guy, one with a bob haircut, the one that was the boss and a short guy with dimples
  • the boss dude seemed to be having fun as he was also wobbling the boat, it’s like he barely noticed you weren’t part of his friend group
  • the cute guy starts getting real pale and you’re getting kinda worried
  • “Seungcheol could you stop I think Mingyu is-”
  • do I have to explain what went wrong?
  • your friend was screaming and looked close to crying
  • the ride came to an end quickly and your friend got out of the boat as quickly as she could to run to the toilet and get clean
  • The barf dude stumbled out of the boat and said the magic words to you “I’m sorry for vomiting on your friend…” 
  • “Do you know how much of a shitty sentence that is to have tattooed on my wrist forever?” and not only he but also his friends suddenly got your attention
  • “Holy moly I’ve been wondering what could be so horrible about a first sentence my whole life and I think I get it now…”
  • by now you were both smiling like fools and you wanted to hug him well more like kiss but shhhshhsh
  • but he was still kinda ewie from the vomit
  • of course you spent the rest of the day getting to know his friends and he got to know yours rip your vomit covered friend who was now wearing a shirt bought in a souveniershop
  • you owed your friend big time
  • and she reminded you often enough but you were just way to glad to have found Mingyu to care


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How Hot is Kazuhira “Kaz” Miller?: A Breakdown: 

1. He never takes off his stupid sunglasses so he constantly looks like a bug. 
2. Seriously I bet he wears them inside and at night too. What an asshole.
3. His hair has got to be chemically made up of at least 50% hairspray. The man’s at risk at all times of his head spontaneously combusting. 
4. An ascot? Seriously? I’m getting douchechills from all the way over here. 
5. “Business in the front and party in the back” is bullshit. Get a fucking haircut. 
6. Where the fuck are his nipples at? You’re gonna go to all the trouble of doing everyone the disservice of seeing this fucker almost naked and you don’t even bother to give him nipples. 
7. I can see why Big Boss likes him so much, his face looks like a fuckin cardboard box. 
8. Seriously it’s like a witch invited him to a party and said “be there or be square” and he didn’t show up so now he’s cursed 
9. Probably smells like Axe Body Spray, didn’t he invent that shit? 

Dollar Store Johnny Bravo/10 | Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

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Bts as baristas?If you want to do it of course! You don't have to!❤️

Namjoon - is somehow able to remember everyones orders and names and even the recipes for all the drinks on the menu which is amazing to the other staff, but when you compliment him on his haircut one day while you’re getting your drink he suddenly forgets his own name.

Yoongi - doesn’t like working the cash register because talking and forcing smiles isn’t his thing, rather just make coffee and pass it to the cashier. always makes himself free cups of coffee. likes to sleep in the space below the expresso machine. the only time he seems to take orders is when you’re around. hmm, suspicious. 

Jin - is always put out on the street with free samples and the boss is like “it’s because he’s charismatic!” but in reality it’s because he’s handsome and draws in customers. he’s only supposed to give one sample per person but somehow you ended up being handed four free samples. maybe he was feeling generous? 

Hoseok - is the best at making coffee while also dancing to whatever comes on in the cafe. everyone’s always like “how does he do that without spilling anything?? how does he make three lattes at once??”. no one really knows, but every time he hands you your coffee, he asks if there’s any dance you want to see him do. you jokingly asked for your favorite groups choreography….he learned it the very next day. 

Jimin - the sweetest cashier you ever did meet, he isn’t trusted with making drinks anymore because he’s spilled a couple because he keeps tripping over Yoongi or Jungkooks feet. either way, he’s always smiling and striking up conversations everyone, even business people in a hurry can’t help but smile at him. for some reason, he keeps ‘forgetting’ to charge you for a medium coffee and just always rings up your order as a ‘small’. 

V - a bit of a flirt, with a trickster side V is always misspelling customers names on their orders for his own laugh but they never get mad because no one can get angry at a boy with a smile as shining as his. he keeps putting cute buttons and stickers on his uniform apron but the boss doesn’t mind because V is cute (cute people really do get away with it all?). for some reason he doesn’t misspell your name, but keeps adding little drawings of cats or stars on your cup. 

Jungkook - he’s always the barista of the month because he’s efficient and fast, polite but not attached, he gets an order - makes it - and says thank you as the person walks out the door. he’s always catching Jimin so he doesn’t fall over Yoongi and he’s always marking out V’s purposefully wrong names on the cups, most people think he’s the oldest working in the cafe. whenever you order though, he stutters and drops the cup he’s holding and everyone else is always like “is something wrong?” and Jungkook just redirects your order to Namjoon as he disappears into the back kitchen. 

Monsta X reaction to you getting your hair cut

Monsta X reaction to you getting your haircut short (pixie cut)


Shownu would be extremely thrilled by the idea of his other half cutting their hair short enough to show their neckline, and would pester you about when you were getting it done. When the day finally came you would have to fight him off so you could go to your appointment alone, despite his very convincing begging. Shownu would be more than pleased when you came back home, his face lighting up the moment he sees you. “You look so mature. Can I touch it?” He would run his hands over the newly trimmed locks and you would fall asleep together with him stroking your hair. The following days he would tease you about missing your hair clogging the shower and his hands would be on you more than usual.


Wonho would walk you into the salon, joking with the hair dresser about “making sure it looks sexy” and would squeeze your hand tightly before leaving you on your own. He would text you consistently while you were getting it done, making sure you weren’t nervous and asking if it was looking okay. He would end up showing up in the waiting room fifteen minutes before your appointment ended and tap his feet obnoxiously. By the time you came out he looked like he was on the verge of a breakdown, but it instantly would disappear once you made eye contact. “You…. Remember I’m your boyfriend okay?” He would say firmly, pretending to be sly as he tipped the hair dresser extra.


Minhyuk would have probably told his entire family about you getting your haircut weeks in advance so by the time you were going in to get it done, you had a ton of texts telling you good luck and how excited Minhyuk was to see you in a different way. You appreciated the enthusiasm, but it was a bit tiring knowing that everyone and their pet dog had found about your otherwise low key decision. Minhyuk would proceed to take all of your hair ties as his own (he especially liked the cute ones) before you had even gone in to get it done. By the time it was over, Minhyuk would annoy his boss so much that he would be able to get off of work a little early and greet you when you came home. The door would be open before you could pull your keys out, and a smiling, angelic Minhyuk would immediately be all over you. The next few weeks he would help you shop for new hair products and brag to all the cashiers about how cute you were, especially with short hair. 


You would end up wanting to surprise Kihyun with your new haircut, getting it cut on a whim after work on a random weekday. You would end up being unsure about he would feel, getting a little self conscious as you recieved his texts asking why you were late to dinner. By the time you worked up the courage to show up, Kihyun would be waiting around the door worriedly. His face would relax upon seeing you and he would be awe-struck at the new image. “You look really good. Is this what you were hiding from me? You were late because of this? You made me wait to see it?” He would whine loudly to play with you and distract from the face his ears were turning pink. “No, but seriously, it looks so good.” would be the only sentence you heard for the next month.


Hyungwon would be initially shy about expressing how much he liked the new style on you, trying not to make his affection for the look too obvious. This would lead you to be a little more than worried about if it actually looked that great on you and Hyungwon would realize your worries easily, clinging on to you and burying his face in your hair. “I really like it, you know?” He would grin, laying a kiss on your temple to reassure you and soothe your worries. Hyungwon would try to show you how much he liked it much more in the future, dropping consistent compliments. “You’re pretty” would become a common sentence between the two of you.


Jooheon would inwardly be very excited about the change, although never revealing it and trying really hard to act cool despite his growing anticipation. By the time the day came for you to get your haircut, he would end up insisting that he had to pick you up from the hair salon no matter what. Jooheon would end up stressing out the workers with his constant pacing around the waiting room, until someone finally asked him to sit down and try to relax. When you came out to show him the result, he would proceed with his rehearsed “cool guy” scenario, pretending to think about it and give you a thumbs up. The staff would have to stifle a laugh as you saw right through it, tugging on his cheek playfully and scolding him for the horrible reaction. Jooheon would apologize formally to the staff and the two of you would end up going on a romantic outing late into the night. “I think you look really beautiful with your hair short. Will you wear it like this from now on?”


Changkyun would be really casual about the whole matter and very supportive of your decision, reassuring that you that you would look good with any hairstyle and that if you didn’t like it that it would grow back. He would give you a sweet smile as he dropped you off, whispering a soft reassurance to you and waving before driving off. He would come to the salon a little before the appointment ended and would dropping stuff he was looking at because his hands were sweating so bad. Changkyun would grin really widely once seeing you, a little overwhelmed at how great it looked. “Good~” He would announce, a little too loudly for inside a store, and immediately lace your fingers together. A more genuine compliment would come once you were out of everyone’s sight, your lips meeting for a split second before he gushed about it for the following thirty minutes. “This is the best on you.”

Krem Headcanons

What’s not to love about the guy. Positive, well done transgender character, pulls off a haircut I usually only like with cartoonier art styles (like Sokka from Avatar), snarks like a boss…of course I had to have headcanons for the guy!

1: When the Inquisition has a big party, Krem usually is one of the least-drunk people there, borne of a longtime habit of pretending to drink to keep himself sober enough in case the drunk Chargers are about to get into trouble (hence his bottles often missing his mouth). He spends these parties with Cole, helping the boy understand why people get so drunk “Well, some of it’s because they’re crazy…”

2: Krem has been banned from any contests within the Inquisition dealing with how well one wields a warhammer. Otherwise it’s no contest. He’s too busy being smug about having the biggest hammer-to-person size ratio of the bunch to care much, but they do sometimes let him judge the contests he’s been banned from.

3: Krem stands on chairs to see if people will react. Most seem to assume it’s a personal quirk and treat it normally, but sometimes he gets some hilarious looks or makes people tongue-tied.

4: Krem reserves the right to tease any member of the Chargers, including Bull, about their relationships at any time he so chooses (he will  not tease the partner, that would be rude). He reserves this right so much it’s actually in his mercenary contract. Sera secretly finds that awesome.

(His reaction to the dragon tooth was an exaggerated “how romaaaaaaaantic, Chief!” that got him Bull’s drink over his head. Krem claims it was delicious, “thanks Chief!” and proceeded to tease Bull for the rest of the day.)

5: Krem agrees with Bull about Grim being a lost king or something. He’s working on getting Grim to point out where he’d from on a map so he can see if they have any misplaced royalty and more importantly, who might be looking for Grim so they can keep him with the Chargers.

Reasons why every Saints Row is my favorite game

My Initial Reaction to Saints Row 1: I thought I was gonna hate Saints Row, because it honestly just looked like a clone of Grand Theft Auto.  And I really don’t like GTA.  Like, the last time I played a GTA game, I had to steal a car, break into a bank, and then getaway while the cops were gunning after me.  And I remember thinking “I’m pretty sure it would be easier to do this in real life”.  Like, Rockstar games just have such shitty controls, and the writing is pretty gross too.

My Reaction to Saints Row 1 After Playing It: Holy shit this is clever and really fun.  This game has an great sense of humor and all the gameplay is just so fun and well programmed.  I love all the challenges and activities!  And holy shit, the ending.  [SPOILER ALERT]  Like, I’ve played games where you’re an anti-hero, but I’ve never played a game that made me realize I was the antagonist.  And the way it was done was so subtle and… I was blown away.  Amazing twist.  And ballsy to kill you off at the end.  Damn.

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My Initial Reaction to Saints Row 2: The very existence of a sequel ruins everything that was great about the first!  The awesome ending is meaningless if the character survives!  This is an outrage!

My Reaction to Saints Row 2 After Playing It: Holy shit, they took almost everything that was great about the first game and made it better.  They’re pushing the satire angle harder, and it is amazing.  Not to mention, props to the developers for giving you the option to play as a woman.  Like, so many video games have BS excuses for not giving you the choice.  But even though Saints Row has one of the most valid of reasons (your character was a man in the first game) it was just like fuck it and lets you do what you want anyway.  Like, even if you were a Latino man in the first game, you can come back as an Asian woman and your homies are just like “Did you get a haircut, boss?”  It’s amazing.  Another thing that’s great about SR2 is you start to really care about the characters.  You develop relationships with them and it actually tugs your heartstrings when you lose some of them.  Like, this game is hilarious but also still has drama.

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My Initial Reaction to Saints Row 3: The Boss just looks like a clown now, they’ve abandoned all pretense of seriousness!  And there isn’t any dramatic tension in starting out a game with so much power.  What even is the point?

My Reaction to Saints Row 3 After Playing It: Holy crap, this game kicks ass from the get-go.  Has possibly the most exciting prologue of any video game I’ve ever played.  The game play continues to improve, and there are just so many things to do.  The game is no longer even pretending to be a GTA clone, and that’s…. amazing. It’s a genre unto itself. Also, this is when the customization gets really good.  And even though you start off with a lot of power and abilities, you still feel like the game is rewarding you for progressing.  It’s just really empowering and fun.

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My Initial Reaction to Saints Row 4: This is going too far.  We’re not even on Earth anymore!  Why does the boss spend so much time naked in the trailer?  What even is this?  

My Reaction to Saints Row 4 After Playing It: Okay, it’s good to be reminded that nudity can be hilarious.  Also, a prologue that stands up to SR3′s amazing prologue.  Also, superpowers are amazing.  Also, the stakes have never been higher.  Like, this is the game that made me realize Saints Row is a saga.  Also, I love getting kiss-y with my homies.  And reminiscing on our journeys together.  There’s actually a lot of character development that gets explored.  This game gets pretty weird, but if you’ve come this far with Saints Row, you have to love it.

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Just got my hair cut and my dad’s furious that I’ve chopped it all off and my boss says I look like a boy and keeps saying he can’t believe that I actually wanted it to look like that and the little boy I look after told his grandma that I look “bizarre” and I just love my new haircut so much and the fact that they all hate it just makes me love it even more!

Also all the women I’ve spoken to since getting it cut have told me how pretty I look and how beautiful my new hair is. My friend says I look a lot prettier now and I pointed out that actually I didn’t, but I don’t care anyway because my new haircut is so cool and she was just like “yeah well being happier is better than being pretty anyway”

My name is Dog coz my humans are creative like that.

I’m 8 and  a rescue, this is my 3rd and final home.

I get really excited whenever someone asks if I wanna go out

Mommy sucks at giving haircuts so we drove to the pet saloon

Petsmart is much better at it (I don’t like haircuts, or baths)

What I like is rolling in stuff… like sand and shit (they call me shit head when I roll in shit because I actually have shit on my head and the rest of my body

Here I am right before I rolled into a  seal carcas (it was not a fun drive back for my humans)

I also like sleeping on my humans and on my blankie 

I’m a boss

(writing by Zoë)

Recently, I’ve started to do one thing that I used to often never do: Act on impulse. I usually overthink almost everything I do, and sometimes over analysing and over thinking things gets quite tedious. Every now and then you just need to (…as the Spice Girls once said) spice up your life! 

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On Beauty

I went to dinner with two friends tonight, an old boss and an old college friend who know each other through some connective tissue of the gay community in New York, and it was, as it always is, nice to see them. They’re smart and funny and handsome. Like, so handsome. Which makes me feel like utter shit, even though it is great to get updates on their lives and be in their company. I gained a lot of weight during this punishing, nightmarish winter, and haven’t had a haircut in months, and left my beard clipper thing in Boston a couple weeks ago. So I’m puffy and bushy and just feel so far from what I want to look like. And certainly so far from these two thin, groomed, accomplished guys I went to dinner with.

Vanity, and whining about vanity, is a really boring thing, I know. But I’ve been feeling miserable about it for enough time that it feels good to just type it out. I try to talk to my therapist about it, but he wants to bore deeper into other, more substantial things. So I go along with that, leaving sessions feeling a bit lifted, a bit clarified, a bit understood maybe, but then I’ll walk by a window and see myself reflected, there in all my me, and things crash down again. I hate being this shallow, this tethered to something so dumb and, intellectually anyway, meaningless. But, hey, there it is. I hate the way I look. There are some things I could do about it, of course–gym, diet, basic maintenance–but I don’t.

Because it’s so much more dark comfort to complain, to feel sorry, to set myself in stubborn opposition to the handsome world. I’ve become obsessed with various gay guys’ Instagram accounts, guys who are paid, either directly or indirectly, for being good-looking. Your sham gurus, your brand-shill dopes, your YouTube stars acting all “Who me?” with their feet pigeon-toed in. I hate them! And I seek them out, every day, with fervor. Part of my anger is justified, I think–trading on looks is fine, but don’t so blithely pretend you aren’t. But a lot of it is just pure, white-heat jealousy. I’m so jealous of these lives, that seem so pretty and carefree and fulfilled, while I glare at them from my couch. Why can’t I just be one of them?

Surely if I was one of them I would have a boyfriend, I would have sex, I would have an answer to myself–at parties full of couples, during visits home, at any moment when someone might otherwise cock their head with a curious kind of pity, listening to me sputter on about my silly old lonely life. 

I went to a play at my college a couple of weekends ago, with my parents. It was a gay play, and one of the characters was a hot cater waiter who another character, a 40-year-old guy, falls in love with. And the waiter falls in love with him. Of course my reaction to this very trite play was to pretty much immediately feel ancient and gross. Because both actors were young and cute and really only playing at insecurity. During intermission, the mother of the boy playing the waiter was introducing herself to the student director and various other gangly kids. She was in her mid-40s, tanned and coiffed and stylishly dressed. She looked very much the part. While I fiddled on my phone, texting with a college friend about what a mistake it was to go to this play, I heard my mother whispering to my father. As I listened, I realized she was hissing about this woman, this beautiful creature’s beautiful mom, saying things like “I’m sure she has plenty of time to work out, and plenty of money to buy those clothes.” So she was doing what I was doing in my head, just about the mom instead of the son. The terrible game of comparing, the bitter wishing, the justifying of unfair resentment. We were both convinced, sitting there in a rinky-dink little black box theater, that we had it so much worse than these two people.

So I inherited that from my mom, at least. Not her delicate features or her fair hair, not her Streepian prettiness. But that. That keen sense of another’s betterness, that pointed longing. I thought to myself, I should write about that. I mean, what a strangely comforting thing to overhear. And what a silly thing to think about now, a few weeks removed. These strangers, who probably scanned the crowd and barely noticed the two people furiously, quietly projecting so much onto them. 

At dinner tonight I offered up some dim news about a nice guy who I might have the beginnings of something with, who knows what exactly. They hadn’t asked, but I brought it up anyway. They smiled and asked questions and I don’t really think there was any condescension there. Because, I guess, it was only me who thought it so unlikely, thought myself so undeserving. 

After dinner, I hugged my friends goodbye and walked the two blocks home. When I got inside, I went right to the mirror and looked, to see what sort of nightmare I’d forced them to suffer through for two hours. But instead I just felt a sudden skip of guilt, for having been so cruel to the person I found, tired and expectant and familiar, blinking back at me.

matilda-the-hun  asked:

wait I just remembered youre in LA and you might actually know this town better than me. I literally just drove here and I'm chilling at a friend-of-a-friend's place in echo park and I have no idea what to do. Like I want to go the la brea tar thing but idk beyond that

There’s nothing to do in LA, it’s a terrible city.

Uhhhhh, You might wanna check out Little Tokyo? They have some fun shops out there and it isn’t far from Echo Park. The Farmer’s Market has some nice restaurants and stuff, It’s relatively close to the Tar Pits. There are good standup shows at UCB/ioWest in Hollywood. Hollywood/Highland is the super touristy part of Hollywood if you want The Hollywood Experience. Universal is a pretty chill theme park that you don’t have to drive a million miles to get to like Disney and the backlot tour is pretty fun (also the Water World live show is boss). You can get there on the red line metro if you don’t feel like driving and paying five bucks for parking. If you need a haircut Manly and Sons in Echo Park is great. Necromance is a big shop full of skulls and taxidermy, they’re fairly close to the Farmer’s Market and the tar pits too. Santa Monica has a decent beach. Venice beach is worth seeing for the sake of saying you saw Venice beach (you can get some WROLDS BEST FUNNEL CAKE). If you’re a big spender Pantages in Hollywood might have a cool musical going on. I think Lucha Underground is doing a taping somewhere this weekend if you’re into Lucha and around until then. Meltdown is a comic/geek stuff shop worth checking out and they do special events like nightly so you can probably look their calendar up and see what’s going on there. Amoeba is a big used records/movie store in Hollywood that has all sorts of awesome rare hard-to-find DVDs and laserdiscs and stuff. Six Flags has the best roller coasters if you like roller coasters. Cinefamily does cool screenings of old/indie movies, might be worth checking out their schedule. La Crescenta has a butcher shop called Harmony Farms that sells everything from Iguana to kangaroo if you want to have a wacky Noah’s Arc bbq. The strip of Magnolia where Burbank runs into NoHo has approximately 100,000,000,000 Halloween/monster shops if you like Halloween/monster  shops. There’s a place in Burbank called Geeky Teas that sells nerd themed teas, fandom stuff, British snacks, and has a whole bunch of free board games and card games and stuff you can play in the shop (also cats to play with). If you like Ethiopian food, Rosalind’s in Little Ethiopia is my favourite in the city. Getty, MoCA, Natural history museum could be worth checking out. Griffith park has the hike up to the Hollywood sign plus the zoo, the observatory, and a museum of South Western art. 

I dunno, that might be a decent starting point. Honestly I barely ever do fun things or leave the Valley.

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  • My muse has just started crying, thinking they were alone. Send ╥ for them to react to seeing your muse.

Basch liked to think that he was stronger than this, that things like this didn’t bother him, but he could only pretend for so long. What right did he have to complain that people still mistook him for a woman, he had long hair, he didn’t look particularly manly, and he wasn’t out getting a haircut or trying to fix anything. But he liked his hair, and God had he tried in years past. 

Besides, people who mattered to him still didn’t screw it up. Liechten knew, Roderich knew, sure his boss didn’t really know the situation but he still acknowledged him as a man. So why did it still hurt so much when people mistook him?

It took everything Basch had not to smash the mirror in front of him, instead he just turned away and gripped at his hair. Maybe he should cut it all off…

He hardly even noticed tears falling from his eyes as they were squeezed shut, but after a moment (after forcibly calming his breathing) he noticed the Austrian standing in the doorway.


Shit, where was his damn gun?

“Get out of here!” He snapped at the man, looking at him only for a moment before turning away. Roderich must think he was such a loser, sitting in his room topless and crying.