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venting: I called my boyfriend of 3 years out on liking this sexist picture on FB today...he didn't quite understand, so I was explaining why microaggressions affect everything, and he was like "I don't understand why you're so cynical, I hate negativity, blahblah" and I was like ok I'm cynical for a reason; the cards for being a woman suck. He apologized for getting mad at me and then was like "It's just a lot to deal with and sometimes I'd like a day without the negativity" what the fuuuuckkk

(cont):“side note, the picture in question was one of those "I love that woman listens to me, and loves me, and calls me sexy, and feed my ego…oh wait I was talking about whiskey, stupid womanz” things. You know, the 9gag sort of pubescent boy shit"“

"sometimes i’d like a day without negativity” lol tell him you’d like a day without the constant reminder that you’re worthless and easily replaced by objects and beverages

SHIPS (to cheer up the fandom lol)

hiiiii ok so i dont know about you guys, but im pretty much done with all the drew stuff. its basically filling up my entire dash. so i figured i’d do some ships!

what you have to do:

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  • message me a question, ship me, or whatever you want idc

and you will get:

  • e3 ship
  • 5sos ship
  • 1d ship
  • bonus ship (taking the idea from dreamingdrew
  • and a compliment =)

pleaseeee doooo thisssss

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