THE END IS NEAR!! @staff has left this website and the devils has come to chill w/ us tumblr is fucking lawless you saw it with the notes, now nigga’s posts are gettin robbed from them its hell this website is fuckin hell

Here to stay

Using simple words
Too complex
To vex
The angry birds
Politicians make a mess
Then cover up with media…
That don’t rhyme
But I’d be lying
If that wasn’t this time
Table… Pass the salt
Take my cuts and bruises with it
Cause in my mind
All I see is red
Not my anger but the blood spilt
The black people kilt
Whether innocent or guilty
Didn’t matter to the perp
All I ask is for God to come and save us
But Mr. Officer I was just going to the game
It’s my little brothers first time on the soccer team
Why you out harassing me when I just I heard a house is gettin robbed
Oh I’m the prime suspect
That’s funny
I’m not 6'5
I don’t wear a white hoodie
All of my shit is black
I don’t even own sperry’s
I know them shits Wack
And I know for a fact
Your radio said Caucasian
My crime is being black
Wrong time wrong place and
You the reason I can’t show my face
At the pool, at the school, all yall think Ima fool, but this real talk, cause yall think its cool, to put me down, turn around, and just walk away
But I’m just hear to say
This niggas here to stay