gettin' real tired of those posts

ohh my god i am extremely angry right now ??

i told the cashier at the store that i only had $35 on paypal and that they need to set it up to only take that much off of the card and they assured me it would but wow wouldn’t you know they ended up charging me the whole damn thing on paypal and now i need to somehow magic $31 onto frickin paypal because this cashier had no idea what they’re doing and i dkjsgdfgs

i’m slightly freaking out because any excess money charged to paypal gets taken out of my mom’s bank account and that’s nononono

s o wow hey g uess i’ll have to throw this out there again but if anyone’s up for giving me a hand there’s always the few things currently on my etsy orz

i’m also up for sprite edits right now and i don’t mind doing them at $5 a piece
i have a history of those so examples i suppose

or if someone wants something else right now idk shoot me a message i’m just
ugh i reall y hate money right now god dammit