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I’ve hit a follower milestone today. I don’t know how many of you followed me just for me to get lost in the shuffle, but i am thankful that y'all like my blog and art enough to hit that follow button.

I’ve met some really cool people through my time in this fandom and some have become closest friends. You all continue to inspire (and enable) me with new ideas and I’m eternally grateful. (Especially with the enabling part, i mean)

Whether you’re a fannibal or not, Thanks!

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The proper abbreviation for “Japanese” is JPN, not “jap”. “Jap” is an ethnic slur that was used in World War II, and it stings a lot to see it even if we know if the person using it has no bad intentions and just is not informed. Please take care to use the proper abbreviation! And please correct anyone you see using the incorrect abbreviation! Thank you!

i once fell in love with a boy in my poetry class because he had blue eyes and was kind to someone, just once, and i liked that a lot. when we kissed in the back of his car he told me broken girls were the best kind. he still writes about me, sometimes, and i pretend he’s not writing about me, and he pretends the same thing. in his poems i am a mystery, a queen, an avenging angel who walked away and left no garden unburned.

in my book he never held back my hair when i was throwing up. once when i asked him what we were he said “a boy and a wolf.” i said i don’t feel like running anymore. he said that he loved that i was made to sink, to set teeth to skin. i said “i’m trying to be good” and he said he loved the failure in my trying.

in his words i’m a mountain, spread legs, an island. in mine i’m a girl who goes to get groceries and thinks he liked the sound of my name but never stopped to ask the meaning.


“A little bit of squishy never hurt nobody.” – Probably Baekhyun.

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