gettin' closer

Dean is aging every day and Castiel can see it in the fine lines when he smiles, the way his eyes crinkle. Every day there’s another line forming and Castiel can see it. Every single one of them. He sees the first small gray hair that starts at the root of Dean’s hair. He doesn’t think Dean can see it, at first, but after a week Dean begins parting his hair differently. Castiel cannot see the single gray strand anymore, until there is a small bundle of them.

With each waking day, Dean’s hands begin to ache in the places that strains when he holds his gun. He pretends not to care, but Castiel knows. He can read Dean like a book he’s read a million times.

Castiel stays the same. Humanity caught up with his vessel in the short while he had no grace, yet now he seems to have stopped aging once again. He stays young while Dean’s knees ache. Small touches let Castiel ease the pain, and Dean catches on to what he is doing. He says thank you with his eyes, that still sparkle a beautiful sage color. The love Castiel has for Dean never dulls, but only deepens the more Dean let’s him heal.

It seems, eventually Dean wants to skip out on hunts. His bones throb too badly, or he’s catching yet another cold. Sam notices, too, but says nothing. It’s inevitable. Dean is much older than Sam is, and not as nimble anymore. Castiel always stays with Dean. Just in case.

Sometimes Dean will let Castiel sit with him while he watches the latest game on television. Usually Dean will fall asleep by halftime, never able to sleep well at night. His head always ends up on Castiel’s shoulder, beer slipping through his fingers that once held it tightly. Castiel puts the beer on the coffee table, and maneuvers to lean back enough for Dean’s head to rest comfortably on his chest. Castiel has no heartbeat for Dean to listen to, but placing a firm hand on Dean’s shoulder lets him pulse power through Dean’s veins, easing any ache or pain. Dean always sleeps better this way. It seems to give him a little bit more life that way.

Dean does not like it when Castiel heals him of his aches. “They let me know I’m still human, Cas. Just let me ache. That’s why they invented Advil.” Dean will say, giving Castiel a glare. But Dean always comes to Castiel at night, or comes to get him when the Advil won’t help his restless leg syndrome, or ease the throb of his nerves enough to get a few un-solid hours. Castiel is always more than willing to place that firm hand on Dean, watching him sleep peacefully like he deserves after a lifetime of restless nights.

“Let me heal you, Dean.” Castiel demands, watching the man he loves practically decay on the sofa. Dean had insisted on going to a hunt with Sam, and had sprained a few bones. They were not healing, and it had been over a week. “Please.” Castiel begs.

“No, Cas.” Dean repeats over and over. Castiel doesn’t care. Dean isn’t quick enough to dodge Castiel’s hand as if clamps around his ankle. It’s healed within seconds, and Dean is angry at him once more. “Damnit Cas!” Dean jerks his leg away, and glares red hot towards Castiel.

“I don’t understand, Dean!” Castiel barks back at him, “You can go on hunts all you want if you just let me heal you when you come back.”

“That’s not how life is supposed to work, Cas. I go on a hunt and I get hurt, if I die from it then that’s how it needs to be! No more loopholes, Cas. I’m gettin’ old, I know it, you know it, Sam knows it. Shit happens, and nature takes its course. It can’t do that if you keep interrupting it!”

“It sounds as though you want to die,” Castiel says dully, and blunt.

“Maybe I do.” Dean says quietly, hardly shocking Castiel. “I’ve lived a long life, saved a lot of people and then some. I’m alright with it.”

Castiel can’t cry, but if he could then he would be sobbing. He can feel it inside, how sad he is. “Dean, I’m not alright with it. My whole purpose of being is because of you. Every day before you, I simply waited for the day. And every day after, I was living for you and fighting for you. There was never a moment I was doing something that wasn’t for you in some way. If you’re gone, what am I supposed to live for?”

“Live for Sammy, Cas. He needs someone, too, you know.”

“Dean, as soon as you’re gone Sam is going to go back to a normal life. And you know that.”

Dean shakes his head, “I don’t want you to interfere anymore, Cas.”

Castiel nods a final nod, and says nothing the nights he still eases Dean’s pains when Dean calls for him. The days go by quickly, as do the seasons. He is worse in the winter, and soon he hardly moves from his worn spot on the sofa.

Castiel leaves Sam with him a single day, saying they need him briefly in Heaven. Dean smiles at him and says he’s happy Cas is off doing angelic things for once. Castiel smiles back and Sam nods. He knows Castiel’s plan.

Castiel comes back over a day later, and Dean is asleep in his bed. When Castiel enters, Dean stirs and reaches for him. He must be hurting again. Castiel gets down to his briefs and slides in bed with Dean, the single brush of skin easing all of Dean’s pains. He relaxes entirely against Castiel. Dean feels very hot, and clammy.

“Are you sick again?” Castiel asks worriedly.

“Yeah,” Dean grunts. “I went out for a drive and got caught in the rain. I think it’s the flu,” Dean grumbles. Castiel brushes a soft hand over his forehead and dulls the fever. “Thanks,” Dean says softly. Castiel is thrown off by the acceptance but says nothing. Dean begins talking. He’s somewhere between sleep, stuck in a limbo. “I am gettin’ scared, every day.” He admits in the quiet air of the bedroom. “Once my light goes out, that’s it. No more chances like I’m used to.”

Castiel interrupts softly. “I could give you another, Dean. We can age together, this next time. If you let me.” There’s a pleading tone in Castiel’s voice that Dean can recognize.

“No, Cas. I need to be a man about this.” Dean grumbles, head rolling to rest on Castiel’s pale chest. “I’m just scared of where I’m going. I always thought death would be easy, that I’d die out on a hunt. It’d be quick, maybe not painless, but I thought it would happen so fast the fear wouldn’t set in. But dying of old age? Slow like this? Every day, man. I can feel it. I’m gettin’ closer. Every time I’m sick it’s like death is just looming, beggin’ me to go to sleep so it can take me. It gives me time to think about it, and the fear gets bad. I hate bein’ scared. I’m scared I’m goin’ to hell, or purgatory again. Or get stuck in the void like Kevin did. I wanna go to Heaven, and be with Bobby and Ellen and Jo.” Castiel faintly realizes Dean is crying silently, tears pooling beneath Dean’s cheek.

“In Heaven,” Castiel begins. “I talked to some of my superiors.” Dean ‘mm-hmms’, quietly. “They would not take my grace, so my age would catch up. But I reserved you a spot, right where you want to be. And I will escort you myself. Not a reaper, or a demon. Me, and I will hide nothing from you. I will hold your hand the whole way.” The love Castiel has for this man is swelling hugely in his vacant chest, and if Castiel could cry he would cry for love.

Dean’s fingers skim past Castiel’s chest to grab his hand. The hold is limp, and weak. Castiel’s worry is at its highest, and he feels the desperate need to go yell for Sam.

Somehow, Sam senses Castiel’s desperation. He barges into the room, eyes wide with worry. Castiel and Sam’s eyes meet and the words don’t need to be spoken.

“Dean?” Sam asks, walking to his brother. Dean let’s out a small moan of acknowledgement, and faintly tells Sam he loves him. The grip on Castiel’s hand is slightly stronger when Dean finds the energy to kiss Castiel’s chest, the words unspoken but there. Castiel wraps fingers through Dean’s damp hair and holds him close.

Sam is crying silent tears and holds back a sob by biting his fist.

Dean goes quietly, in his sleep. Castiel slips from underneath him and makes sure to tuck him in as he goes to console Sam, who has aged as well, but is still young and healthy. Death won’t take him as quickly if he begins to settle down. Castiel makes sure to tell him this.

Castiel explains his plan to Sam over once more. He’s going to lead Dean to Heaven himself. He’s going to be with Bobby and Ellen and Jo. Just like he wanted. Castiel will be there, too, and he will be down whenever Sam prays to him. And if Sam wants, Castiel will walk him through the veil, too.

Castiel’s conversation is interrupted by Dean. A Dean Sam cannot see, but yet the same Dean he knows. Dean has a worried look in his eye, watching Sam cry silent tears. Castiel tells Sam it’s time, and gives him a large hug goodbye. He pleads for Sam to go find a woman, and settle down and have kids. Go back to Stanford. It’s possible. Sam promises he will try, and that he will pray often.

Castiel takes Dean’s hand and vanishes. The veil is shadows and daylight mixing together, like oil and water. Mixing but never becoming one. Dean holds Castiel’s hand tightly, fingers laced. Castiel steps through a very certain strand of daylight. Dean covers his eyes when it becomes too bright.

They’re at Bobby’s. It takes Dean a single moment to blink and look around. Ellen comes from the kitchen, stirring something in a pot.

“Heya, boys. Just in time for supper.”

That night, Castiel holds Dean close. Dean let’s him. After all, they’re stuck in a piece of Heaven where no one dies, aches, or bleeds. Despite Dean’s healthy bones, Castiel still caresses Dean’s body just like before.

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Listen to me A vkook au where jk is the pitcher in the baseball team and V is the person in the mascot costume and he low key wanted that role only to see jk better while playing, and jk loves how Tae can cherish everyone even in that big and uncomfortable costume.

i’m 💘💘💘

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Ooooooo what about number 39! It is called gettin closer 😏😏😏😏you use you imagination for this one :) (#needstobesexy)

I think you’re thinking of a different prompt list from the one I used, therefore I take your sexy and raise you one fluff. 

Daryl Dixon x Reader ||Dwight x Reader - You’re gonna be okay


I love Daryl and I know Dwight was an asshole to him, however, I love his character since I read about him in the comic so yeah…I want to write something about him ♥

At first I wanted the reader and Daryl to be siblings but then I decided to make them boyfriend and girlfriend, while between Dwight and Reader there is something platonic.

If I have more ideas this can have more chapters.

WARNINGS: MENTION OF SEX (between Daryl and the reader), Little angst and fluff


“Someone is here”

Rosita welcomed us from our long journey like that.

Today we went to Oceanside, hoping that people would join us against Negan, however we came home with all their guns and no allies.

When I thought that I can finally rest another problem came out.

While our group is walking toward the little prison situated into an house’s basement , Daryl grab my hands, walking next to me.

I lift my head toward him giving him a small smile.

He knows that what we did to Oceanside upset me so he tries to comfort me.

When we finally enter into the basement and after Rosita opens the cell door, we finally see who our guest is…blonde hair…scarred face…


Suddenly I see Daryl charging toward him.

“Daryl stop!” I scream, while Jesus and Rick try to keep him away from Dwight.

“Daryl look at me right now!” my voice grow louder , making him stop.

I grab his face with my hands and I lay my forehead against his.

“You’re better then him, he won’t hurt you anymore” I whisper sweetly.

After I made sure that Daryl was calm, we get close to Rick, listening to what he’s saying.

“I want Negan dead”.
Dwight expression was serious, I can see determination into his eyes.

“Do you wanna help?”

“I do”
At that point Rick grab his gun, pointing it at Dwight’s face:
“Ok…get on your knees”.

Slowly Dwight get on his knees, looking straight into Rick’s eyes.
“I’m serious…Negan took everything I love from me…I’m here to end this”

Seeing that he didn’t get any reaction from Rick, Dwight eyes moved to me.

“You! You know what it feels like seeing your loved one taken away from you”

I let out a sigh…he was right, Negan took Daryl away from me and I couldn’t do anything…but this man killed Denise…this man hurted Daryl…

Our stare was interrupted by Daryl that he pushed me behind him: 

“Don’t you even dare to talk to my wife

A warm shiver run across my back.

He called me his wife.

Even though I wanted to scream in happiness, I must stay calm, I can cheer later.

Dwight scoffed at that: “Negan took my wife, you should understand why I want him dead so bad”.

Rick interrupted Dwight: 

“We’ll talk about that, for now you’ll stay here”.

With that said, All of us walked out the cell while Rick closes the door.

While everyone heads out I linger for a moment staring at the blonde man.

“You know what it feels like seeing your loved one taken away from you”

“(Y/n) are you coming or what?”

I shake my head, listening to Daryl calling out for me take me back to reality.

“Yes, sorry”.

We are reunited in the church talking about what to do with Dwight.

“I think we should give him a chance”

“How could you say that? He killed Denise!”

Tara voice was filled with pain once she listened my opinion.

“Yeah but…”
“ I can’t believe you said that, he literally beat up your man and you want to give him a chance? I can’t believe you’re such an idiot”.

I always despised Rosita, she thinks she knows everything but all the things she has done was enough to make our situation with Saviours worse.

“Listen here you smartass, don’t you think I know? I know he killed Denise, I know he beated and shoot my husband and I fucking know that it can be a trap! However, anyone of you considered that maybe he was forced to do that?”.

Everyone stay in silence, hearing what I was saying.

I turn to Daryl: “I was with you when we first met him, don’t you remember what he said? He was scared, his only purpose was protect his wife…”

Daryl lowers his head, while i turn around facing Rick:
“All of us saw what Negan is capable of…Daryl told me that Negan took Sherry as his wife and he couldn’t do nothing…just like when he took Daryl away from us”. 
I let out a sigh, Rick was staring at my eyes letting me know that I have his attention:
“I know that we can’t totally trust him yet, but think about it, he knows Negan, he knows the Sanctuary so I think that he can be helpful against him”.

The silence that filled the church seems eternal.

I can see that my words didn’t have an effect just on Rick but on everybody.

“Okay (Y/n), we’ll give him a chance but he will stay into that cell until we make sure that he can be trusted”.

A smile appears on my face.

“…but since it’s a good idea, you’ll stay with him, you’ll know him better and try to figure out if he’s being honest”.

“(Y/n) will not go anywhere near that asshole”.

Daryl almost growled, he’s really angry.

“Then who will keep an eye on him huh? Everybody in this room wants to kill him so, she’ll do it, whether you like it or not”.

After the improvised meeting all of us heads home.

Daryl was pacing back and fort the room, still angry at what Rick told him.

“Daryl can you please stop? you’re making me nervous”
“Sorry if I’m worried about you being with that prick”

Talking will not calm him down so I get up from the bed and I envelope him into an hug.

“I’ll be fine, you know I can handle myself” I assure him, while I snuggle onto his cheast.

I feel his muscular arms around my hips, Daryl was finally returning the hug.

I feel him laying a kiss on the top of my head:
“I know you can, I’m just really angry at him, for everything he has done to us”.

I end our embrace, giving my back to Daryl.

“Maybe I know how to help you to pour out all your anger” while I’m talking to him I take off my t-shirt, showing him my bare back.

Turning around I throw my t-shirt to him and I lay down on the bed, displaying my breats.

“I mean, you call me your wife so let’s celebrate our sudden marriage” I say, smiling at him.

His blue eyes became dark and his tongue came out, licking his dry lips.

With a quick move he straddled me on the bed, starting to kiss me on my neck, on my jawline and finally taking his time playing with my breast:
“Yeah, I think you can help me” he grins.

Let’s just say that it was a very long night.

The next morning I woke up early, ready to spend the day with Dwight.

I was in the kitchen, drinking my coffee when I suddenly feel arms wrapping around my hips:

“Good morning sunshine” 

Daryl’s deep voice gave me goose bumps.

He lays little kisses on my temple, he’s always so sweet after a night full of rough sex.

“I’m so sore Daryl, you better make up for it” I turn to him giving a peck on his lips.

He lay down again to deepen the kiss but I walk away from him, taking the tray with Dwight’s breakfast.

“I have to go, be a good boy and maybe we can continue this” I say grinning.

Daryl however has a serious expression on his face:
“Please (Y/n), be careful”

I nod at him before going out our house.

I excpected Dwight to be more talktive, trying to persuade me to believe him, however he silently ate his breakfast.

Once he finished, the silence was interrupted by his raspy voice: 
“Thank you”

I was taken aback by that..I didn’t expect him to thank me.

Looking at my surprised expression, he scoffed:
“Your man didn’t tell you what I gave him to eat while he was at the Sanctuary?”

Of course he told me.

Dog food.

Just thinking about him in that dark room makes me angry.

“Yeah, he told me, but I’m not like you…we’re different from your community.”.

Silence filled the room again.

I was sat down a chair in front of the cell while Dwight sit in front of me on his bed.

“What happened to your face? You didn’t have that when I met you”.

“Negan…that’s what happened”.

Dwight get up and slide the now empty trail under the cell’s door.

When he turns around I notice that something fell from his pocket.

Picking it up I notice that it’s a photo of him and Sherry.

They seemed so happy.

“Dwight! This is yours…” I say while I hand out to him the picture, toward the cell’s bars.

He took the picture from me and linger there looking at it.

“You seems happy in that picture…”
“We were…she gave up her freedom to save me”

Dwight’s voice trembled, he stares at me with watery eyes:
“I…I wanted to stay with her again, I wanted to take her away from that place but I freaked out and stole your bike”.

He turns around walking to the bed, he really need to sit down.

“I didn’t want to do all of that, I just wanted to stay with her…I’m sorry I took out my anger on Daryl…he didn’t deserve all of that”.

In that moment I forget that he was the man who hurted my loved one…I forget that he left us in the woods…and I forget that he’s the man that shoot an arrow right into Denise’s eyes.

He was broken.

In that moment I don’t see an enemy…I see Daryl.

Both of them are fragile and broken.

They want to keep their loved one safe, ready to sacrifice everything, even their freedom just to make sure that the people they care about don’t get hurt.

We didn’t talk anymore that day, we stay in silence until dinner time when it’s time for me to go.

“(Y/n) wait a minute”

I stop on my tracks, turning toward him.

He took off the vest he was wearing on his shirt.


Once I reach for it I finally notice the wings on its back.

This is Daryl’s vest!

I smile at him, touching his hand:
“Thank you Dwight…this means a lot to me”.

Day passed by and I spend a lot of time with Dwight.

We started to talk more about a lot of things, sometimes we also shared a laugh.

I can say that we bounded a lot and I’m 100% sure that he’s honest about his intention against Negan.

“You know D? Rick says that he’ll talk to you, that means the war is gettin’ closer”.

I lower my head.

The realisation hit me.

More people will die, it can be me, it can be one of my friends…

…it can be Daryl

Just the thought of losing him makes me feel like someone stabbed me right on my heart.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” 

Dwight walks quickly toward me.

He brings his hands on my cheeks.

I didn’t notice that I was crying until I realize that Dwight was wipping away my tears with his finger tips.

I stare at him, the bars separate us however I feel him so close to me.

Dwight start to lean close to my face.

I was paralyzed.

I love Daryl I really do…but I haven’t the strength to stop him.

He lay a little kiss on my lips.

It was quick but was enough to snap me out from my trance and move away from him.

We stare at each other, both surprised about that fleeting kiss.

Before one of us can say something, the door opens and Rick start to walk down the stairs.

“I need to talk to Dwight, you can go”.

Nodding I walk toward the stairs.

“And (Y/n)?”

I turn around to Rick, waiting for  him to continue.

“Thank you”

“Don’t mention it”.

Once I was out from that little prison I lay my back against the wall.

Tears start falling again from my (e/c) eyes.

What happened with Dwight was nothing…

Why this happened to me?

I keep repeating into my head that the little kiss I shared with him meant nothing…

…but was that the truth?

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