gettin&039; hitched

Hang On To Her, Boy

True Fluff Series
Word Count: 1340
Summary: Dean and the reader spend a special Independence Day together.
Warnings: None, just the usual fluff! 
Recommended Listening: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Anymore by Boy Howdy. 

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The only thing I enjoy more than arranged marriage AUs is Peter getting what’s coming to him. <3

“Imagine person A looking for person B to tell them the news…”

Hide burst into Kaneki’s apartment, his spare key clattering to the floor in his haste to get inside. Excitement reverberated off him in waves- the apartment was still dark, so Kaneki was probably asleep.

He tried to keep quiet, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet as he meandered towards his best friend’s bedroom, words twisting in his mind and settling on his tongue before he even needed them there.

Kaneki was still curled up in that cute little way he slept under the covers, oblivious to the ball of pure, energetic happiness entering the room. At least, for a moment.

He let out an alarmed screech when Hide flung himself at him, scrabbling to kick the ‘intruder’ away before realizing who it was. He cut his eyes into an unimpressed glare at Hide, who was nursing a bruised rib as he (much more slowly) crawled back up onto the bed.

Kaneki crossed his arms, about to set off into a sleep-deprived lecture, when Hide bolted forward, grabbing him by his cheeks and pulling him in for a warm, chaste kiss.
His cheeks heated in a dark blush, and he pulled away, stammering, to see the blond grinning wider than he’d ever seen before.

“H-Hide what are you doing? What’s going on?” he asked, curious, and Hide’s grin grew impossibly wider.

“They did it,” he said, a little breathless, and Kaneki frowned quizzically. Then Hide moved his hands down his sides, squeezing his arms.

“They legalized- Kaneki, we can get married,” he said, and the look of wonderment and joy that spread across his best friend-turned-lover’s face was well worth the bruised rib.

Not giving him a chance to give a proper response, Hide pulled him in for another sweet kiss, their lips curled up in overjoyed grins.

It was well worth the wait.

Now Hide just needed to get the ring.