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Yandere!2P ask here :D ! If Reader were to hide from a 2P, what would they say/think/do?

You’re hiding from a Yandere!2P. How they would scout you out:

2P!America: A nailed-covered baseball bat scratched against the wooden floor. “Oh, doll.” The wood creaked beneath his steps; he was dragging along the bat. “Why are you so afraid? It’s really a shame… I’m not going to hurt you… Heh heh~” He was coming closer; you were crouched down and could see his worn Converse from your hiding spot. “But I gotta admit, it’s a little fun playing predator and prey…”

2P!China: Doors slammed. Cupboards flew off their hinges. Beds were thrown over. Frantic running was heard throughout the house. “Kitten, kitten where are you? Why do you hide from me?!” His voice cracked as he sprinted up the stairs. “A-All I did was tell you I love you, is this so hard to comprehend?! Why, why do you torture me like this…” He stopped in a doorframe; the very room you were hiding in. “Kitten… I’m sorry if you hate me, but I’ll still have you no matter the cost…”

2P!England: Innocent laugher echoed throughout the halls. Soon, that laughter turned maniacal. Still grinning, he reached for a pink jewelry box and slowly wound it up. A soft, ominous melody started playing from the children’s music box. “My dear poppet, where have you gone?” He stood up and giggled quietly. “A game of hide and seek? Oh, you know me so well; I love playing games with you!~” He wandered the halls, occasionally stopping to peek in hiding places. “I’ll find you and keep you forever, I promise, hehe.”

2P!France: You flinched when you heard a wine bottle shatter against the tile floor. “Don’t do this with me. I don’t have the patience for this,” He growled, the broken pieces of glass crunching beneath his shoes as he stepped over them. “I’ll give you to the count of five to come out. If you don’t… I’ll look for you myself, and have a punishment waiting for you,” He blew out a breath of smoke from his cigarette. “Don’t make me come to that point, you hear me?”

2P!Russia: He sighed. “I must admit that I am a bit offended… as well as irritated…” He sauntered through the house. “I… know you hear me. Why do you do this? I can assure you that I’m not going to harm you…” He seemed to know exactly where he was going. He found the room you were hiding in almost immediately. The door opened, “Oh, there you are. Come.” He held out his hand. “You can’t ever leave me again. The next time, I won’t be so forgiving…” His hand squeezed your wrist hard enough to leave you a bruise.

2P!Italy: The knob of the locked door jiggled. You thought you were safe until you heard a click. The lock was picked open. With a heavy creak, the door swung out. “Ah, my darling princess.~ I’ve almost found you, isn’t this exciting?” He laughed sensuously, beginning to scan the room for you. He was twirling a throwing knife between his fingers as he hummed, “No matter how many times you run, I’ll always capture you again…~ So just be a good girl and come out for me, yes?”

2P!Germany: He stomped through the halls. “Gettin’ sick and tired of your shit,” He grumbled, hands clenched into fists at his sides. “Girl I love you, but not the things you do,” He hissed as he threw open door after door. “I’m not good at searching, so come out!” He punched a wall, furious. “You don’t want to make things worse, do ya? Hah… I’ll have you make this up for me once we get home… Eheheh.”

2P!Japan: He rolled his eyes. “This is most unfortunate,” With a scowl, he began storming through the rooms. “I don’t have time for this…” He paused near your hiding spot, his arms crossed. “Listen to me,” His voice lowered in a territorial growl, “If you ever try this again, I swear I’ll kill you… Now step out from behind that couch, before you make me want to do it now…”

2P!Canada: In a tired, lazy voice, you heard him calling out, “Baaaaaaabe… Where did you gooooo…” He exhaled deeply as he stumbled up the stairs. “I’m so tired… Why did you decide to do this at 4 a.m.? I need my rest and so do you…” He fumbled around with objects in the dark until he found something of interest. You jumped in surprise when you heard a loud whack against the wall. “A hockey stick…” He chuckled. “That’s perfect. I heard you jump too, so let’s have some fun…”

2P!Romano: There was a knock on the door. “Darling? Are you in there?” After a few moments of silence, you heard a graceful chuckle. “Mmm, of course you won’t answer me…” The door was kicked open. “How rude of you. After I went and made you beautiful…” He sashayed through the room, peering around for you. “But I must say… You’re always beautiful… Especially when you’re trembling with fear at the wrath of me, hehehe~”

2P!Austria: Crazed laughter emanated from the hall. “Ohohohoho, this is quite lovely, my dear!” He twirled around giddily as he sauntered about, “The fact that you beared a bit of hope that you could escape from me… It’s adorable!~” He playfully swung a door open, the very room where you were hiding. Smirking now–his sharp teeth revealed– he spoke, “Being a sadistic madman like myself, I cannot help but feel stimulated by your meaningless hope, oho~”

2P!Prussia: Muffled crying echoed from the room across from you. The sorrowful moans and sniffling gave off eerie vibes. “M-My love…” He whimpered, “Why did you leave me…” Moving as if he were broken, he carefully stood up and glanced around for you. “I knew you’d get tired of me… And yet I still forced you to stay… I-I’m sorry my love, but I can’t allow you to leave…” The door was pushed open. “You are my medicine, and I simply can’t go on without you…”

Valentine's Gotham Style

Oswald- I’d kill for you. Like a lot. See that guy right there? Dead. Just say the word.

Edward- Riddle me this! How much obvious stalking do I have to do before you notice me?

Jim- I’m composed of 50% stress and 50% sexual tension, and you’re not helping with either.

Harvey- Gettin’ real sick of your shit, buddy.

Fish- How many times am I going to have kill you before you stay dead?

Selina- Hey, let’s be frien-I hate you. 

Bruce- Just you bitches wait until I’m batman.


Lolita's gettin real sick of your damn weeaboo shit.

I am a lolita, no not the sexually promiscuous young girl kind, the Frilly girly dress kind. I became president of my school’s anime club my freshman year I am a jr right now, and as the president and a Lolita, you can imagine the comments I get from weeaboo’s. (Plus some more weeaboo bullshit.)

Me- Loli

Annoying Weeb girl- Luna (Because god knows thats what she wants to be called.)

Creepy fucking pervert- Creep

My friend the Vice president- Ju

My transgirl friend- Missy

Girlfriend- Cutie

Weeb who ruins every anime she gets into- Sara (Her shitty fancharacter’s name for every damned fandom.)( She does not make comments about my lolita.)

Brotherly figure-Bro

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Okay, but picture this...

Lavellan finds out about Solas being Fen'harel, and decides to play a trick on him.
So she puts convincing, albeit fake, vallaslin on her face, as though to honor Fen'harel, and displays it proudly the next time she sees him.
“Vhenan, what have you done?!” he whispers in horror and shame.
“I’m a slave to your love.” She replies with a sly grin.
And Solas just hurls himself into the sun.