gettin emotional about it

@hansolosbutt remember that time u headcanoned that Jake and Amy put a lil pink sticky note on their apartment door sayin “just married” after they get married bc I still cry periodically abt that pure and good thought



I didn’t really get to celebrate the offical ending of TJ & Amal since I decided to wait and read the last chunk of it in print form. So last night was my night of gettin’ all sort of emotional about those boys and their trip that’s been such a huge inspiration to me as a creator. I watched the kickstarter hit its goal as if it was the New Years ball drop. I had moments to reflect on my time knowing and following EK’s work. From 2008 tabling at my second anime table seeing her for the first time thinking “wow she’s so cool” but being too shy to say a word, worrying about being an obnoxious fan along the ride, to getting to spend some time together this past year. 

Thanks for being so kind to me and being a wonderful person. ♥

Now you guys best go back that Kickstarter
!! I already have the three volumes and I’m getting it. 

“Did you make that crown out of a beer can?”