gettin down

this joke has been made approximately 19873207 times already in this fandom but you know what? here’s another variation

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whats poppin in that peppermint pussy
Danny Sexbang
whats poppin in that peppermint pussy

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AHHH!!! You're online!! (Unless that was your queue ... YOU'RE queuete ;D ) I just wanted to say you're so awesome and talented and I have so much love for you, my faraway friend!!! \^_^/ <3 Blessings, MWUAH, x) XOXOXO!!!, Sarah

Sarah, this is lovely to read haha. I feel like I’ve been a bit out these past couple days. We’ve had a really sudden death in the family, and world events are gettin’ me down so apologies if I’ve been kinda out of commission. This message really perked me up, so thank you for your loveliness

types of maladaptive daydreamers

The mover and shaker

The best, most jam-iest music that needs to be on full blast. and moves that could ~kill~. Literally. Their daydreams only happen when in fast motion, whether it’s hopping, dancing, skipping, gettin’ down, or runnin around. Loves speakers, having the house to themselves, and socks. Hates that they can’t easily daydream when others are around.

The pacer

The most common type. Earbuds are ~essential~. All they need is a comfy, climate controlled space to walk around and get absorbed. Love socks, hiking and the time when everyone else goes to bed. Hates when people ask them why they pace so much and always wear big ol’ sweatshirts.

The props person

Needs props. Always. Something to hold to make their daydreams more real, perhaps a bottle for when their para is at a party or a wand for the fantastical. A lowkey thespian. Loves collecting stuff (probably stamps), gloves and their siblings. Hates cleaning their room.

The thespian

Talking to yourself! Acting out every motion! Pretends to be super tuff but is just a lil bab that must be protected. Contrary to popular belief, doesn’t enjoy acting. Loves being alone, hates when they get caught talking to theirself. The most highkey.

The lucky ones

Don’t need to move or anythin’, just a comfy spot to curl up in with some music and a few scenario ideas. Probably has organized pinterest boards for each of their characters, relationships and scenarios. Loves long car rides and browsing pinterest. Doesn’t hate anything tbh.

Which one(s) are you? I’m a mix of mover and shaker and thespian :)

Pen Pals - Part Two

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean wants to take the relationship to another level. Would the Reader want to take that risk or will she back out?

Word Count: 1.8kish

Warnings: AU, Fluff, Light Cursing

Author’s Note: Here is the second part of Pen Pals! If you want to catch up, read the first part here –> Part One. I hope you guys like this chapter. I’m sorry for not posting it fast enough. Life got in the way and I had to stop everything for a cool minute. I hope you enjoy this and feedback is always welcomed!!

Chapter Two: Long Distance Relationship

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If gender activists have been gettin you down recently, just remember that notorious pseudo-liberal homophobe Riley J Dennis published a new video called “Are genital preferences transphobic” and everybody fucking hates it

The comment section is an EXTREMELY great read- there is OVERWHELMING support for lesbians and gay men, science-y people are calling him out on homophobia and denial of scientific facts, and it’s genuinely reassuring that people clearly see these post-modernist assholes for what they are: homophobes


It’s you and it’s me and that’s all we’ll ever need
And yeah we’ll tear up the streets and we’ll dance until we bleed
And then we’ll sleep when we’re dead cause we’ll take over this town
And paint it 9 shades of red–gettin’ down is what we’re up to tonight

kent parson can sing

i dont mean like hes ok at it either. no. this boy can SING

  • he mostly just sings in the shower and shit
    • hes always loved gettin down to pop music but hes never been into music so to speak
    • like hes never rlly played an instrument or any of that 
    • he definitely doesnt know how to read sheet music no sirree
    • he cant harmonize easily or sight sing or anything technical mainly just cause hes never really tried
    • but hell he has PIPES and his voice is smooth as butter
    • but no one knows this except for kit purrson and jack ‘soft singing comforted teenage me when my anxiety flared up’ zimmermann
  • one day the aces PR are making videos and they decide to stage a sing-off
    • they get 3 of the aces including kent ofc bc whats aces promotional material without certified heartthrob and team captain kent v parson
    • each of them is told to pick 3 songs and theyll do one at a time for 3 rounds and their teammates will judge
    • the aces being in vegas they have a shit ton of money so they really deck it out, they bring in tech people to set up fancy lights and screens and shit and make the t-mobile arena’s center ice look like a hockey-themed the voice
    • each of them is given time to plan out their numbers with the tech guys so it looks snazzy af even though for all the PR people know they probably all three sound like dying horses
  • up first is chickens fish guy
    • homeboy comes in with this cutesy folk song from russia
    • he can’t sing that great but it’s p cute and the bright bubbly lights and visuals help
  • now taking center ice is jeff “swoops” troy 
    • swoops being a fool for basketball goes with some high school musical “we’re all in this together” and hey he actually has a nice voice. all in all it’s a good performance
  • and finally kent ‘most extra motherfucker this side of I-15″ parson is set to perform
    • this bitch comes out guns blazing with “i will always love you” by whitney houston
    • he fucking KILLS it and the visuals and everything… 
    • his stage presence is naturally on point 
    • every single person in t-mobile arena at that moment stopped in their tracks to take in this fucking amazing performance
    • finally when kent makes it to the end of the song everyones jaws are on the floor and hes like “how was that did i do ok”
  • chickens fish guy straight up walks out with his hands up. swoops concedes defeat and PR asks kent to do his other 2 songs
    • hes like oh um ok i didnt realize i was that good but sure if u rlly want
    • next he does a really fiery “i would like” by zara larsson and hes getting rlly into it with his dancing and everyone is mesmerized
      • (that song is definitely on his sex playlist but the aces and staff dont need to know that)
    • finally he comes in with the beyoncé everyone knew was coming but instead of one of her really well-known singles he does “start over” from 4 and it’s actually really big and powerful on the vocals and it has a lot of wild runs and kent hits ALL OF THEM and the jaws are on the floor again
  • the PR people put the video out and the public goes w i l d because seriously it’s just unfair?? that he can be so damn good at hockey AND singing