I would just like to say to all of you who make posts about how “grades don’t mark your intelligence” and how “jut cause you get good grades doesn’t make you smart”, yeah, sure you say those things and the people who almost flunked school get to feel all better because someone pities them.

But you make those of us who actually tried in school and got A’s feel like shit, like our grades don’t mean shit and we are actually dim wits.


New Favorite Quote!

“Gay kids aren’t a “plot point” that you can play with. Gay kids are real, actual kids, teenagers, growing up into awesome adults, and they don’t have the books they need to reflect that. Growing up, my nose was constantly stuck in a book. Growing up as a lesbian, I was told over and over and over by the lack of gayness in said books that I did not exist. That I wasn’t important enough to tell stories about. That I was invisible. Why are we telling our kids this? Why are we telling them that they’re a minority, and they don’t deserve the same rights as straights, that they’re going to grow up in a world that despises them, that the intolerance of humanity will never change, that they’re worthless. It’s not true.” 
― Sarah Diemer