getter liger

On the list of “things I wish I’d bought at the time” are the Getter Robo G Gokin figures from Fewture: Dragon (front), Liger (left) and Poseidon (right).

As much as I love the original Getter Robo designs, and basically any Getter Robo comics drawn by Ken Ishikawa, these three will always be my favourite due to my 9yr old self soaking up Starvengers on AFN (American Forces Network) while we were living in Berlin.

The cover of an issue of Terebi Magazine from 1975 featuring headshots for (from left to right and top to bottom and also ignoring the two cartoon comedians whose names I don’t know):

Getter Poseidon from Getter Robo G
Kamen Rider
Great Mazinger
Getter Dragon from Getter Robo G
Kamen Rider 2
Getter Liger from Getter Robo G
Kamen Rider Stronger
Riderman from Kamen Rider V3
Kamen Rider X
Kamen Rider Amazon
Kamen Rider V3
Boss Borot from Mazinger Z/Great Mazinger