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The driver grabbed the wooden handle of the
hammer and pulled it from the newly dead dead
corpse. As he pulled it it made a sick crunch sound,
which the driver react to at all. After a moment the
driver stood up, shaking the hammer a little to get
some of the bloody goope off. 

Hearing a noise from behind he froze for a moment,
his grip on the hammer tightened making his knuckles
turn white underneath his brown leather gloves. In a
flash the driver twirled around, hammer raised and
ready to strike. That’s when he saw it was a living
person. A real person. But he didn’t drop his guard,
people were unpredictable nowadays.  Cold, icy blue
eyes glaring into the other as if asking why he shouldn’t
kill the other right where they stood.


It’s long overdue, so i finally decided to make my own group, the HAM SQUAD. (sorry i didn’t make an edit whoops)



  • some awesome new pals
  • a follow from meeeee/my friendship
  • a group message 
  • love and appreciation

Increase ur chances

  • talk to me!!!
  • follow me on insta, twitter, and sub to me on youtube
  • draw me stuff?? that would be cool
  • use the tag #hamsquad to show me some of ur skillz

(i will be picking in a few weeks, and i will be choosing 15-20 ppl)


… Sigh … in all its full auto glory. (posted by @tradingplacegunrange) #glockfanatics #glockmods #glockenthusiast #glockperfection #glockporn #fullauto #getsome

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