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If Keith does wind up either willingly/unwillingly working with Lotor and crew some time down the line, how do you think his interactions with each of them would be?

WELL FIRST OFF, HE’S GONNA BE SENDING DEATH GLARES ACXA’S WAY AND BE SO DAMN PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE ALL THE TIME. Like, he trusted her once and then got burned, he’s not gonna make that mistake again. And he’s sure as hell gonna let her know how bitter he still is about that.

For Keith I think it’s especially hurtful because he knows she can be better, knows that she isn’t just some arbitrary “bad guy.”

I also think Acxa would be very opposed to him joining–whether he went willingly or not. She’d see him as too big of a threat to Lotor. And, even if Keith was trying to play double agent and act civil or something, I still think he’d still be at odds with Lotor. Even if it’s just talking back or calling him out for the shit he does, I’m pretty sure Acxa wouldn’t like that. We know how defensive of Lotor she gets

I honestly think Zethrid or Narti is who he’d get along with best. Zethrid may love smashing her opponents around just for the hell of it, but also she wants a fair fight. She’s someone who wants a worthy opponent, and I think Keith would at least see some of the honor in that. At the least, I think they’d like sparring with each other 

And Narti is very reserved, which I think would suit Keith just fine. That’s one less person he has to worry about talking to or putting up an act for. It’s nice that he doesn’t have to deal with any side comments or probing questions at least. He’s also definitely a cat person, and he’s probably snuck Kova extra treats while murmuring Good Kitty on more than one occasion.

Ezor’s extroverted nature could probably come off as a bit abrasive, which Keith’s solitary nature contradicts. But more importantly, I think he wouldn’t be able to stand her because–well, she’ll just flash a smile and keep tormenting people. 

So all that bubbly cuteness feels incredibly fake, or at least leaves a bad taste in his mouth. You have someone who either just acts innocent and sweet–or they genuinely are, and just end up being honestly thrilled about hurting others. Either way, I don’t think he’d like her. Period. She’d probably annoy him a lot just to try and get to him

And I mean, I think a lot of how Keith and Lotor interact would entirely depend on whether or not he joined willingly. Because even if he was an “ally,” you just know he’s got too much of a personal grudge against Lotor at this point to just brush it aside. At the very least, he’s going to be very argumentative or cold. If he did have to join Lotor, I feel like it’d be either as a spy or because the other paladins’ lives are at stake. And I mean, you’re not going to be vey cooperative if you’re a veritable hostage. Especially when you’re as strong-willed as Keith. He’d still resent Lotor no matter what the circumstances I think. And that would definitely show in their dynamic 

For his part, I think Lotor would find a half-galra paladin pretty interesting. He also knows Keith’s had trouble controlling the Black lion and wasn’t her original paladin–I’m sure that’s something that he kind of taunts Keith over. And hey, if he figures out Keith has ties to a rebel galra group too? Jackpot. You can have access to Voltron and Blade of Marmora intel all at once. I also think he’d definitely try to sell his whole “You belong with the empire” pitch. Maybe track down Keith’s family and also try to use that against him 

Wonho as a dad (daughter)

Cause I was talking about it with @suga-in-dream and i just had to write it


  • He is extatic at the idea of having a little girl
  • His S.O the love of his life? Not anymore
  • His little girl is his whole world
  • She’s gonna have him wrapped around her little finger the moment she is born and he’s gonna be swooning and cooing over her the moment he sees her for the first time
  • “Hello princess, I’m your dad and I love you more than anything in the whole world”
  • Panics when she starts crawling and trying to stand up
  • Panics when she starts teething and her temperature goes up
  • insist on bringing her to the hospital even if his s.o tells him it’s normal and has everything prepared to take care of the fever. 
  • So many pictures of her on his phone
  • She his lockscreen and his home screen and his wallpaper on his laptop. He has multiple pictures of her in his wallet
  • Pulls them out every chance he gets
  • Is so proud of her when she stands up and takes her first steps.
  • “dada” Wonho is gone, from her first word it’s just too cute, tries to have her say it again. 
  • Tea parties, playing with dolls, letting her do his hair with fluffy hair ties and sparkly pins, 
  • She dresses him in princess dresses and has him wear pretty tiaras and glitter earrings 
  • He loves it
  • He loves seeing her smile 
  • As long as she’s happy he is too
  • Sends her to middle school with a t-shirt with a picture of him weightlifting with “Stay clear boys this is my dad” as caption
  • Has her wear a t-shirt stating multiple rules if boys want to date her as soon as she turns 16 and goes to highschool. 
  • Gives her whatever she wants and needs, 
  • Still a parent, scolds her when it’s needed
  • Father daughter dances
  • Is heart broken when she goes through her angry teenager phase and she tells him she hates him
  • He knows she doesn’t mean it
  • Cries when he sees her in her prom dress, when she graduates, 
  • Tight handshake with the first boy she brings home + Strong warnings 
  • Will fight anyone who hurts her
  • Cries when she moves out
  • Cries when she gets engaged
  • Cries when he sees her in her wedding dress
  • Cries when she tells him he’s gonna be a granddad

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Thanks to @suga-in-dream for the ideas and helping me with this. It was way to cute for me not to write it. 

My hopes for the two of you

I hope he loves you as much as he says
I hope he appreciates you more than words can express
I hope he memorizes your facial features
I hope he makes you smile, brighter than ever before
I hope he stares at you when your hair is a mess and your eyes are sleepy
I hope he takes that instant to tell you how beautiful you are
I hope he worships that gorgeous body
I hope he thinks those little abnormalities are adorable
I hope he keeps a hand on your waist and an eye on you
I hope he gives you loving kisses, and bites, and caresses
I hope he always holds your hand
I hope he stares at your for hours
I hope he amused by your thinking face
I hope he makes you giggle
I hope he wants you to the be the first and last sight of the day
I hope he never stops asking you questions
I hope he never stops listening to answer
I hope he memorizes your coffee order
I hope he takes you exploring
I hope he learns your vocal inflections and patterns
I hope he listens to your singing voice
I hope he listens for your sleepy voice
I hope he takes care of you drunk
I hope he takes care of you sober
I hope he cuddles with you every chance he gets
I hope he treats you like a princess
I hope he values your independence
I hope he buys you a puppy
I hope he buys you a ring
I hope he lets you steal his shirts
I hope he appreciates your inner child
I hope he thinks your geek-out mode is adorable
I hope he thinks you’re sweet
I hope he is sweet to you
I hope he falls for your charm
I hope he stays for your wit
I hope he reads your favorite books aloud to you
I hope he asks you to read just to hear your voice
I hope he takes you stargazing
I hope he learns how good you are with children
I hope he respects that you may not have children
I hope he gives you soft, sweet, longing kisses
I hope he gives you rough, passionate, rushed kisses
I hope he kisses your forehead, when that’s what you need
I hope he gives you hickeys, when that’s what you need
I hope he tells you everything
I hope he gives you bedroom eyes
I hope he gives you longing, adoring eyes
I hope he looks at your like you’re the world
I hope you are his world
I hope he always texts you back
I hope he never lets you fall asleep feeling unwanted
I hope he wants to fall asleep next to you
I hope he wants to wake up next to you
I hope he gives you rib-crushing hugs
I hope he never takes you for granted
I hope he takes note of every detail about you
I hope he wants to learn about your friends
I hope he wants you to meet his friends
I hope he is excited to meet your family
I hope he is excited to show you off to his
I hope he takes you to art museums
I hope he still stares at you
I hope he makes you laugh
I hope he makes you moan
I hope he gives you fun experiences
I hope he gives you new experiences
I hope he gives you pleasurable experiences
I hope he tells you about his past
I hope he asks you about your past
I hope he tells you about his future
I hope he includes you in his future
I hope he is entranced by your beauty
I hope he always tells you good morning
I hope he always tells you good night
I hope he sends you flowers
I hope he always gives you full attention
I hope he adores you
I hope he asks if you feel safe
I hope he makes you feel safe
I hope he asks if you feel happy
I hope he makes you happy
I hope he never ever hurts you
I hope he is there for when the world does
I hope he knows how lucky he is
I hope loves you as much as I do

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lil things I love about calum
  • his naturally curly and fluffy hair
  • his dark brown eyes that turn a sweet dark honey colour in the sunlight
  • his smooth brown skin that looks so soft
  • aRMS
  • his lil cheek freckles
  • his squishy cheeks but also a jawline that could cut diamonds
  • the nervous laugh and smile he has when he doesn’t know how to answer a question
  • alternatively, the big smile he has when he finds something hilarious and you can see the crinkles around his eyes
  • the breathless laugh he has 
  • when you hear the bassline in a song and you know it’s him rocking his little heart out
  • every one of the songs he writes is pure gold
  • he is a literal puppy
  • like seriously him around puppies just blends right in 
  • when he wears black nail polish
  • his support for TWLOHA
  • his voice cracks when he’s singing really passionately 
  • when he jumps all over the stage and messes with his bandmates
  • how he thinks he can’t dance but his hips are sending us a different message
  • he shuts everybody down on twitter
  • his sarcastic one-liners that shock everybody
  • he’s so humble and grounded
  • the way he is with his family and that he has tattoos for all of them 
  • he paid for fan’s tickets that couldn’t afford to go because he knows what it’s like to be in that sittuation
  • he’s so dedicated and in love with playing bass, he spends hours trying to learn about it and practice and it shows
  • I just really love calum and he deserves more attention for the good things about him than he gets

I saw similar posts for michael and luke and thought I’d do one for my fav :) 

Please add to this with the stuff you love about him and spread some positivity and love xx

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it hurts me every time i see your name
like it’s the only word written 
on every page of the book i love to read
or the only mark dominating my skin
and the harder i try to erase it
the more permanent it gets
i tried to look at myself
but every time i do
all i see is you
only you 


As you know tomorrow is Markiplier’s stream and knowing how laggy the twitch chat gets
I will open my stream chat to talk while we all watch Markiplier together!!
Only the chat will be open so it’ll be easier to talk.
If you wanna come to the chat tomorrow you don’t even have to ask everyone is invited! ♥

the more chris rock talks about race the more boring he gets

i cannot understand these comedians who become convinced that they would be funnier if they exclusively talked about ONE thing all the time

Looking at you, every ‘political’ comic ever