hey so idk what im doing really, ive never done a promo but i thought it’d be nice to do one plus im only 300 followers away from 30k! thank you to the lovely Dio @hobbitwentz for making this rad banner for me! so i dont know how its usually done so im gonna make it up as i go along lol


  • your blog must be at least 50% Gerard
  • follow me if you like my blog (if not thats fine too)
  • no repost blogs, Frerard blogs, NSFW blogs please
  • reblog this post and you’re entered
  • ends Nov 6th
  • will do the promo regardless of how many notes this gets

i wont do categories or ‘best of’ stuff - im gonna promote blogs in alphabetical order after checking them out! so you will get a promo unless your blog is in the category of the above mentioned, sorry but i dont see the point in promoting blogs that i stay far away from

anyway! thats it! have a nice day :)

it hurts me every time i see your name
like it’s the only word written 
on every page of the book i love to read
or the only mark dominating my skin
and the harder i try to erase it
the more permanent it gets
i tried to look at myself
but every time i do
all i see is you
only you 

welcome to THE REY SQUAD

if you’ve been looking for a place to to share your love for this little bundle of joy, then you’ve found the right place!

here are the rules:

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • have an infinite amount of love for rey

some additional info:

  • this should get at least 20 notes (please!!!!)
  • both the date of picking members and the amount of members depend on the number of notes this gets
  • i’ll message everyone who’s been accepted
  • i’m gonna use the tag #thereysquad for updates

As you know tomorrow is Markiplier’s stream and knowing how laggy the twitch chat gets
I will open my stream chat to talk while we all watch Markiplier together!!
Only the chat will be open so it’ll be easier to talk.
If you wanna come to the chat tomorrow you don’t even have to ask everyone is invited! ♥


for every reblog and like this post gets
I will have one more note on this post

the more chris rock talks about race the more boring he gets

i cannot understand these comedians who become convinced that they would be funnier if they exclusively talked about ONE thing all the time

Looking at you, every ‘political’ comic ever