Suddenly has a nosebleed.

“Aw, what the-”

send me a number, a fandom, and I’ll tell you… 

  1. a cute ship that I like
  2. a rarepair that I like
  3. a popular ship that I like
  4. a popular ship that I don’t like
  5. a crack ship that I like
  6. a crack ship I don’t like
  7. a canon ship I like
  8. a canon ship I don’t like
  9. a crossover ship I like
  10. a silly ship that I like
  11. an angsty ship that I like
  12. a hateship that I like
  13. a platonic ship that I like
  14. my favorite otp
  15. my worst notp
  16. my best brotp
  17. a song that fits my #1 ship
  18. a song that fits my #2 ship
  19. a song that fits my #3 ship
  20. a ship that I don’t ship, but don’t mind anyways
  21. a ship that I like, but wouldn’t want to make canon
  22. a ship that isn’t canon, but is as close to canon as it gets
  23. a ship that would be relationship goals (alternatively, a brotp that would be friendship goals)
  24. a sibling relationship I like
  25. any familial relationship I like
  26. a squad that I like
  27. a squad that doesn’t really exist, but should exist
  28. two characters who haven’t met who I think should meet
  29. two characters who I think should interact more
  30. two characters whose relationship should be more like…
  31. a random made-up ship

Heyo, guys! So I’ve recently hit 600 followers. I know that isn’t as big as hitting your 1000 followers or anything of the sorts, however it’s big for me considering the fact that I love each and every one of you guys. So in order to show that I’m greatful for you guys following me in the first place, even though I don’t always post Rooster Teeth, or Achievement Hunter things, I thought this would work.

There will only be one winner. I’m sorry, I will do one on a later date, I promise.

Winner Gets

  • A $25 dollar Rooster Teeth gift card (Which as far as I’m aware will work in any store.)

Extra Information

  • Must be following me. I’m not that bad, I promise.
  • You can reblog it as much as you want. Go crazy. The more you enter, the more chances you have at winning, right?
  • Please don’t use a give away blog, that’s just mean to others.
  • Whoever wins will have to give me their email address so I can foward the message to them.
  • On top of this (even though no one cares) I’ll be doing a Q&A video… So it’d be cool to get some asks for that. c:
  • This will end on September 30th. That gives you guys a little under a month to reblog it and stuff. 
ali gothkids botm!!!

okay it’s like the middle of february so it’s more like blog of the month and a half bc you’ll be on my blog until like the end of march probably but !!! i’m bored lets do a thing


  • mbf me ali gothkids (aka blakcparade, penceyprepofficial, etc.)
  • reblog this post (likes are fine but won’t enter you)
  • be super rad B) (which u already are)
  • this will end tuesday (february 17) probably
  • I’ll pick 5-10 rad blogs and post a poll, ppl will vote for a week or so, etc. i figure you know the drill


  • A follow (if i don’t already follow you)
  • a new friend!!
  • blog rates/selfie reblogs/promos whenever idk anything you want really
  • a link on my blog for a month or so!!

so yeah!! ily all have a nice day