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I love your humanstuck designs! How about some humanstuck Terezi or Vriska?

two for the price of one, heres angsty gfs

send me a number, a fandom, and I’ll tell you… 

  1. a cute ship that I like
  2. a rarepair that I like
  3. a popular ship that I like
  4. a popular ship that I don’t like
  5. a crack ship that I like
  6. a crack ship I don’t like
  7. a canon ship I like
  8. a canon ship I don’t like
  9. a crossover ship I like
  10. a silly ship that I like
  11. an angsty ship that I like
  12. a hateship that I like
  13. a platonic ship that I like
  14. my favorite otp
  15. my worst notp
  16. my best brotp
  17. a song that fits my #1 ship
  18. a song that fits my #2 ship
  19. a song that fits my #3 ship
  20. a ship that I don’t ship, but don’t mind anyways
  21. a ship that I like, but wouldn’t want to make canon
  22. a ship that isn’t canon, but is as close to canon as it gets
  23. a ship that would be relationship goals (alternatively, a brotp that would be friendship goals)
  24. a sibling relationship I like
  25. any familial relationship I like
  26. a squad that I like
  27. a squad that doesn’t really exist, but should exist
  28. two characters who haven’t met who I think should meet
  29. two characters who I think should interact more
  30. two characters whose relationship should be more like…
  31. a random made-up ship

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do you have any mchanzo fanfic recommendations? im in love w your fic!!

thank you!! and i have to say, i haven’t read a ton of fics and i really need to get around to reading more lmao.. here are my favs of what i have read, though!

literally one of the most emotionally freeing things you can do as an art hobbyist is stop caring about how much attention your work gets

as a professional it’s understandable, but if your goal is to create for the sake of creating and not make money, then the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop basing your self-worth on how many reblogs or favs or whatever you get.

find a community that can support your development and give you constructive feedback, if you rely on feedback to keep improving. but if that’s not important then just… create. for you. if you’re not having fun making art because people aren’t reblogging it then you’re just hurting yourself. i have been there and it’s awful.

Heyo, guys! So I’ve recently hit 600 followers. I know that isn’t as big as hitting your 1000 followers or anything of the sorts, however it’s big for me considering the fact that I love each and every one of you guys. So in order to show that I’m greatful for you guys following me in the first place, even though I don’t always post Rooster Teeth, or Achievement Hunter things, I thought this would work.

There will only be one winner. I’m sorry, I will do one on a later date, I promise.

Winner Gets

  • A $25 dollar Rooster Teeth gift card (Which as far as I’m aware will work in any store.)

Extra Information

  • Must be following me. I’m not that bad, I promise.
  • You can reblog it as much as you want. Go crazy. The more you enter, the more chances you have at winning, right?
  • Please don’t use a give away blog, that’s just mean to others.
  • Whoever wins will have to give me their email address so I can foward the message to them.
  • On top of this (even though no one cares) I’ll be doing a Q&A video… So it’d be cool to get some asks for that. c:
  • This will end on September 30th. That gives you guys a little under a month to reblog it and stuff. 
ali gothkids botm!!!

okay it’s like the middle of february so it’s more like blog of the month and a half bc you’ll be on my blog until like the end of march probably but !!! i’m bored lets do a thing


  • mbf me ali gothkids (aka blakcparade, penceyprepofficial, etc.)
  • reblog this post (likes are fine but won’t enter you)
  • be super rad B) (which u already are)
  • this will end tuesday (february 17) probably
  • I’ll pick 5-10 rad blogs and post a poll, ppl will vote for a week or so, etc. i figure you know the drill


  • A follow (if i don’t already follow you)
  • a new friend!!
  • blog rates/selfie reblogs/promos whenever idk anything you want really
  • a link on my blog for a month or so!!

so yeah!! ily all have a nice day