gets worse every year

every year on valentines day, michael and gavin end up saying stupidly sappy stuff to each other via twitter, but what if they did that kinda thing too in the fahc universe? went way outta their way to make a statement and slowly one upping each other every year

like, the first time its not as bad - michael robs a florist and puts all the flowers in gavins room and surprises him when he gets back

the second year, gavin steals a stunt plane and tries to write in the sky - it doesnt look anything like what he planned but michael was still amused and thanks him when he comes back covered in grazes and singed slightly

third time michael sets a bunch of explosives out in the middle of nowhere and demands a jet from geoff - once he gets it, he pulls gavin along and flies above the explosives, detonating them and spelling out like ‘boi’ or something else sappy for the other to see. gavin awes over it as the trees and grass catch fire oopsies

the fourth time gavin sneaks into the military base, almost gets shot multiple times, and escapes relatively unharmed in a besra. surprisingly, he doesnt crash immediately. he spray paints the entire thing fluoro pink, much to geoffs delight, and covers it in ribbons and flowers. he drags michael into it, both of them are squished but gavin flies them up right at sunset - and then almost kills them both in a crash, but gavin bought along parachutes because he knows hes accident prone - and its special parachutes, theyre pink and heart-shaped and michael is screaming and laughing the whole time they float back down to the ground

by the time their fifth year anniversary comes around, the crew knows to hide and just let them do their thing. it doesnt matter if its michael or gavins turn to show off, they have equal chances of something going wrong, and it gets exponentially worse every year. this year michael has set fireworks and flares all around mt chilliad and has dragged lindsay into helping set it up. after nightfall, gavin is worrying something has happened, maybe michael forgot or something, but then michael drags him out in ‘kitt’ to the airport, where lindsay picks them up in a cargobob. as soon as theyre high enough lindsay releases them and lets them glide through the air. michael hands over the detonator to gavin, who presses it instantly, and finds himself right in the middle of fireworks and flares as they explode all around him. by the time the fireworks stop and they land - not without a couple of tumbles and scratches of course - gavin thinks hes deaf but demands to go again.

their sixth anniversary has yet to come but gavin is already trying to plan and scheme with geoff who isnt having any of it - meg and lindsay tend to watch from the sidelines with amused smiles on their faces

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I see your headcanon about Albus writing in the books he gifts to Scorpius and I raise you: Albus writing little, slight awful but very sweet, poems in the front of them.

Ron bestowing ‘Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Wizards’ on his nephew and Albus being mortified but also bored enough one summer to actually read a bit of it. There’s a whole chapter on how poetry can be romantic and Albus thinks, why not.

Albus: If you’re just going to laugh I’ll take it back.

Scorpius: No! I love it! Consider me charmed. Completely wooed! No one has ever rhymed Pepper Imps with… shrimps for me before.

Albus: Well I hope I’m the last!

Scorpius: Ha! Yeeeah… me too : /

Every Valentine’s Day Grell gets a shit ton of little embarrassing, corny gifts like singing hearts, balloons, poetry etc for Will. No amount of Will saying this is inappropriate for work and they are not a couple anyways can put a halt to this phenomenon. Even him throwing away the gifts does not discourage Grell. As a result, Will dreads Valentine’s Day and there are a lot of Dispatch members who are genuinely confused about whether Grell & Will are an ‘item’ or not.

I love this girl so much

I don’t want her to die

R76 Valentines Day 3: Soul Mates

got too caught up in all the types of soul mates AUs I could possibly do. Decided to go for something simple; your soul mate always comes back.

Also gross use of OW skins in this. I honestly just wanted an excuse to make Jack kiss Pumpkin Gabe’s jack-o-lantern head lol.

AO3 mirror

Jack unfolded the paper fortune, stared at it for a few seconds, then back up at the display. It was pretty gaudy, all things considered, but he expected nothing less at this point. He’d have probably been disappointed if it was less then completely over the top. Some early trick or treaters were already about even though it wasn’t yet dark out. Little kids with their parents wearing costumes of super heroes, or animals or little monsters. Jack just waited as it grew dark and the lights around the spooky display came up. A fat bowl of candy sat on a low altar at the feet of the scarecrow with a sign that said ‘take one. Have a great night!’

A pair of teenagers came up as the sun was setting. They looked at the scarecrow who had no head and was holding its own jack-o-lantern carved skull under its arm and then at each other, unimpressed. They each grabbed a fistful of candy. “What a stupid scarecrow. Who you think they’re going to scare with that? Babies?” They laughed as they took another fistful of candy.

“The sign says take one,” a voice said and the teenagers yelped in fright as the scarecrow stepped down from its perch onto the low table.

“Ha! Yeah. You sure got us, man,” they laughed it off but Jack could hear their blood pounding.

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Huge forest fires in Portugal kill at least 57 people
Sixty forest fires take hold amid severe heatwave on Iberian peninsula, with many people killed in their cars as they fled
By Sam Jones

Dry thunderstorms and strong winds may be the origin of this calamity. The number of casualties can still go up as many areas are still unreachable and this is an area where many old people live. 

EU has sent help, but the smoke is so dense there’s nothing they can do just yet. Temperatures are around 40C and humidity is at 0%.

It’s not even technically summer yet. Every year it gets worse. We had huge wildfires last year but the number of affected was never this large.

Please keep Portugal in your thoughts.

Memoirs Of a Creepy Brother 1

Just when I finish The Swapfell Script, I have yet another in mind.  I’ll be taking my time with this one since there’s no plot to speak of, but it is something fun to do in the meantime. 

Just a collection of the Skeleton Brothers in different universes being creeps. Most of these were co-conceived by @xladymalice, who continues to assist in shameless inspiration.

Part 1: I Spy With My Little Eye, Something Hot

The Recipe:  Papyrus Classic, Voyeurism, Sansby

AO3 Link

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Darcy Lewis/Matt Murdock || Prompt: "Library" || Thank you so much! <3

For @dresupi​ :)

Originally posted by tana-the-dreamchaser

Darcy had not been paying attention to her surroundings when she collided with the man. In her defense, she had been carrying a pile of books that were blocking her view at the time, and literally couldn’t see if someone was standing in front of her.

It didn’t change the fact that she had run into a stranger and had wound up on the floor, books scattered around her.

She bites back a swear. Not that she’s a particularly polite person (she still blames her uncle’s influence for that. Frank Moses, while Awesome with a big A, never quite got the ‘no swearing around kids’ rule despite Darcy’s mother lecturing him about it regularly), but she’s in a library, where loud exclamations of voice are more than frowned upon and she’s been raised better than that.

“Are you okay?” Someone asks.

She nearly lets out an ‘eep’ as she raises her head to look at the person she bumped into.

Matt freaking Murdock. Aka the TA for her mandatory law class last semester, and the man she has been crushing on since her first class with him.

She really, really shouldn’t be thanking whoever is up there about his blindness, but when it means that he hasn’t seen her make a fool of herself, she can’t help it.

“Yes” She babbles hurriedly, trying to pick up her books. “Sorry about that, books were blocking my view.”

“Darcy Lewis, right?” Matt says, crouching down and feeling around for her books. “You were in the Intro to law class for the Political science section, right?”

He remembers her. Of course he remembers her. By her voice. Just by her voice. Holy TARDIS of Gallifrey. She grabs the remaining books and stands up, mirroring him. He’s holding about half of her initial stack.

“Yes” she squeaks (squeaks! How humiliating. Why does she always have to be ridiculous when confronted with stupidly handsome people?). “Didn’t think you’d remember me, to be honest. It wasn’t really my best class” She grimaces. “Thanks for helping me with the books. Could you just put them on top of the ones I’m carrying?”

“Your questions were always interesting” Matt replies, ignoring the second part as he shifts the books in his arms so that he can use his cane despite them. “Quite insightful. You used to drive Professor Emmerson crazy. Where do you need to put these?”

“Emmerson was crazy to begin with!” Darcy protests, because really, he was. The good kind of crazy, granted, but he was the stereotype of the Academic who would rather be buried in books than teaching. He had once shown up in his pajamas and bathrobe, and hadn’t noticed until a student had pointed it out. “And I need to bring these back to the return desk.”

“I thought you were doing political sciences?” the unfairly handsome TA asks, starting to walk towards said desk… without relinquishing said books, the gentlemanly little shit. “Why would you need to return books to Law Library?”

“This is what happens when your roommate is doing law and has studied herself into exhaustion working on her dissertation. She’s half-unconscious in our room, and these books needs to be returned today or she’ll get a disgustingly high fine. And you don’t have to help me, I would have managed by myself you know.”

Matt grimaces in sympathy.

“My condolences. Though, fair warning, it gets worse every year.” Then he smiles, somewhat shyly. “I don’t mind, really. After all, it gives me an excuse to see you again.”

That gets a startled laugh out of her.

“Smooth, Murdock, really smooth.” She grins as she drops the books on the desk.

“Did it work at least?” He retorts, carefully putting his stack next to hers.

“Buy me coffee first, Murdock and we’ll see.”

Nintendo Just Can’t Win

So the Nintendo Switch is fast approaching being a week old and it’s already breaking ground. It outsold all previous Nintendo consoles at launch in two days, Breath of the Wild is amazing based on both critical response and general world of mouth, and on the whole the Switch has thus far proven that Nintendo won’t be abandoning console gaming and becoming a mobile developer like their investors and shareholders want anytime soon.

But I’m not going to talk about that. I mean, I’ll give a more in-depth look at the Switch itself once I get one, but for the moment I want to talk about something else. So it’s no secret that shouting doom and gloom for Nintendo is something that all the ‘cool kids’ do. Now the company is far from perfect and has made its’ share of mistakes, so I don’t begrudge these people when Nintendo genuinely fucks up. The problem is that this still happens even when Nintendo does something good.

Seriously, it seems like for every one person who praises Nintendo, there’s 50 uptight nitpicky asshole straw-graspers that focus exclusively on the flaws of something while also blowing them way out of proportion to make them look like bigger problems than they actually are. Case in point, when the first Bayonetta game failed to make back what it cost no publisher wanted anything to do with it, but Platinum still wanted to make a sequel. Nintendo stepped in and said that they’d front the money if Bayonetta 2 would be a Wii U exclusive. Does Nintendo get credit for saving a potential franchise from vaporware? No, instead everybody loses their shit and goes on a year-long bitchfest about how Nintendo stole the game from Sony and Microsoft even though the game wasn’t theirs in the first place and both companies wanted nothing to do with.

And that’s not an isolated incident. This shit happens all the time.

So Skyward Sword is a great game, isn’t it? It looks like a painting come to life, the characters are great, the writing is excellent, the villain is a ton of fun, the gameplay is immersive, and it has a wonderful story that fits organically into the Zelda lore and mythos with an ending that’s both heartbreaking and uplifting at the same time. Good luck finding anyone to talk to about that, because all anyone wants to do is piss and moan about how it’s the worst game ever because Egoraptor didn’t like it.

Hey look, the Nintendo Wii revolutionized technology and broke down the wall between casual and hardcore gaming and taking a step toward ending the tired stereotype of gamers being deadbeat losers who still live with their parents. Who cares, bitch about how it doesn’t play DVDs and let Sony and Microsoft build that wall right back.

Super Mario Galaxy is a great game; everybody whines about Nintendo using their IPs too much (because NO other publisher does that, right?) Hyrule Warriors was a ton of fun; rant and rave about there being no online multiplayer. Oh hey, Other M was a C+ game at best; everybody act like its’ the end of the fucking world and rant incessantly on how NIntendo ruined the personality of a character who previously didn’t even talk!

And that brings us to the Switch, and while some people have drawn ire for multiple things the top of that list is how the console is ‘under powered.’

Originally posted by gameraboy

Right, because specs and graphics are all that matter, right? There’s no way in hell a system can be successful if their processing power and graphics don’t match up to those of their competition-

Let me try and be crystal fucking clear. Power does not matter. Specs do no matter. What does matter is if the game is good. We’ve seen time and time again underpowered gaming consoles crush their more powerful competitors time and time again. The NES held its’ own against the Genesis for years before the Super Nintendo was a thing, the original Playstation ruled the late 90′s despite the fact that it couldn’t hold a candle to the Nintendo 64′s power, the Playstation 2 DOMINATED the more powerful Dreamcast, Gamecube, and original XBOX, the Wii decimated the bigger and stronger XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, and the 3DS rolled the more powerful Vita into a fattie and smoked it.

Look, gaming today is rife with problems (race and gender representation and lack thereof, homogenized game design, E3 becoming more like the Oscars in that it’s less about celebrating important entries in the medium and more about crass corporate self-congratulatory back slapping, draconian DRM, the list goes on and on) and one of the biggest problems is the industry’s obsession with power. This best-specs arms race is choking the life out of gaming. We’ve seen dozens of companies go under because they poured such obscene amounts of money into a game to have the shiniest graphics that one single game had to sell five MILLION copies just to make back what it cost, all the while ignoring the fact that these games with big shiny graphics are consistently outsold by games like Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and fucking Undertale. And it just gets worse every year! Now both the Xbone and the PisS4 are getting upgrades for compatibility with 4K TVs when hardly anybody owns a 4K TV! Did they learn nothing from HD-DVDs and plasma screens!? Speaking of which…

4K TVs are not worth it! Save your money!

Ugh. Look, I understand if you have problems with Nintendo. The company is far from perfect and yes they absolutely should be held accountable for their mistakes, but for the love of all things good and evil can we all PLEASE just fucking stop with the whole “NINTENDO IS DOOMED! DOOOOOOOOMED!!!” crap? People have been saying that shit since the SNES Mortal Kombat needed a code for the blood and every console generation those people have been proven wrong. You know when you can start saying Nintendo is doomed? When they fire half of their employees because they can’t afford to pay them and the company’s focus veers away from games ala Konami. THEN you can say Nintendo is doomed.


Just a 100 miles from the White House, Tangier Island is disappearing into the sea

On Virginia’s Tangier Island, about 100 miles and a ferry ride from Washington, the waters of the Chesapeake Bay are edging dangerously close to William Eskridge’s house.

Eskridge’s family has lived here for the last 200 years. But perhaps not for much longer. The island is under threat from rapid erosion that is being accelerated by rising water scientists believe to be caused by climate change.

At least a hundred feet of land have recently eroded, the fisherman says.

“And it just seems like it’s getting worse every year. I’m kind of fearful what it’s going to be down the road…

Read the rest of the story by AFP and see the photos on Yahoo News.

Photography by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

That time I got pushed out of a job.

(warning: long story)

A few years ago i got hired at a big company, let’s call it company X. Up until then i had only been a research scientist working in microbiology but i needed more money so i took the job as a technical sales rep. I was hired to do sales and technical support for scientific research reagents. Thing is i was hired to do sales for government and governmental institutions. The job was ok, i interacted with a lot of the country’s leading scientists and built a reasonable network and some cool friendships. The county had been in crisis for a long time and getting worse every year, and my sales were becoming more difficult because the government wasn’t providing public universities for adequate (or any) money allocations to keep science programs and faculties stocked, and as the economy crumbled further, the government’s institutional labs from various sectors also started having serious problems and almost everybody switched to Indian or Chinese chemicals which were a lot cheaper than mine.

As the months passed, i was only able to get a few big contracts and sales (even though i managed to pull a few feats that got me commended as no other sales reps had been able to do what i pulled off). And yet I got yelled at a lot for not meeting my objectives. My manager was a complete tool 100% of the time.

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