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so yall really think it’s ok that haechan gets called fat and ugly on national tv just because jisung is young and a boy? is ok that haechan gets conscious of his weight just because he is young and a boy? is ok that he gets shamed on his weight and appearance because he is young and a boy?
it’s not
for the people defending jisung and using the “he is young and boy” excuse: i know some boys do those things as a joke but that doesnt make it any way less harmful or acceptable, is just normalized because “that’s how boys are” but it shouldn’t be that way and there is a lot of young people who know that so jisung’s age shouldn’t be an excuse for his actions. im not gonna stay quiet when haechan gets mocked on his appearance and none of you, if you love him, should either

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Could you do headcanons for a super sweet, innocent crush of Lucio, Junkrat, and Hanzo who does a lot of physical platonic displays of affection with practically everyone but they really do like the boys back, it's just hard to tell with them?


Lucio may really like you, but your affections go completely over his head. You’re friends so he was already expecting plenty forms of platonic affection because he’s the same way. The two of you cuddle and hold hands a lot so everyone was super confused when you said you were just friends, like, you guys are basically a couple, quiet playing,


He just loves the attention, no matter who gives it to him and is more than happy to return some of those affections in his own way. To everyone else it was already completely obvious that the two of you like each other. Everyone is making bets about who is going to confess first. S76 would just wish you two would just stop beating around the bush and fuck already. Jeez.


Any form of affection, platonic or not, always leaves this man flustered but it was easier to ignore most of your affections because it was something you did for everyone. Though it did make him slightly jealous that you were so open with your displays of affection he always tells himself that you are only doing it because you are his comrade. You’re not blushing because you like him back, it’s just really hot out today. He is in denial to even think you like him back, help him. Save him from his doubts.

I’ve been in sort of a weird mood where I’m sorta stressed out and paranoid for pretty much no reason?? (。ŏ﹏ŏ) if my brain doesn’t stop acting up by tomorrow I might take a break from answering asks for a day or two maybe, idk

The bad thing about playmoss “cataloging” top listeners is that is clearly shows everyone that I listen to my own mixes constantly, more than anyone on the planet. while i write, every day. sometimes other people mixes but mostly mine. I must now own that. I am my own biggest fan and that’s. ok. probably. 

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yeah i’m gettin real tired of everyone’s negativity and cynicism about the game


Like I get it. It won’t meet everyone’s expectations, and hell it’s NOT going to be perfect. I would love somebody to raise me a game that gets EVERY SINGLE THING RIGHT. From the animations, to the story, to the representation, to combat. Find me a single game that has not a single flaw.

But I have never seen a fandom so hypercritical over the smallest details the way they are with Andromeda. Never. If they really think Bioware spent 5 years with the complete intention of making a horrific game, maybe they should go apply for a job there and fix it tbh.

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I freaking love you. You're just so amazing and awesome! And your story are fantastic! Like, how are you so perfect with your cosplay and writings? Like, how? Smile, cuz you're better than perfect!

Thank you lovely <3 I really needed this right now haha. Trin is running low on spoons.
I’m not perfect at all, I just try my bestest and do what I think is fun. But I’m really touched that you, in fact quite a bunch of you lovely followers, enjoy my writing. I’m just a maladaptive daydreamer with a pen, but at least I can make y’all nerds happy with it heh ^-^

I promise I’ll try to smile! Thank you so much

so PayPal fucked me today and charged me for a thing that had supposedly been paid for two months ago. Idk where that money went but I basically just lost all the donations I’d gotten from my amazing friends up to this point, and I feel like right shit.

I’m starting TAZ in the hopes that I’ll get hooked and it’ll give me something to use as a distraction for the foreseeable future.

Idk how but I’m gunna make this work