gets the party started

I watched as an Aquarius fell to her knees and begged for someone else to come back into her life. Seeing this side of her is something new to me. She always had her head and shoulders up and carried herself proudly, and “No” was not part of her vocabulary. She was known to be strong and proud, but to see her walls break it’s just a mess.

I got a call from an Aries asking to get picked up at a party. Watched her as she got in and started to ramble on about her night. Her boyfriend cheated on her and she laughed it off and told me it was his lost. A couple minutes in the ride; she stared out of the window and started to cry. “What’s wrong with me..” she turned and asked me with tears streaming down her face.

A Cancer invited me out for dinner and I arrived at the spot. She eagerly ran to me and jumped into my arms, she hugged me so tightly and then slowly let go and led me to the dinner table. We laughed and joked for hours. She was so vibrant and she cling to every word I’ve said the whole night. She didn’t want the night to be over. I told her I was heading back to watch some movies on Netflix. She invited herself over.

A Capricorn gently placed her hand in mine. A small smile on her face and our eyes met. The train’s sound went away and the crowds felt nonexistent. She slowly leaned her head on my shoulder and pulled herself closer to me. She was gentle and she was calm.

A Gemini called me asking for advice: “The only problem is that I am free. I don’t feel like I’m being smothered by these feelings, and I have no time for this. How can I even deal with this?” She asked and asked, and the more she asked the more she realized her answer. She doesn’t want to feel too pressured, no restraints like the wind.

A Leo placed her hands on my cheeks and and looked me in the eyes: “You did this to yourself. You lost me because you can’t do one simple thing, and that was for you to not like pictures other than mine.” She had a stern look on her face and she slowly push my face away and left me, standing. She turned back and had this smile on her face. “You lost someone who was willing to do everything in her power for you..” and never came back.

A Libra held the bouqet of flowers I sent her and she smiled like so happily, like a child getting their favorite gift on Christmas. She was so giddy and she was so happy, that she kissed me passionately and stared back at the flowers at awe.

A Pisces came into my life and drowned me with such passion and romance. Everything felt like a fairytale. She dreamt of things that were so unreal, but to her, she was going to make it all come true.

A Sagittarius never left my side when I was going through a tough time. She was always there when you least expect it, and that was her way of showing how much she cared for me. She was always saying these smart things which were true, but I was too stubborn to listen to her; yet she continues to preach and demand that I start something new for myself.

A Scorpio was on the phone with me a couple nights back spilling some hard problems to swallow. She loved this man. She was torn, she was lost. She has never felt like this for anyone before and she was scared. I’ve known her for years and to see her scared was something new.

A Taurus dragged me all around the downtown. We went to the mall, an abandoned building, a beautiful house, a music store, a sex shop and last a diner downtown. She finally explained as to why she brought me along with her and why she felt the need to show me. These were the places she finds herself in and who she is and each one she based it off as her as a whole. She laughed and told me how silly it was of her to do so, and I told her she was amazing for that. She blushed and asked if I was being serious. I was. She expects me to show her reflections of me around the city.

A Virgo sat me with on the couch and we talked for hours and hours to no end. We laughed and smoked, and drank coffee. She slowly shifted herself to me and she kissed me, softly. I watched her and she smiled. She said, “Look at me. Do you see what you’re doing to me. I have never felt this way before and you coming into my life means a lot to me.. I hope you will never change because I won’t. Let’s continue to grow as one, and please, don’t you ever leave me..“

—  Happenings

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friends with benefits that turns into love with RFA + V and Saeran

please excuse the length of all of these omg i got carried away. also, i focused more on the emotional side of it instead of the nsfw parts because i wanted to emphasize how it turns into love.


  • mc visited jumin because he was going through a difficult time with glam choi and his father
  • they were purely platonic, mc simply wanted to help jumin!!
  • but after the rfa party jumin’s gazes at mc started getting longer and he was a lot more relaxed with mc and so gentle
  • and one day when mc was visiting jumin on their day off
  • it happened on the sofa while jumin was relaxing over some wine and mc had their head in his lap, mc talking about their day while jumin absentmindedly stroked at their hair
  • and it just… happened 
  • he tasted like wine and smelled like expensive cologne and clothes came off and it happened on the sofa
  • afterwards mc knew very well that having this get around wouldn’t do either of them very good especially since he was an public figure with a reputation to uphold and as far as anyone was concerned, he was one of the hottest eligible bachelors around… it kept happening but it wasn’t ever official
  • so jumin and mc came to that conclusion and things were slightly tense for a little but jumin started getting a little possessive
  • he didn’t like it when mc hung out with zen or when mc seemed flattery or slightly flirty to other members in the rfa, started inviting them to business trips more solely to whisk them off
  • and when mc retaliates against this and doesn’t understand his feelings mc reminds him that they’re not in a relationship
  • jumin says it and it’s subtle but mc knows very well this speaks volumes, “i don’t want your relationship with zen to advance. it would be detrimental to you both.” and mc knows jumin doesn’t actually care about zen’s career when he said that
  • after a break though jumin does confess finally bout time


  • yoosung and mc were trashed once and kissed at a party
  • afterwards the next day they were too hung up on their hangover to recall what actually happened that night
  • until yoosung’s friends assumed they were dating now since they kissed
  • and it is a memory that creates a canyon of tension between the two that can be palpable 
  • but once yoosung and mc start hanging out with them it’s still there and one day they just end up making out again and yoosung freaks out but he gets calmed down easily and when clothes come off he’s still kinda jumpy
  • it’s slightly awkward bumpy clumsy sex but regardless it was enjoyable and afterwards yoosung relaxes a lot and somehow they get closer 
  • it’s now become a thing that happens when either of them are stressed and easily yoosung can slip into those modes without getting red faced, probably because he trusts mc so much
  • but yoosung starts liking mc and it starts getting weird because he’s a lot more attached and wants to hang out more and go out for lunches a lot 
  • he doesn’t even realize it until after a night out with zen, zen points it out to him and he loses his shit
  • probably also gets trashed and zen has to carry the poor boy home because he is d e a d
  • finally!!! aware of his feelings!! and starts being proactive in making mc his by buying them flowers and stuff but if mc is especially dense about it it’ll eventually just pop out in the dumbest and cutest way ever and probably has assked seven how to do so 
  • seven’s plan was too grand so yoosung just spit it out
  • “mc!!! go out with me!!” he wasn’t even his red while mc took his virginity smh jsdhgjdsjs boi


  • mc and zen are best friends!! everyone in the rfa sees their selfies together and they’re such a brotp
  • multiple tabloids mistake zen and mc as lovers but all they do is hang out all the time, that’s what best friends do right???
  • they even get teased by the rfa members a lot about this but zen and mc deny this vehemently
  • even though there has been weird tension since paparazzi began bringing it up
  • one day zen picks up this new role with a very, very famous actor and he plays the son of theirs so he has expectations to meet
  • and so he asks mc to practice with him, they run over lines so many times for the same scene until mc whines about wanting to try a different one
  • and zen is extremely hesitant and just brushes over the request. what gives?
  • later mc is looking through the script (which, only has his parts printed and figures out why… theres a kissing scene!!!
  • the next day zen calls mc over to hang out since he isn’t rehearsing or performing today (this happens once ever 10 years)
  • and of course he can’t help but run over the lines again and then in the heat of the moment he kissed mc
  • and when that happened it just kept going and eventually clothes came off 
  • this started becoming a thing between them, and it happened now whenever zen or mc had free time or were stressed and it was working out beautifully
  • until he said that he loved mc one time and mc was so shocked and didn’t know how to respond they just left
  • it took a while but they had some time apart to sort their shit out and zen kept calling other rfa members drunk trying to apologize until mc finally confronted it 
  • talking about their feelings for each other was hard and they weren’t super “official” but they did end up together


  • jaehee was married to her job
  • but mc couldn’t help it, she was so beautiful and mc found themselves dropping by for her lunch breaks and visiting her home after hours
  • her lips were so pink and her skin was so soft and her short hair was so beautiful she was so beautiful 
  • and one day jaehee and mc kissed and they didn’t do anymore 
  • it was slightly awkward but they both agreed that they just… disregard it?
  • it was hard to and they kissed again
  • and again, and again, and again and eventually it became a lot more than just kissing
  • casual sex, jaehee considered it between two close friends and it kinda hurt 
  • jaehee looked as if she was completely disregarding mc’s feelings and it was so obvious… who else would stick up for jaehee to jumin in front of people?
  • and eventually it just kind of became too much and mc needed a little while to get it together
  • jaehee wasn’t disregarding mc’s feelings but jaehee had a responsibility that was 25/8 and it wasn’t possibly for jaehee to worry about things like that
  • but when mc stopped coming around as much jaehee had a lot of time to think within her small thirty minute lunch breaks 
  • there was tension on the phone when jaehee called mc after work trying to explain how she felt, and jaehee stuttered and mumbled her way through it
  • thank god mc could fill in the blanks 
  • it took a while but eventually jaehee adjusted to the whole idea of dating a girl
  • but still calls mc a “very important friend” like COME ON THEY’VE EATEN U OUT...


  • mc stayed with seven after mint eye because he was so traumatized as they were on the hunt for saeran and vanderwood
  • the two had been friends, it had been seemingly nothing but platonic friendship at that point but he was so cold 
  • he hardly spoke to mc and treated mc like a burden, always constantly doing work
  •  but one day mc walked into him getting out of the shower of their motel room
  • and him, rapidly pulling a towel around his waist angrily slammed a hand against the wall
  • he wanted mc away, he was too dangerous, he was too much for mc to handle and it’s not like he’d ever have a normal life anyways, that wasn’t possible for people like him
  • but mc kissed him and he was done for, he couldn’t quite hold his ongoing affections for mc much longer and he had practically ripped the clothes off of mc
  • the next day he instantly becomes colder, and that didn’t even seem possible before
  • when mc brings it up he gets angry saying that it was a lapse of judgement, and that he was just lonely and it should have never happened
  • he was burying himself into his feelings further and went as far as to say that mc meant nothing to him and that he’d be sending mc back and moving away once it was all over
  • saeyoung is so hellbent on pushing mc away and it hurts, the car rides are wordless and so are the long sleepless nights and everything just seems painful
  • another night tossing and turning in bed and mc tries again to reach out but seven snaps again, now unsurprisingly to mc 
  • this time he just doesn’t stop until he manages to make mc burst into tears and now he knows he’s crossed a boundary 
  • he’s quiet at first and becomes extremely apologetic after, and it takes sobs from mc for him to finally admit his feelings
  • it’s slow but he begins to accept his feelings towards mc even though it’s not all the way there he’ll get there eventually


  • v and mc weren’t super close but they easily bonded over photography and nature
  • v shot landscape and with his faltering vision it got really hard, he was almost legally blind by now so it was good that mc tagged along to help him with finding things to shoot
  • he seemed more and more sad every single time they came around to going to do nature shots together
  • mc wondered if it was because they weren’t good company and that was probably it, but one day while at v’s place v finally let mc in on what was frustrating him so damn much
  • he was going blind but never seemed too burdened by it. he was going blind, and that would mark the official end of his photography career. the money, it never mattered, the fame didn’t either, but it was his
  • photography was ingrained in his blood and it had been his hobby since he could even hold a camera
  • photography was purely visual, you couldn’t taste it or feel it and it was v’s only outlet and now it was being robbed from him and it was so fucking unfair 
  • and so he began to cry and mc tried to console him but his tears were as silent as his words after he explained
  • mc kissed him and surprisingly v kissed back and he didn’t stop and it eventually lead to sex
  • this then began to be a regular thing, especially after going exploring in nature and definitely when they camped out for the night in the forest so v could get his long exposure shots
  • and eventually, they simply melded their way into a couple. v had little to no objections to accepting his feelings for mc when mc finally became vocal about what their relationship was
  • needless to say by then, he would follow mc to the end of the earth and fall off if it was asked of.


  • saeyoung and saeran were a package
  • so wheneer mc came over to play LOLOL with yoosung and saeyoung (especially because saeyoung had a far better graphics card) mc would always catch saeran’s gaze burning into their back
  • mc kind of disregarded it at first but one day saeyoung left mc at home with saeran while he went to buy snacks 
  • and saeran slowly sauntered over to mc on the sofa and then
  • he just sat down next to mc and didn’t say a word. not a single word. 
  • he was a still statue and he was nervous but he wasn’t showing it for sure
  • he found her so beautiful and so breathtaking it made him angry
  • saeran didn’t know what to do with them? it made him frustrated that he couldn’t understand his own feelings and what was jealousy and what was a crush and what was being in love? he had only known anger for so long and he needed a big catchup on everything else
  • so he finally spoke after debating for ten minutes about if he should’ve said anything or not
  • it was a simple and sweet “hello” and he began to make?? small talk?? honestly he looked so scary mc never approached him first, he was a polar opposite of saeyoung and absolutely unapproachable even with the flock of red hair
  • but mc began being able to talk to saeran more and more often and even would begin to invite out saeran places 
  • needless to say it was kind of awkward and weird at first but he seemed to get a lot more comfortable and looked as if he straining to think of words
  • he didn’t know if he liked mc or not and didn’t know how to go about it so one day he just kissed mc 
  • and mc didn’t break away so he assumed mc felt the same way?? which is shit assumption but he’s not well versed in social cues
  • mc and him were still friends and never really confirmed a friendship but they’d always make out so that was??? the whole relationship was grey
  • and they didn’t exactly have sex per se (i’d like to think saeran wouldn’t really???? just throw himself into sex considering he’s in a new environment where he needs to learn how to act differently and catch up on emotions and wouldnt know how to go about it) but they were makeout friends who kept it platonic 
  • until he got really mad that mc went on a date one day and yelled at mc for it 
  • mc was really fucking confused until saeyoung had to come in and mediate (he hasn’t heard the end of saeran’s yelling about mc going on a date. he had to. he hasn’t slept in years solely because of saeran’s yelling.) and came to the conclusion that saeran had a crush on mc and didn’t know how to deal with it
  • so mc sealed the deal and made the move, asking saeran out on an official date and explaining why he felt that way
  • everything (somewhat) fell into place afterwards

The Lazy Dance takes place on Stephanie’s half-birthday, and when asked how she wants to celebrate, she says that she wants to have a dance party. So everyone gets together in town square and starts to practice their dance moves, when Sportacus shows up. He gets invited to Stephanie’s half-birthday party, but when she tells him that it’s a dance party, he gets really nervous because he doesn’t know how to dance. He tells the kids this, but they don’t believe him because he’s a superhero, and there’s nothing that a superhero can’t do. When the kids leave, he does a little out loud exposition to himself that Robbie overhears. Then Robbie dresses up as a dance instructor who offers to teach Sportacus how to dance. But he teaches him these really, really awful dance moves so that he looks stupid at the party so everyone will lose respect for him. The song is We’re Dancing. When Sportacus gets to the party, he performs the dumb dance moves, but the kids teach him some their own dance moves so that he doesn’t look like a complete fool, and their innocence once again trumps Robbie’s evil plans.

this would’ve been HILARIOUS??


Hey, whatever works, right? 

so after like a million years of dancing around their feelings phoenix and edgeworth are Finally dating, and phoenix, who we all know is a cheesy motherfucker, decides to surprise edgeworth with some kind of Grand Romantic Gesture

he manages to fluster edgeworth so badly that he backpedals out of the room, into his office, and sits down at his desk, holding his chest

maya, ever the opportunist/fucking memer, comes into his office and puts a file folder labeled “autopsy report” on his desk

Let's Get this Party Started

(Our party was out drinking on the town and the warlock in our party was not only determined to get our ranger to dance, but to have her experience her first night of true, honest-to-gods drinking. Our ranger, who really only drank water or milk for her entire life, was resistant.)

Warlock: (to Ranger, handing the Alchemy Jug full of ale that was prestidigitated to taste like mead) You should drink this.

Ranger: (suspicious) What is it?

Paladin Bard: It’s good.

Ranger: I don’t drink.

Warlock: It’s delicious.

Ranger: I don’t drink.

DM (as NPC): Wait, what is it? (reaches out, grabs it, and sniffs it)

Ranger: I don’t drink.

DM (as NPC): (after sampling) Oh, that IS good!

Ranger: (curious) What is it?

DM (as NPC): Uh, good.

Paladin Bard: Try it, you’ll like it.

Ranger: (sighs) Alright, I’ll give it a try.

DM: Alright, roll a CON save.

Ranger: 18!

DM: It burns on its way down but once it makes it down, it’s kinda…nice!

Warlock: It’s nice, right?

Ranger: (grins) I want more of those things! The, um…

Paladin Bard: You’ll have to be more specific, dear.

Ranger: The things that look like monstrosities.

DM (as NPC): Minotaurs?

Ranger: No, I don’t want a minotaur. They eat them and that tavern’s named after them–

Paladin Bard: Oh! Shrimp?

Ranger: SHRIMP!

DM (as NPC): (confused) That’s not a minotaur.