gets me so amped up omg

Ok so I saw Get Out and the audience was mostly black people and they were honestly the best audience ever

First off, a couple of girls kept crowing and saying stuff like “ohhh n**** get out!”

Then the guy next to me screamed when uh…something epic happened.

Like no spoilers, but this movie is like the purge.

You get really excited when someone gets some revenge on rich white folk.

People were clapping as some vengeance was happening and then one guy literally started laughing and screamed “YOU TELL EM.”

It was just really funny, everyone was hyped.

My favorite kind of audiences, tbh, I love when they add to the excitement happening in the movie.

guys..i actually did really well!!! some weird old guy tried to trip me up during the q&a but i answered really well and i had a lot of lady profs come up to me afterwards like “omg….u handled that so well. great job!” it was nice…and my prof who went to the conference w me might get me a position in a non-profit after i graduate!!!

   omg heya yall , awkwardly slidin my way in ANyway — my name is ronnie, i use she/her pronouns, i’m in the est , and i’m super excited to get to know all of u & your muses !! so Ya i’m gonna be playing caiden ( kj apa ) & jed ( zayn malik ) , i explained a bit about them down below, just like some major points. but i’ll prob post headcanons l8r or smthg ? ?  idk lmao .. . oH i also set up this plots page HERE filled with random connections and stuff i’ve gathered over time , so take a look if ya feel & let’s pLOT ! ! feel free to mssg me here on tumblr or over on tele ( @glvrious ) if you wanna plot or i’ll contact u idek !

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Omg, the autocorrect kept changing "sw" to saw, sew, so, and I corrected it, like, five times and it still went wrong. It really is funny though

I was like why is this person sending me an ask about how much the film franchise saw excites them

but i agree yes! star wars gets me so amped up i love it so much

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Send me && And I’ll reccomend 3+ blogs!

​ While we’re new to interacting I already love your matt && look forward to plenty more sibling-y interactions !! 

@iliyovunjika I adore seeing your art on my dash! It’s gorgeous! Your interaction with others in the fandom always seem so well thought out && well written, I hope we get the chance to write together!

@fyrelion This may be a surprise to you but it was actually you who inspired me to make this blog! (I saw you in the group && i was watching Voltron at the time && was like omg.) Your Keith is so well portrayed && I really admire you! Keep up the good work!

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Hi! I just wanted to say thank you for making this blog. I've met the most amazing internet best friend on here and we've been talking for a year now, and we plan on meeting very soon! I love your blog so much! ❣

Hi lovely 🎀

Aww omg! This gives me so much motivation for tomorrow, I’m going to be investing a lot of time tomorrow for this blog & the website 🙈
I have some things planned.
I always feel like I repeat myself a lot but you have no idea how much messages like this mean to me, I screenshot pretty much every single message like this and safe it.
I hope you two get to meet up and if you do let me know! I would be so excited with you!

xoxo Giulia

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your threads, every single post I read in my dash, give me so much emotions <3 carry on being the amazing River you are <3 I'm always in aweeee each time I saw a reply :p By the way, I am SO EXCITED for the things we have (I did want turn the lasted ask into a thread because this make me SO PUMPED) & thank you for your patience :D I'm so up for Five/River adventures. Have a good day!

OMG !!! Has anyone told you that you are one of the absolute sweetest human beings to ever exist on the face of this planet? Because, you are!!! I’m continually blown away by your patience ( bc I’m slow af with replies) && your talent!!! I love writing with you && seeing you on the dash as well&& I hope we get the chance to write like 244567 new things in the future. Keep being amazing OK!!!

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Weights and Mesures was one of the best fics I have read istg I read it all in a few hours and I kept yelling at Y/N to pick Yoongi but then Jungkook fucked me up so hard and omg it was the best! Thank you for this blessing seriously :3

Wahhh I get v emo anytime someone talks to me about W&M.

In the original drafts of the story she was going to pick Jungkook 😅

I haven’t listened to Lush in a really long time so I decided to put on Gala and omg… pure shoegaze perfection. Makes me wanna pick up my guitar and plug in all of my pedals but I don’t wanna scare the shit out of my roomies. Gonna buy some good head phones when I get paid so I can plug them in the amp to play.

Congrats on finding the Easter egg Seb!

This race was so intense. When lewis was chasing up to Seb in the last stint my heart was just beating out of my chest and was so worried that Kyvatt & Palmer or wherlein (if I’m not mistaken) will crash and the safety car would bring Lewis closer. I mean I don’t understand why they want to fight when they are not getting any points anyways?

Also that safety car out lap, the battle between Bottas and Seb omg made me so freaking proud of Seb!!

Still think Mercedes is ahead of Ferrari in terms of power and speed. If they both made no mistakes (aka china gp) Mercedes would be in front.

Kimi once again disappointed himself. Always so close to finishing on the podium. I’ve got nothing to say. Because of him I can never be truly happy for the Ferrari win. He’s my fav after all.

aaauuuggghhhhh. finished the thing due at midnight, 20 mins before midnight. ive got things 2 do and i was like… so going to spend more time doing those things tonight, if my tablet hadnt ate shit & if sai didnt decide to fck around…. i mean everything seems fixed now. like, genuinely fixed, fingers crossed that it stays that way. but my rooms a mess & im getting sleepy and im like ugghghghghghghh all these things are piling up, and my prior wacom troubles have me at the end of my stick!! im so bad at dealing w frustration omg

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There’s no coming back for me

I’m dead


OMG CDSHNCKVSDJNKJSDN IM SO HAPPY YOU LOVED IT <3 IT MAKES ME SQUEAL SM WHEN I GET UR NOTIFICATIONS TO UR REACTION LOL <3 I SUCCEEDED :D YES. YES U DID DESERVE IT SHUSH AND TY <3 AND  O   M    G   YES REPLY TO IT !!!!!!!!!!!  I WANT HER REACTION TO IT SO BAD DSFNSDKJFNSKD I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT TBH I NEED IT and yES i esp died w this drabble w both smol curl n smol red :’)) smol curl being so presh by being like erin and constantly wanting axl’s attention :’) help me :’)