gets jealous when sees you with another beast member

Sees you hanging out with a BEAST member too much and gets jealous

DONGWOON: Something was up with him. The way he glares at the both of you whenever you guys hung out. 

“Something wrong, Woonie?” You plopped down next to him.


“Uhh… well, whatcha reading?”

“Hmph.” He blocked your face with the magazine he was holding.

You took it and threw it aside. “Dongwoon! Tell me why you’re acting like this.." 

He folded his arms and didn’t look at you. "Why should I?”

You softened your voice. “Because~ I don’t want to be with such an angry son nam shin..” You hoped your humor would lighten up his mood.

“Ayy, this isn’t funny!”

Guess not. “Fine.” You stood up. “If you don’t want to talk, then fine with me. I have to go anyways. Kikwang’s waiting for me.”

He shot up when he heard Kikwang’s name escaping from your lips. “Give me your phone!”

“Uh… okay?” You hand it to him, confused.

After a few seconds, he handed you your phone back. “There~” And with that, he stormed off to his room and locked the door.

“What…?” You were about to ask him what was going on just when Kikwang texted you back,

‘sorry.. did i do something wrong? :c’

Your eyebrows scrunched up. You checked your recent text messages you sent.

'get away from me! i dont like you. you have stupid musceles!!’

You couldn’t help but laugh like a crazy lady. “Woonieeee!" 


KIKWANG: "What are you talking about?” His answers weren’t clear enough for you to comprehend what he was trying to tell you.

He threw his arms up. “Dongwoon!”

“What about him?” You asked, clueless.

He sighed and facepalmed himself. “Ayyy… why are you so babo?”

“A-are you jealous?” You got up from the couch and pointed at him, grinning wide as a… well, wide as something.

“Kekeke, you are!” You gave him a squishy hug. “That’s sooo cuteee! keke~" 

He tried pushing you off, blushing, but you still had your arms wrapped around him, secured and all.

You looked up and gazed into his eyes. "Kikwang..” You whispered, head burried into his defined chest. “You know that you’re the only one for me~”


You kissed him. “No buts. You’re the only one for me.. so hush.” You gave him a smile. “And besides, no need to get jealous.”

He looked at you. “What?”

You pulled away from the hug, ready to escape. “I bet your just jealous of his mature and godly looks!” And with that, you ran off.



HYUNSEUNG: Lately, he was constantly going through your phone. And to make it worse, he’s been deleting a lot of your text messages. You didn’t want to say anything though, but enough was enough. It was your phone anyway.

“Hyunseung?” You stood in front of him.

“Hmm?” He said, not taking his eyes off of the screen.

You were finally able to take your phone away from him.

“Lately, everytime I turn around, you always have my phone! Oh, and not to mention, why do you keep deleting my important text messages?!”

“Ayyy! Junhyung’s important to you?! What about meee?!”

“Wait… what?” Before you knew it, your boyfriend wrapped his arms around your legs, leaving you in awakard standing position.


You couldn’t help but giggle at how hopless Seungie was acting. “What makes you think that?” You awakardly bend down so that you two were eye-to-eye.

He looked up at you. “The other day, I saw you took a sip from his Coke… he didn’t notice… but when he drank some, a smile grew on his face… AS IF HE DID KNEW YOU DRANK IT TOO!!!!!!!”

“Ayyy, you’re too loud.”

“So? I have the right to be as loud as I want too.” He pouted, causing a cute face.

You giggled once again. “You’re a smart boy, so you should know that nothing’s going to happen between me and Junhyung. We’re just very close, that’s all. I’m sorry I got you all upset..” You kissed his forehead.

“You should be~” He smiled, satsified that you will always be his forever.


JUNHYUNG: Usually, he was always the one who cleaned up after everyone. But lately, he stopped doing so.

“Ughh, JUNNIE! I TOLD YOU TO STOP LEAVING YOUR UNDIES ON TOP OF THE LAMPPPP!” You sighed, having to pick it up once again. “It’s grossss”

“Good.” He said as he walked into the living room with a Coke in his hands.

“You better not leave that hanging around after you’re done with it.” You pointed to the can.

“Yeah, yeah~” He took the remote and turned on the tv.

You had enough of how your boyfriend was treating you. So you just broke down and started crying.

He was quite suprised by your actions. “Jagiyaaa….?”

“What did I do w-wrong?” You said inbetween your sniffs.

He came over and sat down next to you. “Nothing…” Clearly, he had no idea what to do to calm you down.

“Then why am I being treated this way?!” You wanted to slap him, to wake him up from his cruelty. But of course, you had no guts to do so.

“Aishh.. calm down…” He held your hands. “It’s just that…” He scratched his head.

You wiped away your tears. “W-what?”

“You.. you and Hyunseung..” He looked into your eyes. “Will you stop hanging around with him so much? You barely make any time for me now..” He scratched his head again.

“Is that all?” Oh god, really? You couldn’t help but smile a bit. “You’re not jealous, are you?”                    

He jerked his head up. “Wha? Uh.. no.. It’s not that… it’s just that… um, you see…”

Your smile grew even bigger. “You are..” You whispered to him.

He sighed, giving up looking for excuses. “Yeahh.. I am.. I didn’t want to show it caus-”

You interrupted him. “You made me cry for this? Junnie, my heart belongs to you…” You looked at what he was holding onto this whole time. “Just like that Coke..”

He smiled, chuckling a bit. “Sorry..” He set the can aside, leaned in, and kissed you.


YOSEOB: As usual, Yoseob came home, put away his shoes, grabbed a plate of your cooking, and locked himself up in his room.

You sighed, tired of having to see the same old routine happening everyday. You got up and knocked on his door.

“Seobie? What’s going on? Please talk to me….” You placed your head against the door, hoping he would respond.

“I don’t want too.”

“But I want too…” You whispered, almost whimpering actually.

He opened the door and what seemed like a miracle, you didn’t fell flat on your face, instead, your butt.

“We can talk,” He said, “but only if you stand right there.” He walked over to his bed, sat down, and faced the other way.

“Umm… did something happened at practice today?”

He gave you a straight out “no”.



“Bad reviews?”


You sighed. “I can’t talk to you if you’re going to act like this Yoseob… I miss the old you..”

He turned around. “You should! You’re so caught up in what Doojoon’s doing that you totally forgot about me!”

You slowly walked over to him. “I’m sorry if you think that… But really, it’s not like that at all….”

“Then what is it?” He let out a huge sigh. “You could just leave me for him if you want too…”

You finally got close enough. But you didn’t know if you should sit down with him or not. So you just stood there. “Wha? I would never ever ever ever leave you Yoseob.” You whispered. “I really love you, you know? It hurts to hear that from you..”

You were about to cry when he pulled you onto his lap. “I’m sorry,” He whispered, “it’s just that I don’t want to lose you.”

You smiled. “That’s never going to happen. And you know that Seobie~”

He lightly kissed you on the cheek and breathed into your neck. “I know..”

“You’re too cute for me to leave you anyway.” You softly giggled into his ears.

He looked up at you with those big baby eyes of his. “Oh please, you’re the cute one.” He gently planted a kiss on your lips leaving you speechless. As always.

You smiled again, relieved that the old Seobie was back.


DOOJOON: “HEEEEY!” He shouted across the room.

“WHAT” You shouted back. You were doing the dishes and his yelling didn’t make you feel any happier.

“What’s this?!” He came up to you with a photo in his hands.

“Oh!” You said, laughing. “Haha, me and Yoseob went to the amusement park yesterday and we took a bunch of pictures. He’s still getting the others developed though.” You smiled. “Why?”

“How come I wasn’t invited? Huh?” He glared at you.

You added more soap to the sponge. “Psh, please Doojoon, we did. But you kept telling us to shut up and go bother someone else.”

“Ahhh! Whaaa? I didn’t say that!”

You continued scrubing the dirty plates. “Yes you did.”

“Aishh, when then?”

“I dunno~ I think you were writing something… eh, not sure..” You shrugged your shoulders.

His eyes widened a bit. “Lyrics!” He shouted, “I was writing lyrics to a song! Of course I told you guys to shut up! I was busyyyy!”

You dried your hands, finally finished with the dishes. “Oh well, we’ll all go next time.” You gave him a kiss and walked over to the refrigerator, looking for something to drink.

“Next time? Ayyy, I wanted to go yesterday! I really did!!” He followed you.

You sighed, “I told you to buy more soymilk!”

“Jagiyaaaaa~” He tugged your shirt.

You rolled your eyes, “Look Joonie, I don’t have a time machine to travel back to yesterday and drag your butt to the amusement park. Next time, okay? Please, I’m very tired.”

“Fine,” He said, “but not with Yoseob.” He folded his arms.

“How come?” You wondered. “What’s wrong with him?”

“Becauseee~ you’re just going to pay attention to him most of the time..” He held both of your hands. “And I’m going to be very lonely.”

You gigged. “Well, somebody’s jealous~ keke, is that why you’re angry?”

“Ayy, nooo!" 

You kissed him on his forehead. "No need to get all jealous, okay? keke, I have you~” You gave him a kiss again. But this time, it was on his nose.

“I’m going to take a nap now. So keep it down, okay?” You headed to the bedroom.

“Who said I was jealous?! Aiiishhh, jagiya, come back here!”


I had a fun time writing this ^^ lol but if you notice, i did these pairings, Kiwoon, Junseung, and Dooseob xD can you see? :3