gets injured a lot

If you want to have an interactive pet who tolerates lots of handling (every day/other day/2 days), a reptile is not for you.

You shouldn’t force a reptile to be interactive. You shouldn’t pretend a reptile is acting the way you want it to (anthropomorphism is bad). 

If you aren’t comfortable with a more hands-off approach to keeping reptiles, then reptiles are not for you.

If you cannot appreciate a reptile for being a reptile, then it is not the pet for you.

That being said, there are interactive reptiles but many of them are high maintenance and/or have husbandry requirements that are difficult to achieve (especially if you want them to thrive).

How I see kpop groups new version

Exo: shimmie shimmie kokobop; high af mv; every other song on the album is a bop; i have no idea how this album/mv has a connection to the war; awful hairstyles; too many vibrant colors; what’s going on with lay; still not enough sehun lines

Bts: not today happened; love yourself is happening; seriously who can keep up with all those insane theories; every western artist want to collaborate with them; gyeonwo chong jojun balsa; still waiting for them jin lines and screentime; let jhope hold another v live without asking for other members

Ikon: alright since my earlier post ikon and winner totally switched positions; ikon where? somewhere in the basement; give them proper promotion; no more badass hiphop comebacks pls; i miss the team b era; i feel like all their predebut tracks were better; b-day is alright; btw what the hell are these new stage names; EVERYONE I LOVE IKON DON’T HATE ME

Got7: all their songs feel like a mess musically; give them songs that showcase their talents; something like the latest jj project release; bitch we had to wait 5 years for that jjp masterpiece; i honestly like trilogies but not got7’s; why y’all think jackson’s gonna leave got7; hard carry by monsta x is still hilarious

Winner: so yg rememberd they exist; i absolutely love their newer side (really really, island); thank you for not having a summer ballad; have you people realized what a gem jinwoo’s voice is; happy for namtae for his new band; sorry for namtae for struggling with mental illness; leave the boy alone don’t hate him for no reason; dude is really really an artist

Day6: thank you for spoiling us with good music every month; although i prefer their debut era, i think this is their true sound; but songs sound a bit same; still underappreciated; miss their buskings; thought jae is gonna take a longer twitter hiatus but gladly no; miss his hashtags; stop bullying wonpil 2k17; still no lines for dowoon

Astro: baby was not my style; but eunwoo is still a living god; stop growing sanha 2k17; still waiting for a more mature concept; mature, not sexy, no need to reveal anything; although they did it already

Seventeen: maaan their al1 album once again is a masterpiece; so mature; love the hiphop units new sound; the choreo dang; did you pay attention to joshua’s part? that dance is wow; minimal rap i like it; wainting for european dates within their world tour; hoshi rocked the orange hair; and woozi the red; too much hair damage

Vixx: they are one of my bias groups but not gonna lie, i hate shangri la; although a unique concept; use airconditioners or fans or whatever when they’re performing, no more fainting pls; but the lr comeback is here; such a 180 turn from beautiful liar; aesthetic mv; listen to beautiful night(?) it’s amazing; lr is amazing

Shinee: nothing new for them; thought they were one of the few groups without scandals; guess what i was wrong; take care onew; they need a comeback asap

Infinite: nothing since last october; hoya pls sign that contract ir i’m gonna flip tables; infinite with a unique sound and choreography; the choreo needs hoya; don’t want them to enter military, no, not yet; pls have an ot7 comeback

Monsta x: beautiful happened, shine forever happened BUT WHERE IN DAFUQ IS THEIR FIRST WIN????; a lipton commercial summer bop happened; tho i have no idea what does the title have to do with the song; from zero happened, i NEED a studio version; hyungwonho happened; monsta x in hungary didn’t happen; monsta x ray is happening, throw an oscar at them for that drama; i need more hyungwon and siwoo; starship why releasing that dating statement when noone knew anything; let them rest; hyungwon is officially a viral meme; mosta x still happens, hyungKwon also happens

Bigbang: gd’s solo is perfect; another scandal and shit; military service; that’s it

B.A.P: the cover of their latest japanese album is gorgeous; what are those awful hairstyles once again; i was too scared to check out yongguk’s solo; b.a.p in hungary happened; i wasn’t there; i love daehyun’s voice; hope zelo is not growing anymore

Block B: i’m not sure what’s up with them; but block b in hungary happened; without po; and i wasn’t there; miss their older stuff; i want more bastarz; still perverts; still business partners

NCT: not sure where nct 127 is going; cherry bomb was awful, a real mess; if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands is still stuck in my head; wardrobe and hairstyle were better this time; i love nct dream; the chorus from we young is so familiar; sounds like the theme song in the pc game insaniquarium; miss jaemin; where’s nct u; and hansol; give love to doyoung; let mark rest for god’s sake

Pentagon: critical beauty was so weird yet visually satisfying; but this album was my least favourite from them;  that wooseok and e’dawn pairing tho; missed yanan; why is there that right before promotions a member is getting injured; triple h happend for good; e'dawn is hot with a lot of tattos; never and energetic are bops; thank you hui

Btob: still so weird; everyone going solo; ballads are in the past bops are back; movie was not my style

Highlight: yaaay they have a new name; i legit thought it’d be bea5t; rookies yet swiping up them music show trophies; sometimes people still call them beast; i was hoping the fandom name was gonna be highlighters

Super Junior: i was anticipating their autumn comeback; but no sungmin; thank you k-„fans”; i’m so happy d&e are back from the military; please love the china line

Nu’est: my babies they are finally getting the spotlight they deserved since their debut; thought pd101 was not gonna do justice for them but hell it did; best choice ever; minhyun finally got a first win; soon is gonna nu’est w; love the meaning behind w; still fucking salty the nation’s producers forgot about jonghyun in the last minute

Ftisland: the more i know them the more i don’t wanna know them; love their freedom in everything-wise; the biggest perverts omg; why were y’all sleeping on wind when it was so important for them and it’s beautiful; sometimes i feel like they want to prove that they are relevant; and they are; 4757857+ years more together pls; WHY DID I SAY PUPPY WAS BAD IT’S A FUCKIN’ BOMB; ftisland in hungary is happening AND I’M FUCKING GONNA BE THERE; jaejin i’m coming

Cnblue: i want to like their korean music but I don’t; last time i forgot they’re giants; yonghwa solo

SF9: 2 comebacks within 2(?) months; bururengnya; the jungle game choreo is jawdropping but it’s not fit for a choreo; easy love was wow; kinda sounds like old kpop; too many taeyang lines; where are jaeyoon’s

KNK: sun moon star was meh; rain is also not my favourite but the mv is wonderful; how to be that extra as they are

2pm: i’m not sure what’s happening with them rn

U-kiss: i’m not sure also; kevin left the group

B1A4: sorry but still not sure

Teen top: god dammit love is was pure perfection; it totally gave me old kpop vibes; the dance was on point as expected; like the footwork once again; welcome back teen top

Wanna one: ongniel, winkdeep; jinhwi; jaehwan x minhyun etc, so many ships; wanna one go is hilarious; sungwoons grandfather is amazing; teach jaehwan how to clean; that psychotic laugh tho; i’m still burn it up team; weekly idol with them is… a mess; breaking tv show rating records; god how many music show wins they have already; there is so much more but it’s not a how I see wanna one post

Boyfriend: they just had a korean release; was it a comeback or what; i do love monsta with all my heart but boyfriend still exists if anyone needs a reminder; their evolution throughout the years is insane; they own a special place in my heart cuz they were the group who made me fall in love with kpop; so thank you boyfriend, thank you i yah, thank you hungary, thank you music channel

N.flying: i don’t know much about them, but the real is a great song; go check it out now; the mv is hilarious; i don’t recall whether i ever laughed at a music video; that plot twist omg; jang moonbok as a mermaid; clap clap; if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands

So I just decided to make another ‘How I see kpop groups’ with the same groups, but it’s an updated version. I mean no harm with any of my statements and I think this time I was pretty positive (with a little sarcasm). Last time a I got a few hate comments about my Ikon statements so yeah. I love them. And this time I wasn’t shameless with group promo. I have a link to every song I mentioned so if you don’t know what/who I’m talking about then click the links. Hope it’s as fun as last time. And sorry if I was biased with some groups. Enjoy! :3

i know we all ignore nora’s extra content anyway (*cough* andreil wedding *cough*) but i have headcanons about this fashion designer allison thing

okay so

  • allison goes pro. after fighting tooth and nail for the right to play exy there’s no way she’s giving it up after college. also no one expects her to actually do it or succeed so it’s a giant fuck you to all the haters
    • she’s the first fox to ever play professionally and when she gets signed she asks wymack if she’s made him proud. he tells her he was always proud.
  • once she’s on her new team (one whose colors are not that god awful orange this time) she notices some things about the uniforms that could use…improvement

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anonymous asked:

So I was wondering if you could write a fluffy analogical fic? I really don't have an idea for what exactly I want, I just love the ship lol - Hazelwood Anon <3

I FINISHED IT! This is soooo late, but I hope you like it anyway! Also just for the record, wrapping someone in bubble wrap will not prevent them from getting injured. Yes, I speak from experience

Logan was beginning to get concerned.

Two months ago, he had finally worked up the courage to ask Anxiety out on a date, and much to his relief and delight, the other had said yes. They had been together ever since. And their relationship was going well. They enjoyed each others company, went on multiple pleasant outings, and found activities to share together. Although Logan still maintained that kissing your opponent during a debate counted as cheating.

With all the time they now spent together, it was only natural that they would become more aware of the quirks and habits of the other. For the most part, Logan enjoyed this. He loved learning new things about Anxiety. Like the way he always had to sleep with his arms curled up around something, be it a stuffed animal, pillow, or person. Or the way he’d hum absentmindedly when absorbed in a task.

However, one of the things he’d learned worried Logan immensely. Anxiety, as it turned out, was incredibly clumsy, and he was going to give Logan an heart attack. It seemed as though every day he had a new bump, bruise, or scratch, and whenever Logan tried to fuss over them, Anxiety just waved him off, claiming he “had just tripped down the stairs, no big deal.”

Logan disagreed. Minor clumsiness would be ignorable, but Anxiety took it to an extreme that left Logan sure he was going to get himself seriously injured some day. He could not allow that to happen. So, he had come up with a list of possible solutions.

At heart, a man of science, Logan was eager to test each possibility and learn which one functioned best. He was sure that with this experimentation, he would find a way to prevent his boyfriend from getting any future injuries.

The first item on his list was simple: keep a hold of Anxiety. Theoretically, as long as Logan had a hand on him, or even was within arms reach, he should be able to prevent any accidents.

For the next two days, Logan stuck to Anxiety like glue, hovering over him everywhere he went. So far, it seemed to be working. Anxiety had almost tripped a few times, but Logan had been able to catch him each time.

They were sitting on the couch together, Logan keeping one eye on Anxiety as he carefully reviewed his notes on the experiment. Then there was a call from Morality.

“Logan,” he said, “Do you think you could come help me in the kitchen? I’m making stew and it would go faster with a set of helping hands.”

Logan hesitated. He didn’t want to tell Morality no, but if he was busy cooking there was no way he’d be able to react fast enough to any incidents.

Anxiety looked at him and rolled his eyes. “Just go already,” he huffed. “You’ve been stupidly clingy for the past two days. It’s been fun, but I assure you, we can stand to be apart for twenty minutes.”

Logan frowned. “If you’re sure-“ he began.

Anxiety cut him off, now starting to sound annoyed. “Yes, I’m sure. What’s up with you?”

Not wanting to get into the specifics of his experiment at that moment, Logan just sighed and said, “Alright. I’ll return within the hour. Please do not leave the couch during that time.”

“Whatever you say, babe,” Anxiety shrugged. “I’ve got no reason to move.”

As satisfied as the situation allowed, Logan moved to the kitchen, greeting Morality with a nod. Beginning to chop up the vegetables needed, he reassured himself mentally. Anxiety would be fine.

However, just as all the ingredients had been tossed in and the stew left to simmer, Logan heard a thump coming from the common room.

A sense of dread filling him, he called out, “Anxiety?”

“I’m fine,” came the rather muffled reply, “I was just twisting to try and reach the remote and I fell off the couch.”

Logan sighed, and pulled out his notebook.

Idea successful when implemented, but cannot be kept up continuously. Must be executed in conjunction of another solution.

Snapping his notebook shut, he adjusted his glasses. Further experimentation was required.

His next experiment required a bit of coaxing to pull off. Logan’s theory was that if he couldn’t always be around to prevent incidents, perhaps he could teach Anxiety to be less clumsy, so he could prevent them himself. His suggested method for doing so: yoga.

By increasing Anxiety’s balance and flexibility, as well as creating a stronger awareness of his body placement, Logan hoped to decrease his clumsiness significantly. The trick was getting Anxiety to agree.

In the end, he had to bribe Anxiety with promises of making his favorite cookies later, but Logan had gotten him to go along with it. Now they were both following along to an instructional video Logan had found on YouTube.

Logan sneaked a glance at Anxiety who had his head hanging down in downward dog. While Anxiety had complained the entire time, he’d still gone through the poses.

Right then as if on cue, Anxiety lifted his head.

“Are we almost done,” he grumped. “This is boring.”

“Not much longer,” Logan promised, “But don’t you find this relaxing?”

Anxiety shrugged. “Mostly I just feel stupid,” he said, “But whatever.”

Logan smiled at him fondly. “I assure you, you don’t look stupid,” he replied. “And I hope you’ll be amenable to joining me again in the future.”

“I’ll think about it,” Anxiety conceded, and from his experience with the darker side, Logan knew that meant yes. He ducked his head to contain his smile of triumph.

A comfortable silence settled between then, only broken by the instructor in the video. Logan was pleased. As a whole, he was confident he could mark this experiment as a success. But then, as they were going into the warrior pose, it happened.

As they moved to balance on one leg, Anxiety wobbled, his arms flailing frantically, trying to stay upright. And faster than Logan could catch him, he pitched forward.

Logan abandoned his mat, kneeling at Anxiety’s side.

“Are you alright?” he asked worriedly. It didn’t look like a bad fall, but with Anxiety you never knew.

Anxiety sat up. “Yeah,” he muttered. “I’m okay. Think I might have landed on my wrong on my wrist though.”

Logan took the wrist in question and frowned at it.

“You might have sprained it,” he said, “Here, let’s get some ice.”

As they moved to the kitchen, Logan mentally revised his conclusion.

Experiment had some initial positive results, but is not an immediate solution. May produce desired results in future, but not for some time.

Logan took a breath and stepped back. There he was done.

His last two experiments had been centered on Anxiety’s actions, seeking to change them to prevent injuries. As those had failed to produce the results he needed, he had switched tactics, by changing the environment so injury was impossible.

Essentially, he had baby-proofed the house.

Every sharp edge had been covered in foam. he had installed a gate at the top of the stairs, and special handgrips on the bannister. It was perfect. Now he just had to wait for Anxiety to wake up so it could be tested.

“What. The. Hell.”

Ah, there he was.

Logan turned to beam at his boyfriend, who was looking unusually angry.

“Anxiety,” he said cheerfully, “Salutations!”

“Don’t you salutations me” Anxiety growled, “What the fuck is this shit?”

“I can only assume you’re referring to the preventative measures I’ve installed in the house,” Logan said, fidgeting with his glasses nervously.

“Is that what those are?” Anxiety spluttered, “What the hell are you trying to prevent?”

Logan’s brow furrowed. Perhaps Anxiety was unaware of the severity of his clumsiness.

“Well,” he began, “My hope is that they will prevent any further injuries to your person, by neutralizing objects that could be hazardous to your health.”

“I’m not a fucking infant,” Anxiety spat, “I don’t need you to treat me like one!”

“I’m not-“

“Yes, you are! For god’s sake, there’s a goddamn baby gate on the stairs!”

Anxiety seemed very upset. Perhaps he had miscalculated. Logan opened his mouth to apologize, but before he could, Anxiety spun around and began walking away from him.

“You know what, whatever” he said, turning back to glare at Logan. “I’ll be in my room”

Logan’s eyes widened. “Wait, Anxiety, look out of that-“

There was a thump, then cursing.

“… wall.” Logan sighed. It seemed his efforts had been for naught. And he doubted Anxiety would let them remain for much longer anyway.

Experiment result: utter failure.

So Logan may have been getting slightly desperate.

In his defense, nothing else seemed to be working. Having failed to stop accidents as they happened, and preventing them from happening in the first place, he had decided to to try and make sure that Anxiety would at least walk away from them uninjured.

To accomplish this, he had wrapped Anxiety in bubble wrap.

Thankfully the other side was such a deep sleeper, or he never would have been able to pull it off. So while the other had been snoozing away, Logan had wrapped his limbs, torso, and head in bubble wrap. he had left his eyes, mouth and nose uncovered though.

He took a minute to smile fondly at his still sleeping boyfriend. Anxiety was rather adorable like this. As if able to hear his thoughts, Anxiety grumbled a little in his sleep, his eye beginning to flutter. As he began to stir, his movements caused some the bubbles to pop, the sound of which seemed to rouse Anxiety faster.

He sat up and stared at his arms in confusion.

“…what?” he slurred, still half asleep.

Logan chuckled. “I’ll explain when you’re awake,” he promised. “Wait here, I’ll go and get breakfast.”

With that he ducked out of the room. he and made cinnamon roll french toast, one of Anxiety’s favorites. He hoped that the bribe of food would convince the other to keep the bubble wrap on.

When he came back into the room, Anxiety had gotten out of bed, and was staring at himself in the mirror and confusion.

“Logan,” he said, “Why am I covered in bubble wrap?”

Logan hesitated, setting the plates down. “I wanted to prevent you from getting hurt,” he said softly. “I know it seems ridiculous to you, but your propensity for getting injured is truly worrisome. So please, indulge me?”

“You’re really serious about this aren’t you,” Anxiety said, sounding resigned.

Logan nodded, feeling a bit hopeful. Would Anxiety actually agree?

“Fine,” the other grumbled. “I’ll do it. For today.”

Logan smiled. “Thank you,” he said, “Now come sit on the bed, I made French toast.”

Anxiety began to waddle over to him, but it was clear the the bubble wrap was encumbering his movements. Logan reached out to assist him, but before he could, Anxiety slipped and fell. Right into the edge of the bookcase.

Frustrated and worried, Logan pulled him up. “Any bruises?” he asked, hoping the answer was no.

“Maybe,” Anxiety winced. “Turns out bubble wrap doesn’t do much against sharp things.”

Logan frowned. It seemed this too had failed, and now he was out of ideas!

Seeing the distress on his face, Anxiety reached towards him.

“Hey babe, Logan” he said gently. “Don’t feel bad. It didn’t work, so what? I’m still okay.”

“I just hate seeing you injured,” Logan confessed, “Even in minor incidents such as this”

“Yeah, I know,” Anxiety said, “But you can’t prevent everything. And you know what, the only thing that really matters is that you’re here to help patch me up afterwords. Yeah?”

“I suppose,” Logan replied uncertainly.

“You know I’m right,” Anxiety said, no room for argument in his voice. “Now seriously, help me get out of this bubble wrap.”

As Logan began to untangle him, he turned Anxiety’s words over in his minds. Perhaps it didn’t matter if he couldn’t prevent every accident. Maybe it really was enough to be there to help with the aftermath.

Logan smiled to himself, as he and his now unwrapped boyfriend sat on the bed to eat their breakfast together. He would just have to make sure he was always there.

(He’d still be looking for solutions to Anxiety’s clumsiness though)

I just love the whole post apocalyptic aesthetic and since some of my favorite characters are Akatsuki members I got the idea of drawing this some sort of post apocalyptic AU. Of course I first had to design their outfits first and this is the result. In the end I worked a lot harder on them than I first had planned to, so I thought that I could share these, even if they are super sketchy.

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Close Call ~PART 3

The angst continues! Sorry this is later than planned… I fell asleep.

Read Part 1 First and Here’s Part 2

Catch this fic on AO3

This four-part story is essentially what happens when Lance and Keith get captured, and put in separate cells. Lance is injured. Lots of angst. Go read the other parts first.

Hopefully you enjoy! Also, I apologize in advance. Just keep in mind that this has four parts.

@taylor-tut @dogsahoy @voltronpaella don’t mind me just leaving this here

Lance continued to stare determinedly at the door. Any moment now, he told himself, Keith is going to break down that door, and get us out of here. We just have to stay patient. What’s that thing Shiro always says to Keith to calm him down? Patience yields focus.

“How’re you holding up?” Matt asked again, looking over at Lance with concern.

“’M good,” Lance answered shortly. Matt eyed him skeptically, but Lane couldn’t bring himself to say any more. Talking had become a conscious effort, and a painful one.

Lance’s breath came out in short gasps, and the wound had still not stopped bleeding. Granted, the sword had stabbed straight through, but Lance had been applying pressure ever since he woke up.

Still, without any proper medical supplies, his efforts didn’t do much. Both Matt and Lance neglected to address the slowly growing pool of blood under the blue paladin.

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anonymous asked:

So you think kiri is the most developed character in class 1A , in my opinion I think he is the second after bakugou , I even think he will get more character development in the future

Kirishima’s Character Development Throughout the Series

Huh? I didn’t say Kirishima is the most developed character in Class 1-A. If I did, I didn’t mean that. What I meant to say was Kirishima is the most developed SIDE CHARACTER of Class 1-A. I definitely don’t think he’s anywhere near as well developed as main characters like Midoriya, Bakugou, and Todoroki. In fact, I don’t think he’s as developed as any of the main characters. The focus Kirishima received the Internship Arc isn’t close to the focus Iida got during the Stain Arc.

or close to the focus Todoroki got during the Sports Festival Arc.

Uraraka has received more focus than Kirishima in all the BNHA arcs except for the Hideout Raid Arc, Internship Arc, and MAYBE USJ Arc.

Kirishima really hasn’t gotten much development before the Internship Arc. In the USJ Arc, the start of his budding relationship with Bakugou is decent, but he doesn’t take down any major villains. He just stands there for a good portion of the arc.

His relationship with Bakugou and Tetsutetsu stands out during the Sports Festival, but he’s overshadowed by a lot of other characters like Midoriya, Bakugou, Iida, Todoroki, Uraraka, Tokoyami, Mei, and Shinsou.

He’s out of focus during the Stain Arc and End of the Term Test Arc.

In fact, he fails the End of Term Test, so he never gets a chance to shine.

He doesn’t get a chance to fight the villains during the School Camping Trip Arc.

I’ve read the manga since early on, probably around when the Sports Festival was happening. I’ve joined conversations, and early on in the series, people were not talking about Kirishima or were interested in him. He was known as Bakugou’s friend, and people assumed he and Tetsutetsu are practically the same person. Some people found him charming, but he was rarely mentioned in conversations. I personally didn’t become interested in him until the Sports Festival Cavalry Battle because I thought his friendship Bakugou would go somewhere interesting. To be honest, I didn’t Horikoshi would do anything with Kirishima except develop his friendship with Bakugou. Nonetheless, I was still interested in Kirishima’s character because I thought his friendship with Bakugou was interesting enough on its own. It was a little annoying seeing Kirishima not do much during the Stain Arc, End of Term Arc, and Camping Trip Arc, so I thought Horikoshi didn’t like his character or have any big plans for Kirishima.

Fortunately, Kirishima’s character started getting interesting during the end of the School Camping Trip Arc when he looked devastated at the thought of Bakugou getting captured and really wanted to fight the villains to protect Bakugou.

Fans started getting interested in Kirishima when he was insistent on rescuing Bakugou and was blaming himself for not being able to do anything to help Bakugou. That moment signaled Kirishima means business and would do anything to help his friends. It really showcased his heroic spirit and determination. Kirishima wanting to rescue Bakugou and blaming himself for letting Bakugou get captured was the most interesting Kirishima moment at that point in the manga. Unfortunately, considering the lack of big moments Kirishima had received until that point in the manga, that’s not saying much.

Even though I did say Kirishima’s character didn’t get much development before the Internship Arc, he does get a decent amount of character development during the Hideout Raid Arc. That arc shows off Kirishima’s determination and heroic personality as well as how important his friendship with Bakugou is. That’s more than enough to make Kirishima one of the most well developed side characters of the series, but nowhere close to the level any of the main characters are at. It also doesn’t help that when chapter 90 came out, some people were complaining Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship didn’t get much development until that point, and I agree the moment would have been more effective if their relationship was built up a bit more.

During the wrap up of the Hideout Raid Arc, Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship gets a bit of attention from the manga.

And Kirishima shows off more of his kindhearted personality by comforting Tsuyu.

However in the arc afterwards, the Hero License Exam Arc, he doesn’t get much attention. Instead of getting a badass moment, Kirishima turns into a meatball and has to be saved by Bakugou and Kaminari. I’ve kind of gotten used to the lack of badass moments from Kirishima by that point.

Kaminari praises Kirishima for his nice personality, but it’s not something any of us don’t know, and Kaminari’s comments are more geared towards Bakugou’s character development while also showing how highly Kaminari thinks of his friends. This moment is mostly meant for Kaminari’s and Bakugou’s character development. Although, Kaminari’s remark towards Kirishima is meaningful nonetheless.

Later after being rescued, Kirishima just tags along with Bakugou and Kaminari. He takes down some people to pass the first half of the exam in pretty cool moment to show Kirishima is still a competent fighter since the last time we had seen him take down anyone is during the Sports Festival.

During the second half of the Hero License Exam, Kirishima relies on his common sense and heroic spirit to save as many people as possible in order to pass the hero license exam. Kirishima rescuing people is mostly done off screen.

and Kirishima’s most notable moments during the second half of the exam is calling Bakugou out on his bullshit and then feeling bad for Bakugou when Bakugou doesn’t pass the exam.

By the end of the Hero License Exam Arc, Kirishima is a well-liked, charming character by the fans. However, he doesn’t have a lot going for him in terms of development. At least, he’s nowhere close to any of the main characters in terms of development. He’s kindhearted and good friends with Bakugou, but he comes across as a simpleminded, typical, kindhearted, hotblooded shounen character whose characterization is centered around Bakugou. He’s a great character and certainly developed enough to gain fan attention, but he doesn’t nearly have the development the other main characters get, and I don’t think the attention and character development he gets during the Internship Arc is enough to claim he’s as well developed as any of the main characters yet. His character development during the Internship Arc is a pleasant surprise since we knew Kirishima was due for development; we just didn’t think it would be this much this quickly.  

Let’s see…what happened to Kirishima during the Internship Arc?

He gets lots of screen time with the main character.

His low self-esteem is addressed.

He finally gets a really badass moment and a noticeable improvement in his Quirk.

His past is hinted at.

He has a mentor and senpai whom he thinks highly of.

He helps take down some very tough villains while being severely injured in the process.

Kirishima gets a lot more screen time during that arc overall.

That development is more than enough to make Kirishima the most prominent side character in Class 1-A. HOWEVER, as I mentioned before, Kirishima got so little development in early arcs that the development he gets here doesn’t catch him up to the main characters’ levels. Uraraka and Iida have had arcs where they’re a bit out of focus, but their focus and character development have been more consistent, and they’ve been prominent in the manga since the beginning. They’ve gotten decent development and panel time every arc simply because they’re main characters and close friends with Midoriya.

This is only my interpretation though. Others may think differently.

I don’t think Kirishima is as developed as any of the main characters. He’s getting there. He just needs to get more consistent screen time in future chapters, and considering the development he has gotten during the Internship Arc, that likely will happen. Horikoshi has plans for Kirishima’s character.That has been apparent since the hideout Raid Arc.  

(I did not intend for this answer to get this long.)

Critical Role Buddy Cop Film

you can tell the quality of my blog is steeply declining. Anyway,

Scanlan Shorthalt and Grog Strongjaw are two loose canons on the Emon police force. When twin thieves come town, its up to them to catch them.


Grog Strongjaw: the muscle of the Emon PD. Once took 6 bullets and still managed to apprehend some bank robbers. Barely passed the academy bc he isn’t very smart but makes up for it in enthusiasm. Can often get criminals to surrender through pure intimidation but is secretly a huge softy. Usually follows Scanlan’s lead

Scanlan Shorthalt: the shortest man to ever join the Emon PD. As a master of disguise, he usually does undercover work. Once single handedly took down a crime ring by convincing all of the bosses that one of the others was a police informant. Badass single dad. Always wears sunglasses. Plays music for the Emon PD picnic. the most flamboyant man on the force

Pike Trickfoot: a young doctor at a local hospital. Usually ends up being the one to treat the boys when they get injured (which happens a lot). Scanlan always flirts with her when he’s in the hospital (”Kiss me. I don’t think I’ll make it” “Scanlan it’s just you leg”)

Vex and Vax: Twin con artists/thieves. Came into town with the intent of pulling a heist on the museum. Have never been caught before. (pls just think of Vax in a catsuit). Smooth af, only steal from rich people. Vex is in it for the money, Vax is in it for the thrill

Percy de Rolo: the long suffering police chief. Used to be one of the best officers on the force until he was injured in a fight with the Briarwood crime family. Still the best shot in EPD history. Has pretty much given up on controlling Grog and Scanlan. Just wants Rest (and revenge)

Keyleth: the rookie of the force. Still very inexperienced and sometimes messes up undercover ops. She seems harmless but she can low key kill a man with her bare hands. Once they found a dog fighting ring and she beat up 12 large men by herself. She kept one of the dogs and she is named Minxy and she loves her.


Told You

Request: hey there! I saw you wanted some angsty Spider-Man requests and I absolutely love for angst (; could I request a scenario in which he’s about to go off fighting/stopping crime or something of that sort and the reader has a v bad feeling about it and he assures her that it’s nothing but he ends up getting severely injured and there’s just a lot of angst and a lil dash of fluff perhaps to balance it out (-: thanks a million!! <3
+ : Hello love!! 💖 Could I request an angst with peter parker, when he’s about to leave for a mission of some sort (fighting the Vulture perhaps?) and the reader has always been there to support him and fix him up after dangerous situations and she’s really scared about this one and he assures her that it’s all going to be fine BUT she sneaks out after him once he leaves and sees the wreckage that they created and sees him on the ground and thinks he died? (’: lots of angst if u don’t mind! <3

Requested by: both anonymous.

A/N: I thought these two worked really well together, and instead of just making two imagines very similar I thought it’d be better if I combined and made it extra angsty and a bit long ;) hope you both don’t mind. Thank you both of the request, this was super fun to write. btw, this is completely based off memory from the movie, i saw it last Monday, so this is just the best I can remember.

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: angst.

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“I don’t know about this, Peter.” You sighed, crossing your arms over your chest. There was just something about it this time just didn’t feel right. It just didn’t settle right in your stomach, but no matter how hard you tried to convince Peter otherwise, he didn’t listen. Saying he ‘needed’ to do this.

Peter stepped forward, allowing his hands to fall on your arms. You looked up at him, trying to not show the true fear and terror you felt for his safety at the moment. He smiled lightly at you, rubbing his hands up and down your arms. “Y/N, I need to do this.” You resisted sighing, frustrated that that was the only excuse he’s given you since you decided to share your fright.

You pushed his hands away, walking away from him. Peter looked at your turned back with confusion, his hands slowly falling to his sides. You shook your head, looking at the floor of Peter’s bedroom and trying not to yell so that Aunt May didn’t hear. “I’m serious.” You declared, turning back around to look at him. You shocked Peter when he saw your eyes shine with unshed tears and he could see the actual fear behind them. “I’m always there for you. I’m the one that has to patch you up every time you get hurt-”

Peter looked taken aback by your words, looking down at the ground in shame. “I didn’t realize that it anno-”

“No!” You interrupted, making his head snapped back up to your own. “That’s not what i’m saying. Peter, i’m glad you come to me but it hurts me to see you in so much pain.” Your voice crack as you realized no matter how hard you tried to convince him, there was no way you were going to be able to get Peter to stay back. You figured you’d known that since the beginning but that hadn’t stopped you because you really didn’t want to see him end up severely injured or dead. “I-I can’t lose you. Not you.” 

Peter didn’t say anything at first, opting to walk towards you. You wanted to push him away, mad that he was going to risk his life for other people. But you knew he was doing the right thing, it would be wrong for him not to help and destroy something that was causing havoc if he was perfectly capable of doing so. Therefore, you let him walk up to you, and wrap his arms around you to comfort you. And for the first time since this disagreement had started you came to the conclusion he was scared as well.

Peter was feeble, shaking when he grabbed ahold of you. And though the both of you had shared many hugs together and you both weren’t new to the idea of being intimate, he hugged you with such force. Held on to you for dear life, like this was the last time he might see you. And that did nothing to calm your nerves.

“It’ll be fine.” He mumbled against your neck, his hot breath hitting you. “I’ll be fine.” 

“But what if it’s not?” You ask for the umpteenth time. “Peter, this- Vulture or whatever, wants your head. This isn’t like helping people on the street, this isn’t even like stopping those robbers, this is a man who wants to kill you. Even if you don’t want to kill him.”

“I know, I know.” Peter nodded, trying his best to reassure you. You sighed, watching as head turned toward the window. It was already dark, you hadn’t even noticed. You watched as Peter turned his head back towards you, offering you a small smile. “I need to go.” You opened your mouth to say something but it was too late as Peter turned, grabbing ahold of his backpack as he headed towards his window.

“Wait, Peter!” You called just before he left through his window. He slowly turned his head towards you, giving you a look to let it go. Sighing, you nodded his way, the sickly feeling still residing in your stomach but you pushed away. Peter needed to do this, and you weren’t going to be the one to stop him. Not anymore. “Just… be careful.”

“You know I will.” Peter sent you a bright smile, saluting you off before jumping off his window seal. You ran to the window, looking down for him but then he flew ahead, in his Spider-Man suit. You watched him shoot webs, flying from building to building. Rocking on your feet, you watched his figure disappear before you could no long see him anymore. Clenching your fingers against the window, you bit your lip, looking back at the door. 

I’ll be fine.

But what if he isn’t? Sighing frustratingly you ran towards the door, opening it and running to the front door to the apartment before Aunt May could call after you. You knew Peter would be mad if he knew you were following him, but you needed to. For his safety.

After hours of searching for him, you finally found him. It had taken you much longer than you had originally intended but he was quick, especially with his spidey powers and it was practically impossible keeping up with him. But finally arriving at the scene only made your heart feel even more heavy, there was rubble and destruction everywhere. Fire that had been caused by the place crash. You couldn’t see Peter or even this Vulture guy he was suppose to be fighting.

It was just rubble and destruction. Though your worried eyes caught sight of something red, and inspecting it close you confirmed it was in fact blood. Your heart dropped, looking around desperately for Peter anywhere. You had the worst feeling in your stomach, and you almost felt like you might be sick. He couldn’t be dead. He just couldn’t.

“Peter?” You called out hesitantly, your voice breaking as you continued walking through everything. Tears welled in your eyes, exhausted from your walk practically around the city and exhausted from the thought that you might have lost the one thing that mattered anymore. You continued walking, for what seemed like forever before you heard a soft groan.

Your head snapped to your left, your eyes snapping everywhere for any sight of Peter. “Hello?” You called out, “Peter?” Another groan, and then another. Looking everywhere, you practically begged in your mind that you’d find him. You felt hope fill within you when you caught sight of a familiar head of brown. Running forward, you pushed some rubble away, catching sight of Peter. “Oh my God, Peter!” You called, trying to wake him but he didn’t move an inch. You struggled to push the rest of the rubble away, but eventually you did, knocking it over and falling beside Peter.

You carefully turned him over, seeing the gashes over his face and the blood that was leaking from it. Your eyes fell on the rest of his body, seeing a long cut on his stomach, and some part of his leg was bleeding. Your hand shook above him, slowly grabbing ahold of his face. “Peter? Please, Peter, wake up.” You pleaded, tears falling from your eyes. He couldn’t be. Please.

“Please. You’ll be okay.” You repeated, “i’ll help you. Come on.” You beckoned but he didn’t move. You felt your heart break, sobbing lightly as you head fell against his stomach. No.

“Y/N?” Gasping, you shot your head up, catching sight of Peter’s brown eyes upon your own. A smile immediately emmited on your face, reaching forward and without thinking pressing your lips against his own. Peter seemed shocked himself, probably in a bit of pain but eventually returned the kiss. When you pulled back, you smiled down at him, tears falling down your face.

“I told you i’d be fine.”
'Spider-Man Homecoming' Star Tom Holland on His On-Set Injury and New Spidey Suit (Q&A)
"We really tried to convey that he's enjoying his superpowers," Holland tells THR about the way his Peter Parker differs from other big screen versions.

How did you pitch your take on Spider-Man to get the job as the director?

Watts: I went in to Marvel for a general meeting, and then they were talking about how they had teamed up with Sony and they had this opportunity to bring in Sony to the Marvel universe. They were leaning towards it being a high school movie, and I had been wanting to make a high school movie. I’d been watching every coming-of-age movie that there is because that’s a great excuse to not start writing, doing “research.” I was really about to speak to the subject about what I liked about coming-of-age movies, and we had this shared language. I was so excited about it that I was overflowing with ideas.

After Captain America: Civil War came out, did you pay attention to what fans were saying about your new take on Spider-Man?

Holland: People kept saying don’t pay attention to the comments, but I found it impossible not to. I think I was lucky that the majority of people were saying really nice things. I was a little nervous about the release, and I was over the moon with the response I got.

How would you describe your Peter Parker to people who’ve seen the previous big screen versions?

Holland: Different to the previous two. I felt very strongly about the question about what would happen if you gave a 15-year-old super powers. I think the answer would be he would have the time of his life. Yes, he would probably stop crime, but have so much fun doing it. We really tried to convey that he’s enjoying his superpowers. More often than not in superhero movies, the powers are a burden to the superhero but in our case, they’re the complete opposite.

Have you talked to Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield about playing Peter Parker?

Holland: I haven’t been in contact with them but they said really nice things about me online, which was a lovely thing to hear. I met Andrew at the BAFTAs recently and he was lovely. I’m a huge fan of his, especially the past couple of years, all the work he’s been doing. He wished me good luck. I was really happy to meet him.

What are you most proud of with this film?

Watts: I think it has a unique, surprising tone that’s different from the others, and different from the other movies in this universe. I’m pretty proud of the tone we struck. It’s fun. It’s able to go from a very small story, and really emotional small stakes and just get bigger and bigger until it’s on a massive scale without ever losing site of the story we were trying to tell.

Holland: I’ve never worked harder on anything in my life. It was a non-stop job and I felt so passionate and proud of what we were creating. I’m so proud that I was able to give my best, and I’m so grateful that I didn’t get injured. I did a lot of stunts. At the very end, I fell down some stairs, and tweaked my ACL just a little bit.

Did you need to take a few days off?

Holland: It was right at the end, so I managed to get through it. The funny thing is I think one of my last shots of the movie was me chasing a bus, and I couldn’t do it. My best friend Harrison was my assistant while we were out there so we dressed him up like me and had him run. So Harrison has a little cameo in the movie, which is great.

What was your own high school experience like?

Holland: I went to an English high school which is very different – it’s all boys, suit and tie. But I enrolled for three days in a high school in New York as a research exercise. I had a fake accent, a fake name. It was fun. The Bronx School of Science is a school for genius kids, and I’m definitely not a genius. A lot of the students and teachers were confused as to why I was there so they would test me, and fire off questions at me. It was a little embarrassing, but very informative.

The new Spider-Man suit has a spider-drone that comes out of the center emblem. How did you come up with new gadgets but stay loyal to what comic book fans know and love about Spider-Man?

Watts: There’s a precedent for it in the comic books because Tony Stark builds Peter a new suit. Tony Stark is a very bells and whistles kind of guy. We had that set up in Civil War. That was one of the fun brainstorm meetings: What could be in that suit? We made a list of all the neat things that Tony would put in there for Peter to discover or keep him safe. At one point, we just realized “what if that little spider could crawl out and move around and do surveillance?”

Holland: Our little drone has 10,000 things it could do. I think we found its proper use in the movie. It’s funny – he has a little relationship with the drone, like a little sidekick.

There’s already a release date for Homecoming 2. What’s going on with that. Are you directing?

Watts: I’ve gotta finish this one first – one at a time. There’s still a lot of VFX work to do in post. Talk to me on 7/8/17.

Kang Daniel Soulmate Au

• Look, it’s a complete coincidence you’re a nurse,
• Whenever you soulmate feels pain, or gets injured, you get the same pain,
• A lot of people said it’s clever of you to become a nurse, because it’ll be easier to find your Soulmate,
• But honestly, would you put up with drunks, the extreme hours, and all the gross jobs you have to do if finding your soulmate was your only motivation?
• You’d just always thought being a nurse was rewarding, and you where helping people which is always good,
• The soulmate thing is just a plus really,
• While you and your soulmate had a cool connection, it’s really quite the impracticable soulmate key,
• You wouldn’t say your soulmate is clumsy, but you swear they get injured more than the average person,
• But now your a hypocrite because you most definitely are clumsy,
• Or just dangerous in general,
• You’ve broken both your legs, an arm, your nose, fractured your collar bone, fallen out of multiple trees and flown off of many bikes, and that one car crash,
• A very adventurous kid.  . .
• Now that you think, maybe that’s why you wanted to be a nurse,
• But you know, when you meet your soulmate, you definitely need to apologize,
• But they’re not completely innocent,they seem to always be injuring their hand or wrists somehow, pulling muscles or stubbing their toes, but nothing too major,
• You never know if the random bruises that appear on your arms and legs are yours and you forgot about them or if they belong to your soulmate, but you smile at them anyway, preferring to imagine it’s the latter
• So, you’re wrapping a little kids leg in a cast,
• He fell off of the playhouse at his school and his nonchalance and interest in everything your doing reminds you of yourself at his age and makes you smile,
• He’s telling you about his aunt who recently met her soulmate at a pool party, giggling about their key when,
• A bolt of lightning  starts at your left elbow and races it’s way up you radius and ulna, builds at your wrist and jumps down your middle finger,
• It takes all that you are not to swear like a sailor in front of the little boy sat in front of you,
• “Sugary lord of Hufflepuff,”
• The boy giggles at your replacement swear, you send him a strained smile as you gaze at your arm, that’s twitching slightly,
• But you’re nothing if not a fighter and your soulmate is not going to get in the way of this little boys health,
• You wrap the boys leg in blue, at his request, and send him on his way, hobbling along on some crutches next to his mum, rambling about aliens,
• You’re a little jealous of his care free attitude and peoples acceptance of his alien ranting but your an adult,
• Or at least your trying to be,
• You’re closest friend at the hospital is instantly on the look out when they hear about your wrist,
• “Guys, if anyone comes in either a broken arm or finger, approximately Y/N’s age, you gotta tell me, this is a matter of soulmates,”
• They’re buzzing around, trying to find any clue to if your soulmate is here,
• You doubt it, even if he is, the hospital is large,
• Then she’s whisked off to look at a kid who got something stuck up their nose and your sat with an old lady who’s coughing up blood,
• You’re wrist burns with the power of the sun but you smile as you approach her and introduce yourself,
• You’re pretty sure you know what’s wrong with her, and you’re definite​ after quickly consulting a doctor,
• You break the awful news to the lady and give her a shoulder to cry on as she takes into the information to tell her about what to do,
• You don’t cry until you’re out of sight, a element of your job that haunts you,
• You’re getting to the end of a pretty emotional shift when one of the other nurses calls you to a cubicle to cover for her,
• You have no idea what she’s doing but you’re too tired to care,
• You haven’t eaten for since you shift started 12 hours ago and you kinda  need a toilet break but yanno,
• Just nursing problems,
• You push into the cubicle and plop yourself down on the seat, happy to let your feet rest a little, and spin round to greet your next patient,
• There’s two boys say in front of you, each suspiciously hansom for your liking and both with sheepish grins,
• You definitely do a double take, trainee’s? They certainly have the looks,
• Turns out they where messing around and when Seongwoo jumped onto Daniels back, he wasn’t expecting it and fell straight forward onto his wrist,
• You laugh at them both but sit quietly for a second, staring at Daniel with now shame,
• You heart goes a little when he doesn’t back down from the eye contact,
• “ It sounds like a fracture, but we should x-ray to check, but can I check something first?”
• Daniel blinks at you before giving you the green light,
• You lean over and pinch his forearm, hard,
• He seems thoroughly startled, but the sharp pinching pain sprouts in your arm as well and you sigh in relief, a laugh rising up through your throat and your heart lifting,
• It would have been awkward if you hadn’t felt anything, so you thank your lucky stars
• You quickly pinch your own arm to show Daniel, and he starts laughing as he runs a thumb over your tear stained cheeks, looking to be taking in everything about you, his eyes shaping into cute crescents and you can’t take in that he was made for you,
• His smooth skin and warm personality was made for you, just like you where made for him,
• “Holy shit, it’s you, the clumsiest person in Asia,”
• Seongwoo slides out of the cubicle and you start crying,
• It’s been an emotional day okay, and a long shift and you’re tired and hungry,
• Daniel doesn’t hesitate to wrap his good arm around you, pressing his lips to your hairline,
• “I am so so sorry, I just seem to be accident prone,”
• Daniels smile triggers you to smile and the warmth fills your chest, something that makes you feel complete and at peace,
• You do Daniels cast, wrapping the orange carefully around his arm as the pain in your wrist starts to dull,
• “It hurts too?”
• “Like a total bitch,”
• He runs his hand up and down your arm comfortingly, and the pain ebbs even though it makes no sense,
• He asks when you finish your shift and you almost cry when you remember it was 20 minutes ago,
• “I don’t suppose you’re hungry?”
• “I’m actually starving and in critical condition, Imma need and IV soon”
• You go to get dinner together and just talk and talk because nothing has ever felt more natural than being with Daniel,
• You fall asleep on the way to your house in the car and you wake up with Daniel carrying you up your stairs, wandering around to find your bedroom,
• You have no idea how he got in but you’ll worry about it later because you’re pressed against your soulmate warm chest listening to his irregular heart beat and feeling his arms wrapped around you and he’s softly humming and honestly in your element,

• You sleepily persuade him to stay the night and wake up with your back pressed against his chest and arms draped over you, bright orange cast startling you at first, 

• You’re the first to sign his cast and decorate it with swirls and hearts and cartoons and Daniel keeps it to commemorate your meeting,

• You two are a honey couple like please,

• He introduces you to his kitties and then sulks because they automatically love you and lounge all over you,
• But you’re slightly afraid of cats so your just sat rigid and convinced they can sense your fear,
• He always brings you snacks at the hospital because he knows how you hardly ever get to eat because every shift is a busy shift,
• You’re always supporting each other, and when you Finnish if he’s still practicing you’ll get drinks for everyone to remind them to rest because damn, and you become like a mother to all the other boys,

• ” Hey Y/N, What do you think of this footwork,” Or “ Y/N, do you think this is broken?”

• You know all their favourite drinks or what to say to cheer them up, and they always come to you with problems they feel like they can’t ask to each other about
• You automatically know when each other are hurt so a lot of worrying, but at least you know,
• And many many little kisses because they seriously seem to dull the pain,
• Because you two work all the time and are constantly on, you seem to be able to calm each other so it’s a hell of a load of blanket dates in front of the TV falling asleep in each others laps,
• A lot of the things you do together are slow and gentle as you’re usually tired so gentle sloppy kisses or carefully running hands through each others hair,
• Sitting in-between Daniels legs when people are round because your apartment isn’t huge and dammit it’s comfy,
• You just constantly wear his shirts at home because they smell of him and they’re soft and he says it’s a pain but you can tell he loves it,
• He’s a total dork with you,
• If you’ve had an extra emotional day he’ll cheer you up within five minutes,
• Just being two people quietly totally in love and being able to help each other wind down in natural ways and being so damn soft and just generally being way too cute for your own good,

Daniel makes me seriously weak omg pls help

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bluemelodia  asked:



Putting this under a read-more because it’s 2,600 words long

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Ahn Hyeongseop Harry Potter AU

  • ever since you’d come to hogwarts, it was your dream to become a healer at st. mungo’s
  • madam pomfrey heard about your dreams from professor neville, the head of your house, hufflepuff, and had offered to let you study under her for a while, just learning the ins-and-outs of basic healing
  • immediately you’d agreed, and so you spent a good portion of time in the hospital wing
  • one person who you noticed came to the hospital wing a lot was ahn hyeongseop
  • he was a super clumsy gryffindor who seemed to have a knack for making things catch on fire
  • madam pomfrey knew him well, and even started tasking you with healing just the small scratches and scrapes he would get from his various antics
  • while clumsy, hyeongseop was also very friendly, chatting with you about why you were helping madam pomfrey out, and getting to know you
  • you discovered that you two were in the same year, though different houses
  • occasionally in the great hall during meals, hyeongseop would greet you before joining his other friends
  • it became part of your routine to expect hyeongseop at some point in the hospital wing, you and madam pomfrey exchanging amused looks
  • soon, you found yourself falling for his witty charm and playful comments
  • of course, madam pomfrey picked up on your newfound crush, giving you a look every time hyeongseop stopped by the hospital wing
  • when the school year ends and summer begins, hyeongseop occupies a small section in the back of your mind, as the guy you like
  • and when you go to diagon alley to  buy school supplies (without your muggle parents), you happened to run into him at second hand robes
  • “oh! (y/n)!” he smiled widely, “are you back-to-school shopping as well?”
  • “yeah,” you explained that your parents tended to freak out a bit when they saw such intense wizarding world stuff like diagon alley, and so you were there by yourself
  • “me too,” hyeongseop laughed, recounting the time that his mom had fainted after seeing a dish that washed itself, “let’s go together!”
  • you felt like you were going to faint as you and hyeongseop went from shop to shop, buying all the necessary items for the next school year
  • of course, hyeongseop tripped on the cobblestone road and skinned his knee, but a simple healing charm fixed that
  • “thanks, (Y/n),” he smiled sheepishly, “i always seem to be getting hurt.”
  • then, instead of even going all the way to the hospital wing, he just goes straight to you, asking you to heal a broken bone or scraped knee
  • you’ll be in the library studying
  • “psst! psst!”
  • you look up to see hyeongseop hiding behind a stack of books
  • euiwoong is somewhere facepalming
  • “i may have broken a nail…”
  • then one day
  • you’re carefully cleaning out this scrape that he got running after justin in the charms corridor
  • and he just blurts out, “(y/n), I think you should date me. we’d be a perfect couple.”
  • and you’re like uM excuse me
  • he just continues on like he’s stating facts, even gesturing his arms to punctuate his statements
  • “like think about it– i’m clumsy, you’re collected, i get hurt a lot, you heal a lot, i’m loud and daring, you’re quiet and kind.”
  • “you’re really bad at asking people out, you know that?” you flicked hyeongseop on the nose
  • “but are you saying we should?” hyeongseop grinned over at you excitedly
  • “yeah, i guess i am,” you replied, cheeks heating up a bit
  • dating hyeongseop was a bit like dating an overzealous puppy
  • brings you a gift for every anniversary (five days, ten days, twenty days, fifty days, etc)
  • he still gets injured a lot, but now he has no shame in asking you to heal him
  • despite his playful attitude, he’ll give anybody who hurts you hell
  • one time someone said something nasty to you in charms
  • and hyeongseop found it out from justin, who found it out from seonho, who found it out from daehwi, who had charms with you and had heard it
  • and the guy who had said the thing ended up with a bat boogie hex so powerful he was sneezing bats
  • and the ironic thing was, he ended up in the hospital wing being treated by you
  • as you carefully prepared a solution for him, hyeongseop hovered behind you, occasionally whispering menacing things to him
  • “not so tough now, buddy, are you?”
  • really just a like a puppy who guards their loved ones when in danger

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Hogwarts house headcannons for the characters you haven't put into houses yet? & what's your house? I'm Ravenclaw with strong Hufflepuff leanings. ALSO THE WOODSCOUTS ARE THEY IN SLYTHERYN

Ohhhh man okay I didn’t think of all these. Get ready for THOUGHTS BELOW.

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Kaneki's head gets injured a lot and to see Touka caressing is a nice change of pace.

That’s a sweet image anon, thank you very much!!

I am sure that for someone like Kaneki whose parents died when he was still a child, which rarely was treated with affection and whose life was characterized by his loneliness, to have by his side a person like Touka who in such a situation would tenderly caress him

means a change for him on many levels.

Have a nice day anon and thanks for such a cute mental image!

Monsta X Reaction #20 - Their s/o is extremely clumsy

anon asked: Can I request a reaction for Monsta X to their s/o being clumsy and getting injured a lot? :o (Im a prime example of clumsiness. Broke my leg a week ago by falling down the stairs…)

A/N: OMG ANON I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU’RE OKAY?!? I just fell down the stairs the other day and it really hurts but luckily I didn’t break anything. I’m so sorry you have to go through that TT.TT I hope this reaction brightens your day a little!!

Hyunwoo:  “…Jagi…? Where are you?”

He’d turn around in circles before finally hearing you say, “Down here Hyunwoo.. DOWN HERE!!”

“Baby what are you doing lying on the sidewalk??”

Your shoelace/heel had gotten caught in the drain pipe and you’d tripped and fell, spraining your ankle in the process.

Hyunwoo would be super worried and panicky on the inside, but his face would only show slight concern. If you had trouble walking he’d 100% carry you back to your place or to the doctors. The entire way. Without pause. He’s so worried he can’t breathe anyway so it doesn’t matter to him that he has to carry you because he’s just SO FREAKING WORRIED but you won’t know that until after the doctor sees you and he finally lets out a sigh of relief, admitting that he was completely spazzing out inside.

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Hoseok: Hard core tease. You’d trip and face plant on the floor and without skipping a beat he’d be lying beside you and waving like the gif.

“Hey sunshine. I see you fell again. Are we drunk before noon again?”

You: “Shut the hell up Hoseok.”

And then he’d burst out laughing, poking your cheeks then helping you up. He’d giggle about that for the rest of the day. If you really hurt yourself though, he’d be so freaked out he’d bawl his eyes out while trying to help you and wouldn’t make fun of you until you healed again.

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~MOD SAERAN~Do you mean me CAUSE IM HONESTLY SO CLUMSY ITS SAD this is my first request here I go :) this is really long sorry so just read under the cut 


  • lord Jesus Christ this poor man 
  • He is already paranoid with leaving you alone
  •  Now ADDING THIS give this man some wine
  •  He literally redecorates the whole pent house because he doesn’t want to want there to be any reason of why you would trip 
  • he still doesnt understand its apart of your nature 
  • wants to hire doctors but there is NO CURE 
  •  He doesn’t like to leave you alone for a second because he is scared to death you will somehow knock into the door 
  • Do you think you are going to have privacy ?
  •  Nope not even for one second
  •  Because somehow you manage to trip on top of Elizabeth 3rd
  •  Do you know how confused and conflicted this man was because he didn’t know who to help first
  •  Of course he helped you first…. 
  • Anyways
  •  You felt bad so you decided to go to the nearest market and make Elizabeth 3rd special food
  •  While Jumin was taking care of Elizabeth needs
  •  You sneaked off by yourself and went to the elevator
  •  It was a miracle you didn’t trip on your way there 
  • You hold onto the necklace Jumin gave you so it can give you strength to not eat shit in front of so many people 
  • You finally made it outside
  •  You may of tripped ONCE but it’s a record
  •  You were waiting for the white light man to turn on
  •  And it finally did
  •  You looked both way and proceeded to walk 
  • Jumins senses is tingling
  • he then heard a scream
  •  It was your scream 
  • He ran outside with his guards behind him
  •  And he saw you on the floor and a car nearby 
  • He thought the worst He ran to you frantic, desperate desperate in hoping you weren’t hit 
  •  Lord JESUS CHRIST he was balling his eyes out when he went near you you were okay all you had was a scratch on your face
  •  he was ??? and you were laughing 
  •  you told him you weren’t hit because you were still and then you lost balance and fell forwards 
  •  jumin sued everyone that day he never been happier with your clumsy self since that day

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