gets all the awards!


@ everyone really pissed La la land won that category over Moana how far I’ll go

I understand many of you guys are annoyed that it happened, and many were really hoping it wasn’t going to. Personally myself I felt like How far I’ll go was much favorable but that’s just not how it went down.
And we all wanted Lin to get that PEGOT award he was close right? But now he didn’t!
Please don’t attack La la land for this it’s just how the results came out, you don’t see Lin trashing them out, and I am highly assured he wouldn’t want to see you doing the same.
Hopefully Lin will still be working on or contributing to something else that can maybe make it for a nomination or more for the oscars next year or the year after or whenever it is destined to be!
The night is not over and Moana was not all for nothing. Don’t you guys get it?

Lin and 16 year old Auli'i were able to have a wonderful performance for How Far I’ll Go. Everyone in that audience and viewers all across watching had he chance to listen to it if they haven’t already. And those flags and stage performance!!!That’s hella awesome if you ask me! I’m also positive his mom was still cheering for Lin and proud for who he is. Don’t lose sight on that. We were all cheering for him and along with Moana because of how proud we are.

It’s okay to be discouraged and upset, I still feel a little bit too but that won’t put me down and neither to you! Tonight was great and I’m happy that Moana got that nomination and attention it rightfully deserved. You can go on saying Lin was robbed and all but…

There’s a million things he hasn’t done, but just you wait. You’ll see how far Lin will go😉😋

For all the shit people give La La Land tho, and all the celebration over them getting the awards taken away, that cast and crew was really gracious. They’re getting a lot of shit thrown in their direction now, but they really did nothing wrong and they probably couldn’t have handled the situation any better.

  • Oscars Producer 1: what can we add to this segment?
  • Oscars Producer 2: can we get Lin Manuel Miranda to rap? That's what all the cool award shows are doing right?

Honestly I am one of those people who think La La Land is  overrated  but can you please stop trashing this movie? And the actors who worked hard for this? Is it because the cast is white? When this world has become so ridiculous?

On the other hand, the never ending meme show that is happening right now does nothing good for Moonlight. Because instead of focusing on this movie and its message and its big success the main topic right now is this idiotic mistake done by some incompetent people who can’t get their stupid cards correctly.

This whole situation was bad for both LLL(imagine being awarded, getting all happy and then being told ‘sorry but nope hahah’) and Moonlight cast who didn’t even get to celebrate properly.

season 6 Episode 6

we have witnessed roughly six years in Sister Monica Joan’s life. In almost every season she had to say good-bye to a beloved friend, sometimes for a while, sometimes for good. Imagine how often she had to do this before, being ninety. I want to give her all the cake!

Cynthia looks so small and thin, I want to protect her. She is such a gentle person and was always looking out for other people to help them, I hope she get’s better soon! All the awards for Bryony Hannah!

Sometimes I try to imagine how Sister Evangelina would have reacted in those cases. I believe had she been there the violent husband in ep. 1 would have gotten his lecture right away when she first met him at that party. She would have spoken the truth to Sister Ursula, obedience be damned, and stormed the Lynchmere hospital to get Sister Mary Cynthia home.

16.11.20 fancafe - bts_Jin

We received a daesang
hello ARMY
161119 the day we received a daesang
Really, I’m living a happy life. It’s all thanks to ARMY
Who in the world could be happier than me right now
When I was a kid, I didn’t get many awards but thanks you guys I have been able to get many awards
If I can, I want to get a copy of all the awards and put them in ARMYs houses
Because the award is for all of us hehe
Ah, I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m just thankful
I just want to say that I’m feeling so happy right now
really, I’m so dazed I don’t even remember crying
so you guys can forget it too haha
aaaaaaaaaaah it’s so good
Thank you, ARMY

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How can I not be happy for them.
How can I not cry tears of happiness.

They’re talented
They’re hardworking

They deserved the daesang.

And every single tear they shed tonight, it holds more meaning to me than any smile of any photoshoot.

Because today, with all their hard work. And our determination to get them the award,

BTS proudly stands there with two Daesangs and love from a millions of people.

Every lyric they wrote held some sort of meaning to their heart. The whole HYYH series, the Wings album. It had their own feelings put into every song. And it was something that all of us could relate to, even if it wasn’t every song. They all worked so hard towards their dream. And they never forgot us, they kept us in mind. International Army, Korean Army. There’s no difference. We’re all Armies when it comes to supporting our boys. Regardless of our age or race or nationality, we all work hard towards making their dream come true.

To see them smile
To see those tears of joy.

And they deserve every single drop of our love.

The music the spent countless nights on. Hardly getting a blink of sleep, hardly having time for family and friends.

They sacrificed it all so that we could have good music.

They went through years of insults and humiliation.

But here they stand, at a spot where from the Tumblr staff to even Buzzfeed recognizes them.

You deserved it.

Even if I can never say it to you.

You deserved it.

Thank you for working hard, and I hope in the future we can all make you even more proud. As armies, we will always try our best.

Bangtan Hwaiting!