unfoundedrobotaccusations  asked:

Truth serum eh? Ok, other than the kiddos (obviously, duh!), who is a virgin? Anyone?

All kinda shuffle awkwardly,Crackers,Wing,Rewind,Neptune,Punumbra,Nurmur,Subject 3-06 aka Gothic or Blind One,Bubbles,Negative,Biby and Mystery raising their hands.

‘N-never………d-done it………’

Crackers mumbles,blushing grey.

“Yep!Same here!”

Rewind pipes up,bouncing happily,

“No sons unlike these guys!”


Wing murmurs,rubbing his neck,

“N-never done that….”

Neptune opts to shake his head,a bit too embarrassed to say anything.


Punumbra murmurs,

“Too busy tryin’ ta keep Nurmur from getrin’ stepped on.My lil’ bro is a bit small in height.”

Subject shakes his head,shrugging.

^Unssssure what that issss really.Ssssssex issssnt an option really.Tessssst sssssubjectssss are objectssss,not monsssstersss.^

Bubbles flicks his tail a bit,purple tinting his face.

“Can’t really go do that with my nine year old brother around……”

Negative shakes his head,murmuring,

“I’m terms of how,giving,no.Receiving,yes.”

{Wha’s sex?}

Biby murmurs,confused.


Mystery mutters quietly,green question mark eye lights on the ground.

“I-I haven’t…….”