#TravelTuesday to the Rugged Indian Pass Wilderness in California.

The Indian Pass Wilderness is a distinctive part of the Chocolate Mountains, a range which extends from south central Riverside County to the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona.

Quartz peak is the highest point in the Wilderness capped at 2,200 feet. Jagged peaks and spires are sliced by mazes of twisting canyons which carry water from occasional desert cloudbursts into several tree-lined washes. One of these washes passes through the heart of the Wilderness area, giving rise to the region’s local name, “Julian Wash country.”

The area’s proximity to the Colorado River and the Arizona Desert contribute to the presence of wildlife species not commonly found in the California Desert. The Colorado River toad, Great Plains toad and tree lizard, while common in other states, are rarely seen in California. Burros and mule deer make their home over the entire area, and the rugged mountains provide ideal habitat for the desert bighorn sheep.

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM



Once again, we celebrate May 4th or Star Wars Day with photos from Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area in California. For years, Star Wars enthusiasts have ventured to the BLM’s Imperial Sand Dunes to visit the filming location of the opening scenes of Return of the Jedi.  The Imperial Sand Dunes are the largest dune mass in California.  Formed by windblown sands of ancient Lake Cahuilla, the dunes create an out-of-this-world landscape ideal for Hollywood film backdrops and are known as an off-roading mecca.

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