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(Get out spoiler alert)

The thing about the girl in Get Out being a bad guy in the end is in part bc every white person has biases and privilege that they need to check, but also when there’s a Good White in the cast, it lets every white person watching associate themselves with that one and follows the whole “well he said some white people are racist, that’s not me, i’m not like that” dynamic.

You didn’t like that she became a bad guy? How do you think the main character felt?? How do you think it feels for POC to see that in their white partners/friends?

There’s no Good White role to play

Ok Zootopians it’s time to TAKE A STAND!!!

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CALLING ALL ZOOTOPIANS!!! We need your help to stop cyber bullies! I was ok when these jerks were trolling me but now they’re targeting @ziegelzeig Jill Fine and other readers of Take a Stand. They’re using offensive language,homophobic slurs (Which really hurts cos i’m Bi)  belittling people from a non-nuclear family unit and forcing their religious ideals into attacks online. 

The trolls are known as PSYCOX1890 and MAFIAGUY2017 and here’s some examples of their hate spiel…

Disgusting aren’t they? They baiting folks into a fight but I know a way to really counter their hate, THEY MUST BE REMOVED FROM FANFICTION.NET so I need to ask you guys for a small favour I need you to email the website admin on and report this abuse PLEASE GUYS WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! The Zootopia fandom is a great place and is being sullied by this hate.

@fuzzywuzzylittletail @if-you-wanna-getout-alive @thezootopianadict @zootopianewsnetwork @secretfurry92 @somethingcalledafurry @senny74 @yoshifan30 @nick-and-judy-daily @artf0rlife @trashasaurusrex @helthehatter @reddoshirousagi06 @kulkum @zootopepo @judylavernehopps @cloudyloudy @pyrophoricitee @nekomimiranger @wilde-hopps @blueberrycarrots @bluelightenterprises @master-lux PLEASE REBLOG AND SPREAD THE WORD! TAKE A STAND AGAINST CYBER BULLIES!!!

Next Time say No..
  • Boss lady: Hey, would you like some bananas pudding?
  • Me: Who made it?
  • Boss lady: Me.
  • (Inner Monologue) Ahh Damn now I gotta take it, and pretend even if its nasty that it tastes good ... FUCKKKKKK
  • Me: Sure. ( Grabs plate ) Just a little though I just ate.
  • Boss lady: Grabs ladle, (scoops a giant ladle full onto my plate)
  • Me: ( FUCKKKKK ) looks at light colored mound of whiteness
  • Boss lady: ( stands there with eyes full of joy and hope)
  • Me: ( damn she must want me to taste it now FUCKKK)
  • Me: ( sticks spoon into uncertainty ) ( wait a min ) ( bitch there is no bananas in this bullshit) ( how the fuck is this bananas pudding without bananas ) ( this shit bout to be nasty as fuck ahhh hell ) (places spoon in mouth ) ( hears screams from ancestors ) ( sees flashes of great grandmother shaking her head ) oh ok I see what you did there what did you change?
  • Boss Lady: well there's no sugar I made the pudding from scratch I used goat milk and honey I used avocado for the texture instead of bananas ...
  • Me: ( as she is describing what she used I feel my stomach trying to push that shit back up out my stomach through my mouth )
  • Boss Lady: I also used my homemade sugar no sugar cookies recipe instead of vanilla wafers, I really just let my inspiration take over...
  • Me: ( BITCH my stomach wtf was in this shit got my stomach acting up like this ) Oh ok.
  • Boss Lady: Do you like it?
  • Me: Mannnnn..... I wish my mother was here to taste this Im sure she would ask what is in this.... I will be talking about your bananas pudding for years ma'am this is ...something else.
  • Boss Lady: Really... that's nice of you to say!
  • Me: ( you don't know my mother ) no problem, well let me get back to work...
  • 5 mins later.....
  • Me: Hey, Ive got a little family emergency I need to deal with Ill be right back if that's ok?
  • Boss Lady: Sure, take your time.
  • Me: ( Fast walks to car ) drives to Bojangles, ( walks inside heads straight for bathroom ) ( Blows it up )

Jesus fucking Christ. White people so fragile that they have to write a damn dissertation whitesplaining whitesplaining. And just fucking bitch about it. In the Facebook comment section, nonetheless.

Imagine if they all came to realize that that is their biggest problem. Their ONLY problem. And it’s really not a problem at all, being called racist, or getting called out for whitesplaining.

Not that they’re being shot, denied jobs, being paid less, or inherently discriminated against for the color of their skin.

Their problem is that they don’t listen. They’re too concerned with their own image to try and empathize with black people. That’s their biggest problem by far.