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It’s officially 2015 in the UK.

I just want to take the time wish some of my favorite people a happy new year.

First of all of course beyonce keep slaying my life queen I don’t ask for much but can you at least give us a heads up when you’re about to interrupt our sleep cause’ all those hours I lost in 2013-2014 takes its toll and oh just know that I’m prepared for 2015.

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I may not have spoke to all of you before but I know that I’ve been following many of you since I started this blog and I love seeing you all on my dash with your perfect edits and gifs and posts and hilarious text posts so I just want thank you all for making my 2 years on this site so enjoyable and fulfilling. I hope the new year treats you well and I wish you guys all the happiness not only in 2015 but beyoncé beyond that. Sorry if I missed anyone and the same goes to all my beautiful followers.

Heres to another 12 months of beyoncéness.

- Edi.

Hello! This is my first follow forever and before anything else, I would like to thank all of my followers for being awesome and appreciating my stuff. This follow forever comes not only as a way of showing some love to my favorite blogs during the holidays, but also because I reached 1k followers a while ago. That being said, if you’re not mentioned here it doesn’t mean you’re not special, because I follow a lot of people and I’m probably gonna forget lots. Happy holidays to all of you loves and a happy new year!!  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hi, it’s almost christmas again and I decided to make a follow forever. This edit is shit but it’s okay. I just want to say thank for following me and making my dash fun and stuff. And if I forgot anyone, I’m sorry.

@5hsquad/ @adelembe/ @aliiciavikander/ @areufauxreal/ @abuzayn/ @arianaholidae/ @acedaya/ @adidashalsey/ @amberslius/ @beezinthetraps/ @beyxminaj/ @burnixminaj/ @bonethuggin/ @beyonoce/ @beigeputa/ @babyniaz/ @bjspears/ @blasiantrash/ @bisexualjosh/ @camilascabello/ @cyberpxpi/ @carterknowles/ @cryingames/ @chrisevas/ @cxrruptedhxppiness/ @cubancoochie/ @demetrialuvater/ @dronkinlove/ @drewsminaj/ @deadzomsen/ @dinahjhane/ @dorkyshidae/ @douchebaguet/ @daddydelrey/ @eachanted/ @emoflaca/ @frannkocean/ @frogmeme/ @fentyjpg/ @frootshow/ @fcbootylona/ @grrlgroups/ @gagasclit/ @getmebodieds/ @gorgejesy/ @givenchique-e/ @ghostgordons/ @hotasice/ @hoeariana/ @hather/ @helsey/ @haileybcldwin/ @hxrrydelrey/ @igglooaustralia/ @itunespolicy/ @justinbieber69/ @jadelust/ @jadelthirlwall/ @jacksgilinsky/ @jesusnelson/ @kesha-rose/ @knwoles/ @katnissverdeen/ @kendrecklamar/ @kellyclarko/ @karuechetran/ @lolyals/ @lydiamurtin/ @latingirlmp3/ @luvemeharder/ @laurenjareuqui/ @laurenjaurejui/ @lov3ly-tanned/ @littliemix/ @lilycolnns/ @mrsbey/ @mileyruinedmylife/ @mvlikks/ @mescoti/ @mcurices/ @mamichampuu/ @mileyswhatsgood/ @nickimlnaj/ @neverevers/ @neelamemoji/ @normallrens/ @onikahminaj/ @oftenmami/ @problematicassharry/ @phendi/ @quecn/ @rihannainfinity/ @rhennasheaux/ @redbottomland/ @rani-kaur/ @rih-annas/ @rihqnna/ @reviaval/ @rihennafenty/ @rihonnas/ @rihannanti/ @royaltys/ @roybnfenty/ @rosaricdawson/ @selexnagomez/ @sassandchanel/ @shepherdsloans/ @selemnagomez/ @styleizbabe/ @stupidies/ @stylesmebarak/ @sufficientlyrandom/ @shaymitchulls/ @slaydele/ @tearthatcherryout/ @tayswitf/ @trapgodbieber/ @troughthedarks/ @tiffanysgorl/ @voguemoan/ @voguekristens/ @yoncey/ @yourstrulys/ @yonceghost/ @yoncesliqua/ @zoellas/ @zayngirlsclub/ @zendazya/ @zaynswifeharrysgf/ @zainjvadds

Have a very great Christmas❤


SURPRISE BEYHIVE! Thank y'all so much for the love and support! I started this blog around May / June and currently accumulated nearly 500 followers! I’m so thankful for each and every one of you lovely people that follow me and now I want to do my first follow forever. *Bolded are some of my favs* 

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**If you aren’t on this one, you probably will be on the Squirticuno one, which is coming up much later!!** –THANK YOU ALL FOR FOLLOWING ME! I LOVE AND APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU! ~Make sure y'all reblog cause I am too tired to tag everybody! hahaha


It’s that time of year again where everyone puts up their New Year/Christmas follow forever’s. Being that this is my first follow forever I  hope I did it some justice. So, to keep it short and sweet, I’m wishing you all a happy new year, may 2015 be a year of new discoveries, memories, love, laughter, inner peace, and everlasting friendships. After all 2015 is all yours. 

* the bolded are some of my faves and/or people who have continually supported me. I love you all so much. xx

# -  300x5 | 711vevo |

A B C -  adoringbeyonce | adoringourfaves | aintnojigga | alcoholz | badboibilli | beoynce | betterthankanyebitchbey-queen | beybhomemaker | beybluejaybeycreative | beyhive1992 | beyking | beylegend | beyloveontop | beyonce beyonce-carter | beyonceandjayz | beyoncebeytwice | beyoncefashionstyle | beyoncegalore | beyoncegifs | beyonceistheblueprintbeyoncelovr | beyonceperformancesbeyoncepictures | beyonceshalo | beyoncespambeyoncexknowlesbeyxminaj | beyonseh | beyrihsus | beyxminajbeyyonces | boyjell | byrongraffiticalzona | carterknowles | checkup-onbeyfashion | cheleny | chescaleigh |

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J K L -  jayonceiv | leawrences | life-of-beyonce | lohanthony

M N O -  mindofataurus | mmwkmls | mothabeyonce | mrmrscarter | mrssurfboard | mrsthirdward | msbeyonceknowles | nahitsbecky

P Q R -  paulwelsey | photograbey | picturetoburn | pinklysmoothqueenbeyaustralia | queenbknowles | queenbupgradedme | ririmykush | rocket-till-waterfalls

S T U -  serfborts | solangesolo | steph-fierce | teamcarters | thebaddiebeythebeyhive | thequeenbey | thirdwardtrills | throwyadiamonds | tylerandco

V W X -  venchy | wadamelen | wakandas | weheartbeyonce

Y Z -  yivialo | yonced | yoncefierce | yoncehaunted | yourhandslaidonmysoul


* And if I’ve missed anyone, I apologize. Making this was more work than I thought.

Much love, Yami 

Hi everyone! It’s Alexis! 

So this is my second ever follow foreverrr!

I’ll try to keep this short, sweet, and simple, but 2014 has been rough for most of us, but let’s look forward to 2015! 2015 will only be great if you make it that way! I’m honestly surprised most of you still follow me and HAHAHA BC SOME OF YOU EVENTUALLY FOLLOWED ME! I KNEW I WOULD MAKE YOU GUYS LOVE ME :) So thank you all for following me!

I’d also like to thank my daddy justinbieber for being mi corazon, my papi and my reason of making this blog! (he’ll probably be like “who tf is this and what does this mean?? lmao)

But anyway, Happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Holidays/etc. and let 2015 be the year where we all glow up, love ourselves more, and whatever else your little hearts desire! I love you all :)

(Btw, no one is bolded bc I feel shitty when I’m in a follow forever and I’m not bolded, plus following each other is no competition! Also, message me if I forgot to add you bc you guys literally change urls every 2 days lol idk why i follow sooo many fucking people but yah man :)  and i’m really sorry the edit’s so shitty but I was struggling like a mf’er trying to make the edit)

SQUAD! (not in alphabetical order): illfuckingbeathefuckoutofyou playstime justinonfleek rauhloser hensenfackles sirrbiebs justinsthotprocess kyanewest suckingshawn fallingfowardbc kliejnner lustin4zustin flatlinnes kustinbieber outslawthekiss chrieber natalinaromanoff allthingschrisbrown sellingweedtojustinbieber fuckinqfool stratfordsown belieber-of-kidrauhl love-jiley-party cailinsruss oneslovs pleasedontleaveemee smilezfan rauhlettes chinnybizzle justinagrandeworld mycobainshirt arianasjoans (even though she’s gone ghost lol) breezyinlove loyauhl connorwalshsquad djtayjamess ujstin jzstinbieber golden-e-y-e-s babysenoritaas

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heyooooooo ok so first, i really can’t thank you enough for following me. i truly wish i could hug each and every single one of you for 4 hours straight. i wish i could have included every single one of my followers in this follow forever but that would be kinda time consuming u know

you guys have always made my time on tumblr so amazing and i honestly love you guys so so much even though i know like two of you personally omg. i could go on and on about how much you guys mean to me but lbr who actually reads these. soooo here are most of the mutuals i’ve either spoken to before or i just admire from afar.~


01feb 18nth 2000yr 2010justin 2011fringeboy 98-yrs


actuallycrying anthonyedwardstarks aristyles arrystyles baeff baeneymar beatricesprior blesskimye bradfordnights breakincjbad ceaseluke cheshere clitt cockblocksquad colton-holland davatos dehaans denielsharman dolllarbills donthaz dylans-obrien everniam feelszarry fireisscatching fuckablestyles fuckmichal fuckyeahzarry gagmeniall gay4zayn getmebodieds


h-styes halfahearts harryedward harryssource/hemmosource harrystyls heavimetal horanyewest hottermelon idioticteen ifuckinghateniall itchytitty itsmuke jasondilaurentis jdaesy kendiall liemspayne literalsame lookatziam louiswilliams louiswiliamtomlinson lukehemmozs lukeshm malikamore malikplanet malilk mcwrap melark mfairchilds michaelccliford michaelgordons motelstyles mustyass nananarry neymarchill niallar nialledwards niallhorav niallllllllllhoran northwinters nozayn 


obrien-poseys olivegarden onedirection paynut payzer perriesicle picturetoburn pikachunxrry playboyziam prayistrash qedro ralndrops rapniall realmadridcfs ridicalum roughness russetts sashtons sdyles selenangomez sixsteen sirpastydick slothblog sophiasmithofficial sourmilkseas starksfell styleharrys styles2k11 styles-malik swedishpapa


thrustingmalik tywin withurlove yayhaz yeahniall yoncewest zainmelik zanemalicks zaynandharrypls zaynboss zaynismuslim zaynmalikds zaynnharry zaynova zaynrocksmyworld zaynshookah zarry zarrycakes zavn-malik zedmaliks zeymar zeysus zustin

i’m almost positive i forgot a bunch of people so im sooooo so so sorry if you’re not here. i still love you a lot <333



I’ve reached 2K followers recently, so I decided to make my first follow forever to commemorate! All the blogs listed here are amazing and I admire every one of them. Thanks for making this mess of a website so interesting!

# - h:

@4gorls @angkorwatt @aphroditehoe @arigransde @ateout @blondesouths @bomshellgzb @burnixminaj @buttromance @celestialheaux @certifiedpornstar @crashthecritics @criminalsofthoughts @cutenun @daniels-gillies @diarih @electratart @entwines @fantasyvevo @feelingtonights @femminize @finnwttrock @floridadark @florlda @gaga-diamonds @gagasapplause @gagasclit @germnotta @getmebodieds @grrlgroups @gumbitch @gyllenaals @gyllenheaux @hisdeadpetz @hotasice @hyoyeonkim

i - q:

@iboughtexotickets @ihatebjork @iheartjade @ilanca @ipodmini @isabelahadid @jacksonsorganictea @juhdas @justdanced @kimkardashiain @kimkardashianweast @kutyperry @lanaspoppingpussy @leanbardodecrepito @lifeinavividdream @loveorfame @madmaxriemelt @mangotaes @marggotrobbie @mariahtwain @marinaandthediamond @mcaufields @melanielaurent @melaniemarteenez @miifighter @missjack @moreiconicthanyou @mvnicure @nataljedormer @nikolekidman @nope @obamaspubes @oniongirl @oscaisaacs @pacifyshers @perfectprimadonna @planthaux @platinumpopdiva @qubanqueer @queenbtchfromhell

r - z:

@ramihmalek @religiousgay @rihtweet @sararamirez @scheisses @slaynashe @slayqa @slayvevo @sulfjan @svvine @takeustoglory @thatxlavenderxblonde @thefamilyjewels @thekawaiiambassador @umathurmans @vcnusfly @versacefame @versacepromises @vulnicureall @woohvn @wonderwomans @yonced @yoncey @yourstrulys @zendazya

Also, a shout-out to the group blogs I’m a part of:

@dailyladygagagifs @glamourxgypsy @minajsreign @theholytrinitygifs

And here is my blogroll, because I follow too many great people and it’d be impossible to mention all of them in one post.

Thank you for following me!


Since Christmas is almost here and I recently reached my follower goal I decided to make my first FF. All of these blogs make tumblr fun and less irritating. Seeing them on my dash brightens my day.Happy Holiday’s you all
badboibilli, beautifulsparks, beyonseh, beystopher, beyyonces, boomxkat, breezyfame, cantbetamed, chrisbronw, cyanpirate, dronkinlove, femburton, fionagoddess, fistopherbrown, frootmas, fuckisonyabiscuit, getmebodies, gurlsunderyou, holdingsback, kimkardashiain, kyliojenner, lightthefuze, loveswepts, mansdowns, mariahcareys, mileycyrs, minajjjeeehhtwaa, minajuana, nickiminvj, nicklminaj, orhgasm, paulwelsey, pinkfrday, pinkfridaybarbie, primrues, reginageorges, rihenna, rihqnna, serfborts, shanghighs, tearthatcherryout, unapologeticz, wadamelen, wolfstrk, yungnics, zustin