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Hey, I was wondering if you can offer up any more ace/aro friendly blogs for me? I've been getting a lot of negativity and it'd be nice for a change of pace on my dash and with followers. Thank you! (This blog is awesome btw)

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me some days: phan is just so obviously real like i cant believe people actually buy into the whole ‘were just friends who have lived together for years and dont openly date others’ crap like jesus christ how dumb can people get

me other days: uGH i must finally admit to myself that my ship isn’t real and i know deep down its all in my head </3 i must not be so fanciful 

Mercy Pt. 3

Here’s the ao3 link.

It’s 2 in the morning when the music finally shuts off, already 3 hours after Dean left hurriedly.  Gabe pokes his head into Cas’ room.  “Hey little bro,” he grins, “saw Dean coming out of your room earlier, anything going on there?”

Cas glances up from the new movie he’s watching (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) to smile innocently at his big brother.  “Hi Gabe, how did the party go?”

Gabe smirks.  “Fun, no thanks to you.  But you didn’t answer my question.  What was Dean doing in your room?”

“Nothing,” Cas shrugs nonchalantly, but his burning cheeks give him away.

“Nothing my ass,” Gabe laughs, “but I’ll make you a deal.”  Cas face turns impossibly redder at even the mention of the word ‘deal’.

“You come help me clean up, and then I’ll leave you alone about this.  For now.”

Cas groans.  “Fine.”  He pauses the movie and slides off the bed, rolling his sleeves up.   “Let’s get to work.”

The next day is a blur, an exhausted, homework-filled blur.  Cas barely has time to even think about Dean until he hits the pillow Sunday night and it all comes back.  He finds himself grinning like an idiot as his mind replays the events of the night before.  “Tomorrow,” Cas thinks to himself happily, “Tomorrow in Latin class I’ll finally see Dean again and I can ask for his number.”  He falls asleep with fantasies of Dean pushing him against the lockers and kissing him hard.

Periods one through seven drag on mercilessly.  It seems like years before Cas finally makes it to Latin class, and he’s ready to jump Dean as soon as he sees him by the time the seventh period bell rings.  But when Castiel walks in to Latin class, Dean isn’t there.

The bell rings and Dean still isn’t there.  “It’s fine,” Cas thinks to himself nervously, “Dean probably just got held up or something.  He’ll be here soon.”

Five minutes later, there’s still no sign of Dean.  Castiel is trying not to freak out.  “Dean deserves someone like Anna Milton, someone on his level.  God Cas, you’re such an dumbass.”

Ten minutes later and Cas is near hysterics. “Oh god, I must have messed up or something and now Dean’s cutting class to avoid me.  He hates me, he hates me, he hates me.  I’m such a idiot for thinking that a hot, football-playing senior would ever be interested in me.”

Mr. Uriel begins to take attendance.  “Castiel” he calls out and Cas raises his hand.

“Here,” he mutters distractedly.

The teacher continues to go down the list, calling out different names until he gets to the end.  “Dean?” he asks, “Dean Winchester?  Is he here?”

“No sir,” one of Dean’s teammates pipes up, “he’s not in school today.”

Cas lets out a breath, relaxing.  “He’s just absent, not avoiding you.”  He tenses up again almost immediately.  “Dean missed an entire day of school to get rid of you, look what you did.”

The rest of last period is spent formulating a plan to steal Gabriel’s cellphone, get Dean’s number, and then text Dean to tell him that it’s ok, he doesn’t owe Cas any favors.  He can just say goodbye and go on with his life, no feeling hurt.  Last period, needless to say, sucks.  Royally.

When he finally makes it to Gabe’s car at the end of the day, Castiel is miserable.

“Hey little bro!” Gabriel grins easily when Cas slides into the front seat of his neon blue bug at the end of the school day.

“Hey,” Cas mumbles.

“Woahhhh buddy, who peed in your cheerios?  Mr. Uriel hit you with a pop quiz or something?” Gabe pulls out of the school parking lot, turning right to head back to the Novak house.

“Nah, it’s just - “ Cas cuts off, reluctant to admit to his older brother that he’s in such a bad mood because Dean was absent.

“C’mon Cassie, you can tell me anything,” Gabe teases.

“DoyouknowwhereDeanwastoday?” Cas blurts out in a rush.

Gabe’s face falls and he stares at the road ahead, suddenly very concentrated.  “Cassie, uh, I don’t think think I can tell you.  I’m not sure Dean wants people knowing yet.”

A myriad of worst case scenarios run through Castiel’s head.  Someone died.  They’re being deported.  John was arrested.  “Gabe please,” he chokes, “please I gotta know.  Is something wrong?  Does he hate me?”

“What?  Why would he hate you?”

“Never mind,” Cas shakes his head, “What’s wrong?”

“Cas…” Gabe realizes he doesn’t know how to finish the sentence and trails off uncomfortably.

“Am I ever gonna see him again?” Castiel’s breath becomes shallow.

“Jesus bro yes, he’s fine.  No one’s dead, they’re all gonna be ok.”  Gabe glances over at Cas, surprised at his sudden emotional state.

“Gonna be?  So they’re not ok right now?  What’s wrong? ” Cas’ eyes are wide and his hands shake.

“Fine!  I’ll tell you!  But would you stop with the freaking puppy dog eyes?”

Castiel nods tightly and Gabe sighs, leaning back in the driver’s seat.  “It happened the night of the party,” he begins.

Honestly at this point, y’all should expect a cliff hanger.  Let me know what you think!  Part 4 or nah?

Thank you to everyone who sent in messages  You’re the reason I’m writing!  @pie-getme-somepie @ohiocnk-80q3 @rainbowsandwiches @stepha333 @howlatthatmoonwithmewinchester @wnchestersheaven @infinity-letters @mishacollins-ismyspiritanimal @aha-fuckthisshitimout @oliviaxwonderland

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LADY KATSA of The Graceling Series

“How absurd it was that in all seven kingdoms, the weakest and most vulnerable of people - girls, women - went unarmed and were taught nothing of fighting, while the strong were trained to the highest reaches of their skill.”