kageyama tobio otome game route!

↳ a first year in karasuno high school, you’re classmates with grumpy kageyama tobio. a prodigy as a volleyball player since middle school with the nickname “king of the court”, you develop a crush for his devotion to volleyball. however, your confession ended up in (obvious) failure. on the plus side, he’s agreed to be friends! as you get to know him better, you realise he isn’t who you thought he was…

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Hey, I was wondering if you can offer up any more ace/aro friendly blogs for me? I've been getting a lot of negativity and it'd be nice for a change of pace on my dash and with followers. Thank you! (This blog is awesome btw)

Here are all of the ace and/or aro blogs I follow:































@asexualidadhispanoamericana (spanish)

@avenitas (spanish)















And if the trolls get too bad for you, @lordilover1 will hunt them down and beat them up with a spatula. 


Bottled - A Haikyuu!! food zine

As some of you might’ve known from my tumblr/twitter/instagram feeds, I have been working on a lot of food themed Haikyuu!! artworks lately, and I am very pleased to announce that I have compiled them into this zine!

A collection of food themed Haikyuu!! fan arts, painted using watercolors.  Pre-order starts from August 15th 2015 and ends on September 15th  2015. The books will take approximately two weeks to be made, and shipping will start from late September 2015.

There are two options available, Feast Bundle and book only.

Feast Bundle will contain:

  • A5 sized book
  • 30 full color pages printed on 150 gsm art paper.
  • Soft cover with perfect binding.
  • Contains 26 illustrations.
  • Bundle will contain two macaron buttons, one prism bookmark, and one egg stickers sheet. (prism bookmark looks like this:
  • Macaron buttons options are Kageyama & Hinata, Suga & Daichi, Kuroo & Kenma, and Oikawa & Iwaizumi.

Book only bundle will contain:

  • One Bottled book
  • One egg stickers sheet

I ordered the prism bookmarks from abroad, and they might take some time to arrive in where I live. If things don’t go according to schedule, shipment might start from early October instead. I am very sorry for the uncertainty, but I hope the final product will be worth the wait. :)

If you’re interested, do check it out here:

Hello, please stop asking me where I make my merch

I’ve kinda just been deleting or ignoring the comments/asks for the most part but there are some people who are really earnest and nice in their ask, and I feel really bad for not replying. I’ve made a couple posts on twitter on it, but they’ve usually ended up as discussions or only seen by other friends who relate so I decided just to write a thing on my tumblr making this request: please stop asking me where I make my merch.

It’s not a rude question to ask, but I find a lot of questions can be answered with a little bonding time with google. Here’s what I pulled up in five minutes:

If you are in the merch-making game and just want to expand your resources, by all means; but I’m just letting it known that I don’t share my resources outside of my friend groups or mutual followings. Its not because I’m particularly “secretive” or all these other things that people tend to assume because someone is withholding information. It’s because the resources that my friends share with me and I with them - we have spent days, weeks, months talking to vendors and getting quotes, doing group orders (because there are minimum order quantities). A lot of money is spent on samples, shipping costs, and test print runs. As well there’s the mental wellbeing of hoping everything arrives on time, making sure you’re there to pick up packages, and storage for all the extras. That’s time, work, and effort that’s valuable imo and I’m not willing to just give these resources away.

I hope this doesn’t discourage anyone from making merch (because it’s fun and nice for making new friends too). I also really appreciate the support people give me when they buy the merch, because seeing people use the stuff I made/designed is really hella rad and makes the effort worth it, outside the self-indulgence aspect of it.

This is longer than I intended but yeah, please stop asking me about where I make my merch and ask/talk to me about pens instead.