ATTENTION MIDWEST! We are very proud to announce the dynamic duo of @wenramen (work on left) and @matthew_gordon (work on right) of @conspiracyinctattoo will be guesting with us from Aug 10-17! DO NOT MISS OUT. Otherwise you’ll have to go to NYC, Austin TX or GERMANY to get work! Spots are absolutely sure to go quickly (cause I’m stealing one from each) so book NOW by emailing Wendy: with subject of USA! For Matthew: also with the subject heading USA! ACT NOW NOW NOW NOW!!! These guys are fucking amazing and you. are. not. worthyyyyyyyyy. #spiritustattoo #conspiracyinc #getiton

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I have this piece available to be tattooed. If you are able to come see me tomorrow morning, Monday arvo or Tuesday I will do it for a very very good price. Reply ASAP or inbox me on Facebook: “Aidan "Sprinkles” Mckenzie" if you’re keen. #sprinks #skully #tattoosketch #getiton #whowantsit (at The Glebe Boys Spoon Drawer)

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So this was taken recently on set.
it could something, it could mean nothing.
but i’m choosing to believe that this is another beautiful Caryl encounter in the making

and the fact that Norms is topless makes me think of the lovin’ in the woods for our babies…!

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good still, my trembling Caryl heart!!