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“…The blues is like the devil, it comes on you like a spell…”

…"it will leave your heart full of trouble and your poor mind full of hell.“ - Lonnie Johnson
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I call this "getting the devil out”…..Yin gets these sudden “ I am going to run all over the place like a crazy dog!!! get the hell out of the way!!!” :D ;D


Uber is returning and Avatar are running a Kickstarter to Support it. Donโ€™t know about Uber? The video above basically explains it, but the core of it is Uber is a serious-mode alternate-history superhero comic that tries to explore the ramifications of Germany having invented an army of superhumans right at the close of the war. Itโ€™s primarily a Germany-Invents-The-Bomb story, but through a metaphorical filter. We did five trades of material previously, and are coming back to finish the story with a whole second volume.

Lots more details beneath the cut, including a look through the various incentives and a FAQโ€ฆ

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