gethin antony

RingCon Adventure Day2

(Again: I hate phone blogging so this is going to be briefly)

- the Finn Jones and Gethin Antony Panel was so great. Like how can you not ship those two
- Finn Jones is such an awesome guy!! I really don’t know how to say it in better words
- I got a picture with Finn Jones in which I don’t look crappy (which is my biggest success of the day!)
- as always the starkid panel was soo cool
- and omg their show. It was a whole musical show
- our photos with starkid are also soo funny
- after the photoshoots I didn’t want to buy anything anymore, but ended up buying one of Joe’s Panda Shirts
- Tessa is also sooo sweet

Okay enough for today, more tomorrow and on Monday I’ll post some pictures :D