It’s about that time when lots of people get lazy and tired of their New Year’s resolutions. I’m posting this to let you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Do not give up! It is amazing what you can conquer in a years time.❤️💪 #newviewnewyou #getfitwithkate #fitness#fitblr#fitspo #healthy#youcandoit#dontgiveup#workout#beforeandduring

On your journey you learn to love yourself. Each and every person deserves to be loved. Love from the lord and loving yourself are the two most rewarding and purest loves of all.#getfitwithkate #newviewnewyou #fitness#fitblr#fitspo#vsx#workout#love#faith#motivation#throwback #workhard#beforeandduring#trainandtransform#stength#lifting#healthy#lifestyle#selfvalue#selfworth

Today makes the one year make from when I decided to change my whole life. I have so much to be thankful for. I have the best support system anyone could ever dream of having. I feel so blessed to be apple to help and inspire people of all ages all over the world. From my family and friends to the followers of my blog and Instagram; I am thankful for everyone of you. It is YOU that has helped me in my bad time and YOU who motivated me everyday. You will never know how much you all truly mean to me and how much of an impact you have placed in my heart. Happy thanksgiving my loves. Now, go eat some turkey! ❤️ 💋 #getfitwithkate#newviewnewyou#thankful#blessed#loved#fitness#fitblr#fitspo#eatallthefood

The battle: You VS. Yourself

          A little self-criticism can be a good thing. A small amount of negative self-talk can motivate you and also give you a reality check. But too much self-criticism can have a very negative effect on a person. According to the article “Negative Self-Talk: 9 Ways To Silence Your Inner Criticexcessive self-criticism tends to backfire, because it leads us to focus on our “failures” instead of things we could do to improve ourselves. This article gives 9 tips and tricks a person can do to tackle their negative self-critic.

          Picture a box in your mind; put all your negative thoughts into the box. Seeing a tiny box in your mind shows the actual size of the problem and helps you feel more confident. Try The Power Of Possible Thinking. When we tell ourselves positive things when we are down, you end up feeling worse; how can this be?! Our internal lie detector goes off and just makes up feel like crap. Ask yourself if you’re really so guilty. For example: let’s say you have been working out hard for a whole week and you skip one day (or two) to go hang out with your friends. Many people would instantly feel guilty for skipping the gym; DON’T. Calm down, it’s not the end of the world.  Our lives need hard work and relaxation to work. Always try to put a better spin on things. Instead of telling yourself you suck at something, just simply change your mindset to how you might not be good at it now but you can and will improve. Another tip is to ask yourself: What would my Best Friend say? If you wouldn’t say it to your friend, don’t say it to yourself. Another tip to try is to give your inner critic a name. If you give it a silly name you will be less likely to take your inner voice seriously. You can also trying giving your rants a name also! Another thing to keep in mind is: Shame only has meaning and works if we keep things a secret.  Pick up the phone and call someone! If you don’t want to physically talk about it, text it out.  Lastly, embrace your imperfections. No one is perfect, and the faster you come to terms with that, the faster you can move on.

          Generally, we are our own worst enemy. I know many people, myself included, that challenge their limits everyday. If I slip up the slightest bit I beat myself up over it for hours, sometimes even days. I talk negatively and down to myself over and over again. Beating yourself up is never going to make anything any better and it will not change what has been done. Focus on the positive things! Take a step back and look at everything you have accomplished thus far. Learning to love yourself is the first, and the most crucial, step in learning how to love life.

Listen to your body!

Being sick and telling myself I can’t go to the gym,especially on leg day, is literally one of the hardest things for me to do. I’ve been sick for the past few days and have continued to go to the gym thinking I would just get better. I woke up this morning sicker then I have been a long time and I decided to not go to the gym this morning. You need to listen to your body. If you’re sick, you’re sick. Let you’re by recover and then head back to the gym. You do not ever want to overwork yourself in a negative way!

What is CrossFit?

         What is CrossFit? CrossFit is a program developed to offer a full- body workout. Cardio, weight lifting, gymnastics,and many other types of exercise are offered in these intense workouts. The workout a CrossFiter undergoes is nothing to joke about; this is some insanely difficult stuff! Cross fit has been given a bad reputation by several people. Many people believe that it is very harmful to the body and causes many injuries. Is this true? If you are not in the correct form and doing a CrossFit WOD(workout of the day) , YES, you will injure yourself and it will be harmful to your body.

         I was one of those people that were Anti-CrossFit until Last Saturday. My gym partner and I completed our first CrossFit workout and feel in love!  It’s very empowering. After we finished we felt like we were going to throw up but we also felt like we were on top of the world. We were hooked after that moment. Lots of reviews I have read over people trying CrossFit have said similar things. It makes you compete against yourself. You strive to finish and you don’t stop until you have completed your WOD. Even if you are puking  in a bucket when  you are finished or lying on the floor shaking, at least your finished it! 

         So, how do I feel about CrossFit? I love it. I feel like everyone should at least try it once before just going off of what you hear about it. There is so much to love about CrossFit. 

Twas the week of finals,

        The week has arrived; the week all  of us college students have anticipated all semester; FINALS WEEK!  All of your procrastination has caught up to you. You become overwhelmed with stress and just want to sleep. Many people will turn to food when they are stressed; is this you? I read an awesome article that lists 5 ways to stop stress eating. 

         Should you really eat that piece of cake, or should you substitute it for an apple instead? Use the Eat this, Not that method. I use this method daily. This can help you not do major damage if you do decide to stress eat.

         Instead of opening a bag of potato chip, bust of some pistachios! Pistachios are super tasty and good for you! You are still getting the crunchy, salty taste just in a much more healthier form! What’s better than that?!

         When we see the color red what do we associate with it? When I see red, I think stop. Try eating on a red plate of putting a red piece of paper on your fridge. This will tell you that enough is enough of to not even go there.

         Lend yourself the wrong hand. What does that mean? If you are right handed, try eating with your left hand; and vise versa. This will make it more difficult to eat and will make you more mindful of your food.

         Calm down and take it easy. You have made it this fair. Sit down and drink some hot tea. Take a moment to breath. Unplug yourself for the social world. It is important that you take a moment to just be at peace once in awhile.(: