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Girl, go for the long dress! I know it has a lot less votes, but people are trying to play it safe. I think the maxi looks amazing :) And you should definitely be wearing it.. I would <3

I think i really really agree. I knew how I felt the moment I got upset that people weren’t liking it haha. 

Thanks sweetie!

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Hahaha, that’s embarrassing for me then cause I speak/hear it every day but I still can’t translate well! Pretty much cause it’s easier to understand things in context and not word for word, I would say :)

Well, I guess that in everyday type of stuff it’s not so bad. You don’t need to use fancy tenses and can simplify things. Like you said, I can understand context fairly well…if someone says something really long, I’ll be able to know what the person is saying even though I might not understand a lot of the words or specific tenses used. I’m still learning though and I’d like to be able to use everything when I speak which is the more difficult part. Hopefully I’ll be more confident next summer and try to use my German more often. Weight loss is totally a part of that!

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German is SHIT. I’ve been living here for two years now, and let me tell you - it never gets easier.

hahaha, mine’s not bad, I guess. The problem is that I don’t use it everyday and haven’t in a while so I’m forgetting the really simple things and it’s frustrating me. But yeah, I usually have trouble understanding a lot of the more complex tenses, like right now. I was trying to translate: “Ein Weg der gegangen werden muss” and although I know what every word means, I couldn’t put it together XDD

Oh well.

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Hahaha, I never even wear pants anymore! Cause my old ones have become too saggy and ya, my body’s still changing so I don’t want money to go to waste. I guess it’s good that girls can wear leggings :)

I decided to wear the khakis today….they’re definitely big on me in the waist, but I think the leg parts fit better than my jeans do.

I just wish my stomach region would shrink more/first. I still feel huge because of the top half. *sigh*