Todays motivation:

Its hard to start motivating and staying motivated. But the thing is, your body won’t change unless you do something. Actions do (in this case) speak louder than words! Whenever I’m lacking motivation I go on my blog and think “If I want a change I better be doing something to see the change, I want to look good, I want to feel confident, I want to be _____.” For me I want to look healthy and feel healthy, to fit in my old pair of jeans. To remember what it feels like to put on something and not feel like I have to suck in to make it look good on me. I want those changes, but eating unhealthy and not working out will not show any results. SO GET YOUR ASS UP AND LETS START SEEING RESULTS PPL

When you finish THAT super hard workout, but nobody cares so you gotta be like :

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Hey, if I am trying to gain muscle and become more toned am I going to lose fat in the process? For example if I am running, doing squats, planking, etc etc. Thanks!


Exercising will boost your metabolism that will help your burn more calories at rest. But it also all depends on your nutrition, make sure your eating right and you will get the results you want.

More info on how to eat according to your goals:

Down 5 more pounds!

Honestly, I was surprised that I lost that much. I have been keeping to my meal plan, but no extra exercise the last few weeks (more than my normal day to day activity). House hunting has kept me pretty busy. But I am super excited that I managed this loss with diet alone!

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I feel so much ( longer?! ) in my full body pictures now vs. when I was 300+lbs.

Highest Weight: 315.6lbs
Before Picture: Around 290 lbs
“After” Picture: 217.6 lbs

Yesterday I got told I am “getting so skinny”. I know I am no where close to skinny but the compliment was nice nevertheless.


so hi, guys!! as you probably noticed, I wasnt here a lot lately.. but now I am back. and I am here to talk to you about my transformation!!! O:) Here are my BEFORE AND AFTER pics!!!!! yaaaaay!!!!! 
SO you see the picture on the left, how my tighs are all big and are touching and all that??? well look at the pic on the right!!!! AMAZING RIGHT??? and that THIGH GAP??? damn, giiiirl, looking great right??????? I know, I know, you are probably asking yourself: “ How did she do that??” or some other shit, but let me tell you something.
All I did, was push my pelvis slightly backwards and this is a result. The pic on the left is how I normally stand or how I take pictures for this blog….. this is how my thighs really look like. 
MY point here??? Be careful with the things you see online and dont be discouraged by BEFORE and AFTER photos… or that your weightloss is not moving fast enough.. let me assure you, that SHITLOAD of “ TRANSFORMATION” pics are taken like this. 

Also, it´s ok, not to wear NIKE PRO to the gym or some other super expensive shit.. these pants are from Tesco.. and price was 9€… so lets be real for a sec.. Wear what you want, but know that you dont have to wear expensive clothes to be able to enjoy a good workout. 

(update: i have lost 40 pounds from august to jan. Between the two pics have around 15 lbs) Same mirror different reflection :) i know i am still far from the goal but this shorts gonna fit soon :)
SW: 254 lbs
CW: 215 lbs
GW: 132 lbs

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