Updates (I know, like you really need another post from me today)

  • I ran a mile tonight. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is a big step forward for me coming off this back injury. I’m still learning to trust my legs a little bit (my knee compartment in my left leg is still residually a little weird, nervy, stiff, numb, whatever), and I’m not trying to push it too much. Feels good. I’m just not sure how you people run on treadmills forfreakingever. I am so bored without the distraction of the world happening around me. A hamster I am not. 
  • I scheduled a consult with Annie Lloyd of Three Kings Tattoo (, and I am super pumped about the possibility of getting this done by such a great artist.
  • Doing a little Panera for dinner (chopped chicken cobb is pretty good), and trying to get my fantasy football act together, but my mind is elsewhere.