scarlett-ferraby  asked:

Does this come up as black and white or color emoji

All emojis listed on show in color when using:

If using Windows 8.1, only Internet Explorer has the capability at present to display emoji in color. Firefox and Chrome will show them in black and white.

Firefox in the background (left), Internet Explorer in the foreground (right).

When using Twitter and Facebook, these websites replace the native black and white emoji with their own custom emoji after making a post.

Here is what the emojis look like after posting to Twitter or Facebook.

anonymous asked:

Hello - There is great demand for a cheese themed Emoji. A block of cheese, a slice of swiss, anything. I personally know of several people who would find great joy in having access to something like this. Could you add in the next update? THANKS!

There is a mouse, but no cheese! Alas the Unicode update 7.0 for 2014 has already been finalised, and cheese is not on the list. Perhaps the following update may provide some cheesy relief.

The mouse emoji: still awaiting a cheese emoji.