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Hello! Awhile back when you first released "Love Again", I sent you an ask about when it would be on sale. I recently saw another one of your songs, "Anymore", and realized you released the album! I wanted to say that I love your voice, your lyics, and the music you make. This is a wonderful album! Thank you!

aww thank you so much, that’s so sweet! i’m really pleased with how that album came out and it means so much to me how many people have come out to say nice things and support me.

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i require my future partner to be exactly like you. you are amazing ; v;

Oh dear, your partner then would be like:

  • Taking on food challenges, seeing it through even though they should have stopped a lonnnnnng time ago
  • Frequent napper
  • Buys lots of video games but doesn’t play any of them
  • inappropriate times to release gas near the significant other
  • uses a penguin plushie as a puppet
  • uses the penguin plushie to jump up and down on the significant other
  • really bizarre snapchat humour

But thank you! LOL :D


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is there a place to download "love again"? i'm absolutely obsessed with it and can't stop listening. ;o; i knew your art was amazing, but it's my first time listening to your voice! you're super duper talented!!

ahh thank you, that’s very kind!

so far i only have a demo completed of the song. it will be on the next album i make, which will hopefully be ready some time after summer. i have enough songs written for the album, but as of yet haven’t had the chance to record finished versions of most of them (or at least, not ones that i like) so it’s really just a matter of me getting the time to record some music.

getdunked said: it might be because we can’t get onto your tumblr? >: or maybe it’s just me. it says the page can’t be located when i try to click on it

thats weird, i can get on just fine and so can others ; 3 ; are you sure its the right URL?


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getdunked replied to your post: I’m bored so I signed up  on gaia…

Do you mind if we add you on Gaia? o:

Add away! I’m Owlscape on Gaiaonline. I don’t mind adding random peeps or chatting on there.

I can’t guarantee I’ll be super duper into gaia, I’m mostly just dicking around out of boredom and seeing what my old stomping grounds use to look like.

So bored, so few spoons, not a lot to do.

Now I’m just looking for some sort of fun little crown like item to wear to be a diva slave.