ATTENTION! This is the OFFICIAL announcement. Tomorrow will mark exactly 1 month til’ C’s 4th anniversary. And as such, we plan to send flowers again to his resting place to pay our respects. For those of you that don’t know, our PayPal account is You can either send directly to us, or we are also in the process of setting up another online account, like last year where we can keep track of the amount we raised. We also have another little something in the works for Corey too, so stay tuned! #HaimArmy #ForCorey

We Remember (Mar. 2014)”. If you plan to participate in our March 10 tweet-a-thon for Corey, please let @neverforgethaim know or drop a comment here on tumblr.  #NeverForgetHaim #WeRemember

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Help Corey Haim get his Hollywood Star! (by anastasiaqc)


Corey Haim: A Thousand Years (by TheDoorMouseTeapot)

A little reminder, please sign #GetCoreyastar


ATTENTION. We have set up a Chipin fund you will see to the right of the Give Corey A Star tumblr page. Haimsters, should you wish to join us in giving Corey a special gift, you can give a couple $ towards our fund to get Corey a presentation of White Roses (his favourite) which will be delivered directly to him at Pardes Shalom on March 10.

Closes March 3.

Honour COREY HAIM with us on March 10


In honour of Corey on March 10 join us on twitter for #getcoreyastar #coreyhaim appreciation. Please use #getcoreyastar #RIPCoreyHaim  on the 10th to honour the Haimster.

Commencing at following times: 7:30am PST// 10:30am EST// 3:30pm UK   

RSVP to @neverforgethaim !

Thank you to everyone who took part in the tweetathon for Corey’s 41st Birthday.


Come on Haimsters - no submissions yet? Be creative ! And let’s make Corey’s Mom smile x


JENNIFER SHIRLEY: “And for the second announcement, Judy’s birthday is coming up, on September 16th. I want to put a fan video together of all of us wishing her a happy birthday. If you don’t want to make a video, you can just make a sign and take a picture and send it to me. #BirthdayVideo4Judy ON TWITTER @neveforgethaim or via email And we could use this as a opportunity to reassure her that we want a star for her son, now more than ever! #BirthdayVideo4Judy