Huck: Five. One for the dog. 

Huck shut it down in this episode.

Didn’t you go crazy when Becky answered her phone and Huck said to her - Hi? 

Didn’t you stand up and say yes #GetBecky when Huck said to her - “Five. One for the Dog.”

Didn’t you roll your eyes when Becky revealed her real name - Kate.

Didn’t you agree with Huck when he said back to Becky it doesn’t matter?


Huck: Liv, I wouldn’t let you down this time. I promise.

When Huck says this to Olivia, this is another layer to what he is not saying. Is he blaming himself for letting Becky do this not only to Fitz but to her too? I think he’s apologizing for that. Remember what he told her back in 2x09 -

Do I tell you who to love.

(gif: husssel)

That line is just another emotional connection between Olivia and Huck. Rembmer that Chinese Wall Olivia has with Edison? Huck is going to have it with everyone else now. It’s going to take awhile for him to get back to some degree of ‘normal.’

Once Olivia knows Huck got #GetBecky plan, she’s onto her next mission - #VisitFitz.