The Signs Driving

Z O D I A C G U I D E  / /  I G

Aries: actually pretty mellow but they can get feisty

Taurus: practically the greatest getaway driver you could have

Gemini: has the most bomb ass playlists going at all times

Cancer: either wayy too concentrated or wayy not

Leo: doesn’t even drive yet so is just chillin

Virgo: has major road rage issues and gets mad at everyone on the road

Libra: speedy driver but is somehow safe about it wtf

Scorpio: literally the best ever no questions asked

Sagittarius: makes everyone in the car nervous cuz is always worried

Capricorn: pretty normal driver tbh is aggressive when necessary 

Aquarius: follows the rulebook and is the best designated driver

Pisces: doesn’t look when they back up and hopes for the best

I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am a member of the Imperial Senate on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan.

Princess Leia Organa, STAR WARS: A New Hope

I’ve never doubted how big a badass Leia is but listen, this quote - in light of the final scene of Rogue One - this quote becomes a great reminder that she’s got nerves of durasteel. It’s like being the getaway driver for a bank robbery then getting pulled over by a cop who chased you from the crime scene, murdering your accomplices and you straight-faced say “No officer, I’m just on my way home from work.”

shit my friends and i have said starter meme. pt. i.
  • i just need to make a cake and then i’ll be back to normal. 
  • i just showed up to my final. without a pencil. like a jackass.
  • how did she lose four phones in less than a month?
  • the ghost from the ouija board told me to send it nudes.
  • listen, man, i was only the getaway driver.
  • oh, no. i’m totally better than all of you.
  • i refuse to partake in any of this, but that doesn’t mean i won’t post screenshots of this on tumblr.
  • who the fuck goes to the club on a monday?
  • i looked like a baked potato.
  • never be ashamed of your kinks. 
  • i realize that you’re probably working, but fuck you for not answering. i was going to ask what kind of girl scout cookies you like but since you didn’t answer i just got samoas i hope you fucking hate them.
  • one of my sims woohoo’d this old guy and as soon as they were done he fucking died and she slept with the grim reaper.
  • if you give me $300, i will totally let you beat the shit out of me. 
  • the people across from us are taking pictures and being hella loud and playing music. can i play heavy metal until they leave? 
  • i thought i was being productive by starting the history reading early, but i got halfway through chapter one and started crying over the dumbass that was christopher columbus. 
  • my eyebags are so bad that it looks like i was just punched in the face twice.
  • then we have ____, who is pure salt.
  • listen, if i’m suffering, i’m making you suffer with me.
  • i don’t even care that he called me a hater and tweeted while speaking to me, this is just artful levels of petty.
  • you know you’re depressed when you’re just eating a container of cookie dough.
  • can you believe columbus went from studying ocean currents and wind patterns to committing genocide? 
  • our evil sim officially has three girlfriends and one mortal enemy. 

Everyone in the crew has their own individual roles right? Like Jack’s on flight duty or takes on the role of getaway driver, Michael’s got explosives on lock, etc. etc. 

While Mica helps out with a lot of different areas of the crew, I like to imagine Mica’s the sole person in charge of disguises.

She’s got everyone’s measurements practically memorized for custom pieces (Ryan’s shoulders are often too broad for jackets, Michael’s calves are tight in a lot of jeans, Jack values comfort above all else and lots of clothing binds in awkward places).

Whenever they need to go undercover, or simply want to hide their identities while out and about, Mica’s easily their go-to. Her proficiency with makeup and prosthetics, not to mention her arsenal of wigs and accessories, would make the top Hollywood makeup artists envious. With relative ease (though she needs time), she can make the crew completely unrecognizable. During downtime, Jeremy tries picking up on the basics of it all,  just in case they need a second person.

She’s also a great voice coach and knows more accents than she could ever care to count. (She knows a bunch of languages fluently too but, kind of aside the point)

Also, please imagine how bomb-ass Halloween heists would be.

ok so here’s the premise
peter capaldi is ben c’s dad and he’s gay and ben’s gay too and ben’s mom left them because peter was gay and went to america and had another child thats glenn howerton’s character
ben doesn’t know he has a brother and one day he visits because he also didnt know he had a brother so theyre trying to reconnect
and then glenn’s character robs a bank and ben and his boyfriend richard who were just trying to have a nice night out become unwitting participants and get away drivers because they think theyre just picking glenn up from? idk a club? (imagine richard ayoade as an unwitting bank heist getaway driver)
and of course peter gets involved somehow too and yells a lot and the night keeps escalating (but theres a happy ending for the gays)
oh also glenns character doesnt need the money he just robbed the bank on a whim for the thrill of it and everyones like WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU and he’s bizarrely calm

the problem with becoming a career criminal is the same as with finding a legal job. you think you can get a decent position with the mob if you dont know a guy on the inside already? you think you’re gonna become a cat burglar without knowing a fence??? you gotta network, jackass. look at you. you got a robbery degree from crimes university but you’re wasting it on muggings ‘cause anything better you gotta be best friends with a crooked bank teller and a getaway driver.

FAHC Gavin Headcanons
  • despite growing up in a very small town in England, his family is super wealthy. that’s why he constantly splurges on top-of-the-line stuff. it’s just what he’s used to
  • he’s a pyromaniac & has been kicked out of several private schools for starting fires
  • he stopped setting fires at school after he accidentally caught Dan’s bed on fire and almost burned down the entire dormitory
  • he’s mostly indifferent towards his family back in England, which can be frustrating for those in the crew who don’t have a family back home
  • he is literally incapable of sitting still most of the time, and the crew knows to be worried when he’s quiet and not fidgeting because it means something is seriously wrong
  • he’s a jack of all trades, the most versatile member of the main crew. he’s their explosives guy when Michael can’t be, their hacker when Ashley’s unavailable, the getaway driver if Jack or Lindsay can’t be. the only job he can’t really do is Ryan’s, bc well, to be someone’s “muscle”, you kind of need to have some muscle
  • yeah, he’s a Brit, but his favorite holiday is the Fourth of July because FIREWORKS
  • he is clumsy as fuck. if anything gets broken around HQ, 99% of the time, it’s his fault. but he’s always good for replacing whatever it was that he broke, even if it does sometimes take him six weeks to remember that “oh yeah, I owe Michael a new Xbox controller”
  • he keeps his work visa by doing freelance camera work around the city. he mostly shoots commercials, but every once in a while he’ll fill in at the local news stations. in fact, that’s how he met Meg

aus i wanna make:
- post-scarif force ghosts
- 18th century pirates, bodhi sick of captaining for the British East India company eventually joins paths with a band of anti-imperialist pirates led by cassian. Maybe there’s krakens involved, jyn has a Mysterious Secret (she’s a weather witch its awesome), and Chirrut is good with ghosts even though it kind of makes Cassian unconfortable.
- of course the subway au in which cassian’s on his way to a protest and bodhi’s on his way back from testifying as a whistleblower and they find and share a full bottle of wine on the train, maybe ending up at the same protest afterwards
- coffee shop/kinda superhero au where cassian runs a coffee shop by day and is a vigilante by night and meets bodhi, a photographer and ex-getaway driver looking for a place to showcase his student’s work
- everyone lives au where they retire to a tree house after the battle of endor and accidentally adopt a ton of war orphans

Knife Edge

Pairing: Regulus Black x Lily Evans

AU: Non-magical, 1920′s bank robbers AU

Word Count: 1,452

Written For: saycheesebiscuits

The Marauders are famous.

Not Dillinger-famous—is Dillinger even Dillinger-famous?—but their faces are printed on tattered newsstand Wanted posters and their heists are usually talked about for a few days or weeks or months depending on how stupid they make the authorities look and they have charming public personas and flatly ridiculous nicknames and in certain back-alley underground circles in Chicago and St. Louis and New York they’re basically celebrities, contraband whiskey on the house and one, two, three cheers all around—

The Marauders are famous.

They’re famous for being crafty; for being tricky; for outsmarting the bank managers and the policemen and the prison wardens and always—always—always getting away with it. They’re also famous for something else, something that Regulus doesn’t connect to Lily Evans until she’s already irrevocably immersed in his bed and his blood and life.

The Marauders’ getaway driver is a girl.

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Random Wally West Headcanon

Wally will never admit it to his family, but when he was really, REALLY hurting for cash, he would hire out his services as a getaway driver. Leonard Snart was one of his favourite employers because he always made sure Wally stayed out of danger and got a fair cut.

Today’s the biggest day in any teenager’s life: your driving test. If you pass this, you’ll finally be able to get your license and be a functioning member of society, just like everybody at school. You get in the car for your exam and a few minutes later, a scruffy man with some tattoos gets in. He doesn’t strike you as much the instructorly type, but you go with it. You begin your exam but after a few blocks, some police cars with their sirens on begin to gain on you. “Shit,” your instructor mutters, “time for plan B.” Next thing you know there’s a gun to your head and you’re a getaway driver for a jewel heist. You HATE living in Los Santos…


The official trailer for Baby Driver is here!

Talented getaway driver Baby (Ansel Elgort) relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. After meeting the woman (Lily James) of his dreams, he sees a chance to ditch his criminal lifestyle and make a clean break. Coerced into working for a mob boss (Kevin Spacey), Baby must face the music as a doomed heist threatens his life, love and freedom.