Signs In An Apocalypse
  • Aries: Murdering all the zombies, making sure Cancer is okay
  • Taurus: Hiding out in a house somewhere, teams up with Aries and Cancer when they find them
  • Gemini: Driving as far as they can away from cities and towns with Leo
  • Cancer: Packing supplies, goes back to visit their family or friends and has to be saved by Aries
  • Leo: With Gemini, keeping an eye out of zombies whilst Gemini drives so damn fast
  • Virgo: Has made their way out of towns, with supplies and is living a natural life in a far away forest. With Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius. Helps Capricorn collect firewood, berries and other supplies.
  • Libra: Probably running into zombies a lot, keeps bumping into Aries, Taurus and Cancer
  • Scorpio: Was the getaway driver who got Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius and themselves safely to a forest. Is planning forms of defence with Sagittarius.
  • Sagittarius: The one making leaf huts and tools so Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and themselves can live in the forest. Is planning forms of defence with Scorpio.
  • Capricorn: Collecting berries, firewood and other resources with Virgo. Is secretly assessing the safety of their chosen area and piping in on Scorpio and Sagittarius.
  • Aquarius: The Lone Ranger. They kill the zombies they have to and are trying to track down government spies and forces in order to understand what's going on.
  • Pisces: Locked inside some safe house, occasionally letting people (Libra, Aquarius) in to lay low. Trusts no one, interrogates EVERYONE to make sure they're no zombies

Bad Getaway Driver

Today’s the biggest day in any teenager’s life: your driving test. If you pass this, you’ll finally be able to get your license and be a functioning member of society, just like everybody at school. You get in the car for your exam and a few minutes later, a scruffy man with some tattoos gets in. He doesn’t strike you as much the instructorly type, but you go with it. You begin your exam but after a few blocks, some police cars with their sirens on begin to gain on you. “Shit,” your instructor mutters, “time for plan B.” Next thing you know there’s a gun to your head and you’re a getaway driver for a jewel heist. You HATE living in Los Santos…

Drive (2011)

Director: Nicolas Winding Refn

Rating: R

Running Time: 100 min

Get in. Get out. Get Away.

Ryan Gosling has been on one hell of a roll recently, with Ides of March, Crazy Stupid Love, and now this…Gosling can do no wrong. Drive is no exception.

 Gosling is absolutely phenomenal in his role as the aptly named "Driver" a part time hollywood stunt driver by day, getaway driver by night, and our reluctant hero. “Driver” is a man of little words`and strong convictions, he only does what he feels is right, even when it means putting his own self preservation on the back burner. He`s a loner living a quiet solitary life, but that all changes after befriending Irene, the lonely wife of the convicted felon Standard and her young son Benicio. When Standard gets released from prison, he is  immediately forced  into a risky daytime robbery and Driver offers his talents as a wheel man…from there things get complicated, the robbery goes bad, driver is framed and hits are taken out on him and the ones he cares about.

 What`s not to like about this film, incredible acting from some of the best in the business-Gosling, Mulligan as well as the always great Bryan Cranston and Albert Brooks (theres nothing funny here, he`s a menacing, nasty bastard), a great electronic soundtrack  and a feeling and look that is somewhere between a classic 70`s heist flick and a John Hughes film from the 80`s (with flashes of some pretty hardcore violence that is) Every scene is so well thought out, from the romantic to the violent, it`s a slowburning thriller with a lot of heart and emotion, a mile away from the new trend of chaotic , indecipherable action sequences and one dimensional characters (I`m looking at you Michael Bay!) it really gives me hope that I can look forward to some smart action films in the near future. I am probably wrong about this, but one can hope.

 So, if you haven`t seen this, please do yourself a favor and go out and give it a try…it`s definitely woth it

4 and a half screeching wheels outta 5


MCU Ladies Week | Day 5: Favorite Friendship | Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis

You were gone for five hours!

I think the most important thing about Jane and Darcy’s relationship is how utterly normal it is.  They didn’t come together for any great purpose, they came together because Jane needed someone to help her do science and Darcy took a chance on it.  And while I imagine Darcy expected helping with lab work and research, what she gets on top of that is being Jane’s science getaway driver.  Their respective areas of knowledge feed each other, they snark and banter at each other, they support each other (Darcy’s genuine worry for Jane, the apparent care Jane must genuinely have for Darcy to take her to London) and they do all of these completely average things even when circumstances get completely un-average.

FAHC Gavin Headcanons
  • despite growing up in a very small town in England, his family is super wealthy. that’s why he constantly splurges on top-of-the-line stuff. it’s just what he’s used to
  • he’s a pyromaniac & has been kicked out of several private schools for starting fires
  • he stopped setting fires at school after he accidentally caught Dan’s bed on fire and almost burned down the entire dormitory
  • he’s mostly indifferent towards his family back in England, which can be frustrating for those in the crew who don’t have a family back home
  • he is literally incapable of sitting still most of the time, and the crew knows to be worried when he’s quiet and not fidgeting because it means something is seriously wrong
  • he’s a jack of all trades, the most versatile member of the main crew. he’s their explosives guy when Michael can’t be, their hacker when Ashley’s unavailable, the getaway driver if Jack or Lindsay can’t be. the only job he can’t really do is Ryan’s, bc well, to be someone’s “muscle”, you kind of need to have some muscle
  • yeah, he’s a Brit, but his favorite holiday is the Fourth of July because FIREWORKS
  • he is clumsy as fuck. if anything gets broken around HQ, 99% of the time, it’s his fault. but he’s always good for replacing whatever it was that he broke, even if it does sometimes take him six weeks to remember that “oh yeah, I owe Michael a new Xbox controller”
  • he keeps his work visa by doing freelance camera work around the city. he mostly shoots commercials, but every once in a while he’ll fill in at the local news stations. in fact, that’s how he met Meg

Bad Getaway Driver

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633. Whenever the Marauders got in a fight, they'd change their names on the map. For instance, 'A Large Child' was one used often. James was once 'A Goddamn Horrible Getaway Driver' for almost a year and also due to that same incident, Remus was 'Jailbird' for four months.

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“You were chased by the cops, got in my car and just yelled ‘Drive!’” AU (x)

modern au vaxleth feat. lots of snark from vox machina

The way Keyleth tells it long afterwards, when they are gathered at the bar and demanding she and Vax tell the story, she was just sitting in her car and minding her own business, thank you very much. She had perhaps noticed the shouting, yes, but idling at the curb and waiting for the light to change, she failed to notice the dark-haired man in the hoodie racing down the sidewalk as a a tiny man with flyaway hair shouted at him and a police officer chased after him––also shouting, as it just so happens.

And then, as Keyleth tells it, the door of her car swung open and a young man with dark hair and a hoodie dove into the backseat, shouting, “Drive, fucking drive!”

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Knife Edge

Pairing: Regulus Black x Lily Evans

AU: Non-magical, 1920′s bank robbers AU

Word Count: 1,452

Written For: saycheesebiscuits

The Marauders are famous.

Not Dillinger-famous—is Dillinger even Dillinger-famous?—but their faces are printed on tattered newsstand Wanted posters and their heists are usually talked about for a few days or weeks or months depending on how stupid they make the authorities look and they have charming public personas and flatly ridiculous nicknames and in certain back-alley underground circles in Chicago and St. Louis and New York they’re basically celebrities, contraband whiskey on the house and one, two, three cheers all around—

The Marauders are famous.

They’re famous for being crafty; for being tricky; for outsmarting the bank managers and the policemen and the prison wardens and always—always—always getting away with it. They’re also famous for something else, something that Regulus doesn’t connect to Lily Evans until she’s already irrevocably immersed in his bed and his blood and life.

The Marauders’ getaway driver is a girl.

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There are two different ways people view Mastermind!Parker.

Some people, and these are usually the marks who don’t know Thief!Parker by reputation, think she is too fill-in-the-blank to be any threat (too young, too pretty, too crazy…) They learn better when their business blows up in their faces. Occasionally literally; after all, this is “Everything Blows Up, Silly” Parker making the calls now.

And then there are the people who are terrified. Even under Nate this was considered the nastiest crew this side of the Atlantic. And that was under an honest man. (People in the business don’t understand Nate very well so they don’t understand that he was the most ruthless of the lot.) They are terrified to find out what the crew has become under the control of the crazy thief.

It turns out both groups are wrong. Parker isn’t too any of those things to make a good mastermind. She always does things young, like being a getaway driver, but she is always good at it. And maybe she is a little crazy, but that helps when masterminding. As for ruthlessness, she isn’t nearly as ruthless as Nate. In fact, just the opposite. She is far more likely to see the potential for something better, even in her marks, far more likely to give second chances because she is living her second chance. She goes out of her way to help the random people who are in trouble, not just her client. And she isn’t willing to place her team in as much risk as Nate was because winning isn’t everything to her, family is.