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I have had this reoccurring dream where Ryan Gosling and I are on a romantic getaway but I somehow always get separated from him. Then I have no way of directly contacting him because he’s RYAN GOSLING. I spend the rest of my dream crying and pining for Ryan Gosling.

FAHC- Team Nice Dynamite +Hanging Out

Requested by @mavinphandestiel and no i did not just stick to hanging out sometimes because I can’t help it so here you go

  • every available weekend that they can, they go see a movie together. They have bevs before, after, during. Gavin comments on the cinematography, the characters, the scenery. Michael’s mostly just loud.
  • the others like to make bets on how many accidental casualties they’ll cause on missions together- Ryan once won $2,000 by getting the closest (he guessed 16; it was 17- the highest one to date).
  • Both of them will sit through movies that one doesn’t care about, just because of how much the other loves it. Michael ends up watching a lot of nature documentaries, and Gavin sees a ton of crappy action movies.
  • They’re no longer allowed to be in a getaway car unsupervised because somehow or another there’s always ten solid minutes of yelling and then the car usually ends up on fire
  • Gavin’s favorite thing to do to mess with Michael is ask stupid questions until he gets really mad, at which point he tries to run and hide. Michael’s favorite thing to do to mess with Gavin usually just involves some sort of physical pain for Gavin
  • they’ve made it a mission to go on all of the Top Ten Rollercoasters in the U.S. together. So far they have 6.
  • In all honesty, Gavin doesn’t even like rollercoasters that much, but he loves adventures.
  • When Geoff wants pure intimidation, he sends Ryan out with someone. But when he wants mayhem and confusion, that’s when Team Nice Dynamite rolls out.
  • whenever Gavin goes Full British, Michael is literally the only person who can translate what he says. The rest of them are just lost.
  • Both of them often have issues sleeping, especially after missions. This leads to a lot of 2 a.m. drives (always resulting in fast food) and late-night drinks in the penthouse.
  • Michael sings all the time, but what really annoys Gavin is that it’s usually songs he doesn’t know, shitty pop or random 90’s songs that Gavin never heard growing up. He’ll blast it in the car on their way to wherever, driving too fast, wind whipping both of their hair into a frenzy. That’s when the songs aren’t so bad anymore (though you’ll never hear Gavin say it).
  • They’re as close as two Crew members can be, but you’d never know it at face value, constantly bickering and yelling at each other and fucking the other one over.
  • They both love snow, because they’re children and it reminds each of his childhood, so the first time there’s a proper amount of snow each year (that they actually get it, it doesn’t always happen)  they always go out, at some point with Gavin putting snow/ice down Michael’s shirt, with Michael then inevitably tackling him
  • They know each other in and out by this point: favorite drinks, songs, movies, places to watch the sun rise, etc.
  • Michael is “Micoo” in Gavin’s phone. Gavin’s is “Dumbass” in Michael’s.
  • They went to a zoo once. They are no longer allowed within 500 feet of that zoo.
  • Gavin really likes dolphins?? No one’s quite sure why (“it’s because he sounds like a fucking dolphin whenever he gets overexcited”, says Michael, leading to Gavin sputtering indignantly), but since Michael likes boats anyways, sometimes they go on one of those touristy dolphin-watching boats until they get bored and start stealing shit, and yes, Gavin does act like a 3-year-old when he sees the dolphins (“just look at them, Micoo, they’re so happy and agile”)
  • They took a road trip to a camping ground once and tried to camp for the weekend. They were back after 16 hours, and both refuse to talk about what happens, although sometimes Michael will say “Gav. The bears” and laugh maniacally as Gavin goes pale, “it wasn’t funny, you mong!” The rest of the Crew is lost.
  • all of the Crew members watch each other during the heists, make sure everyone’s okay. But Michael and Gavin both take extra care to know where the other one is at all times during heists.
  • They have a Nice Dynamite handshake that takes like three minutes to complete. Also, every time they get drunk they make up shitty theme songs that they literally never remember
  • their rooms are right next to each other. Gavin wanted them both to learn morse code so they could tap on the walls to communicate but it didn’t happen because “that’s literally the stupidest fucking idea Gavin. I could just fucking text you, dumbass”

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I had a weird dream about Miamaska late night I dreamt that Amity shows up with a getaway car somehow and Trosce jumps in and there's a car chase?? I have no idea

I started talking with my pals about this and uh

got carried away

cardboard: omg
cardboard: how did u know i made a flag


Sho trying to grasp the concept for Sakurai Sho’s Secret Getaway segment:

Staff-san: If someone asks, “Is that Sakurai-san?”, your identity’s discovery will mark the end of that getaway.

Sho (recovering from the shock): “Is that really going to be interesting (to watch)?”

Kazu (checking his understanding): Getting to your destination, (you should be) happy.  However, if you’re not discovered, somehow… it feels rather lonely.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 18.04.2015