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I’ve been listening to RHCP’s “The Getaway” a ton lately and their song “Go Robot” is so catchy so here’s a GIF I made from that song! One line, with a pen.

(Anthony Kiedis! I am an artist from Michigan! Show me some love ;)! 💜 @chilipeppers )

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Romantic Getaway | Ichigo Kurosaki One-Shot
by imagineverything-anything

Who: Ichigo Kurosaki x Gender Neutral!Reader

Summary: Ichigo has been busy with work that it’s created a distance between the two of you.

Word Count: 1,524

Genre(s): Fluff, some angst, sfw

Warning(s): None

Note(s): None

Ichigo’s tired eyes rested on your curled up figure after the thud of the door closing rang through the air. With soft movements, he lifted your fully clothed body from the couch and moved you to the bed. He brought the blue comforter up to your shoulders, and your undecipherable words barely reached his ears. His fingers caressed your warm cheeks lightly before pulling away.

He sighed when he saw the cold plate of food that was placed on the kitchen table. And after heating it up in the microwave, his thoughts wandered. The meat didn’t heat up all the way, and the rice felt dry and hard in his mouth. He threw the remains of the lonely dinner in the trash, tired of eating heat-up food after working long hours or days completing his shinigami duties.

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