Now, Firestar and Getaway. Separate, and together.

Firestar has first divided opinions and now is starting to be taken as a leery character widely. I’d like to pay attention to JRo writing rounded out characters with both flaws and good sides. Even if Firestar can light up some signs about her person, give her a chance. Yes, she’s a popular person, attractive, tall, talkative, outgoing and all that. But I think she’s a good person. She doesn’t want to do harm but her chemistry is uncompatible with some people, and right now her chemistry is being mixed up with the trouble brewing on Vis Vitalis. Dead people would make anyone a bit tense.

I like what one person pointed out, that Nautica and Firestar have been friends long before, and that they’ve just grown apart now. Nautica reminds me of a friend of mine who sometimes gripes about how other friends of hers have proceeded in their life, getting successful, traveling, getting rich et cetera. And Firestar is one “successful friend” for her.
I’m reluctant to slap “toxic” or “unhealthy” label on their relationship. Because I believe that they can settle it out or think about how they’ve grown separate and actually, you know, call quits on being BFFs? You can quit a relationship. And it can be a perfectly adult thing to do. That’s what we may get to see, how breaking up from your old gang works.

Then, Getaway. I know a big part of the fandom already dislikes him but me, as a lover of complex characters, likes him. Why? Because he’s interesting as hell. He’s charismatic to no bounds, a lot of people forgot his previous shenanigans while adoring him in this issue, me included. 
I’d like to scream it over the hilltops that he was in the Autobot Special Ops. Autobots are the side who indulged in literal mind-control way more eagerly than Decepticons. Autobots have Prowl. Getaway’s charisma is an important part of this.

And I think that he’s still having trouble in not using his wiles to get people on his side. He’s doing bad things, definitely. No defending that, but if he’s doing it for personal gain, I’d love to see how the toxic relationship evolves and gets solved (Getaway learning is my preferred ending). 

What do Firestar and Getaway have in common? Well, one panel redraw and the fact that they are bad for the people they (probably) care about. Difference is that Firestar’s relationship is flickering at its last flames and Getaway’s is sparking up. 
Comparing, I think Getaway wins when it comes to meanness. He seems to think that talking shit about someone (even mild shit) is okay. I hope that Skids’ reluctance to take part in that will guide him to a more proper path. 
Meanwhile, it seems that Firestar and Nautica have just grown up and grown different, they don’t match anymore. 

As an introverted (in lack of a better word) person, I can relate to this a lot. When I was a kid, I did just damn fine following extroverted people around, it was fun in being their coattails! For a while. I grew up and I wanted to build myself. Huh, I’m relating a lot to Nautica now… 

I wish people would not look at MTMTE as black and white as they do right now. Roberts is putting effort in portraying realistic relationships.

Darling, you’re hurting.
You’re hurting so terribly
And I bet it feels like your heart isn’t there anymore, right?
That walk home when he ended it.
When you just ran upstairs and broke down.
Saying it’s worthless, you shouldn’t be crying.
Stop crying.
But darling, it’s ever so okay to hurt.
It’s okay to want him still, no matter how long you’ve been apart.
It’s okay to believe he never wanted you
But you must remember that it gets better.
—  You must, you must, you must.