Plans for getting a cat..

1. sneak a kitten in to my room and keep it there. Teach it all the cat knowledge it needs. Make it guard my room and name it ‘minion’. When my mom comes in to clean my room while I’m away at school….let her deal with it as she can. >=]

2. Find an abandoned cat, rescue it and bring it home while crying loudly. Complain to my parents about the horrors of humanity until they allow me to keep the cat.

3. Force someone to gift me a kitten cause you HAVE to accept gifts. >=] hehehe.

4. Get a cat, name it Gandalf, teach it to say “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” when my parents tell me to take it back, let the cat speak for itself.

5. 'accidently’ release some mice in my home and get a cat to kill them all.

6. Make a deal with my parents that I’ll stop getting in to pointless discussion of how Islam allows marriage outside of your own race/tribe as long as the other person is a good muslim in exchage for two kittens. (yes…i want a cat THAT badly.)

7. bring a cat home with a crazy look on my face and tell my parents. “at least it’s not a goat…*___*”

8. lure an stray cat in to my home from the back window, give it food so it never leaves! >=]

9. tell my parents 'i want a cat!’ everday, every hour, every minute, every moment. get my brothers to join in and drive my parents crazy until they get us a cat.

OR…what I have been currently doing:

10. Show adorable cat videos and picture to my mom and tell her how much Prophet Muhammad(saw) loved cats, which is why we should get one. >=]  

She’s like a #model.
I love this little one. Without her cuddling with me and keeping me company though out the day, I am very sure I would go crazy. #PeaceCorps volunteers often feel spells of loneliness and isolation being surrounded by a different culture and people who have little or no understanding of volunteer’s own culture. Maybe I’m just turning into a crazy #cat lady at the age of 24, but having a #PeaceCorpspet really helps cancel out those feelings (plus it is fun to watch the reactions of my coworkers when I tell them I don’t have to “produce” -make babies- because I have a cat and she is my daughter). Actually, now that I think of it, cats make you feel good no matter where you live or what you are doing…
#getacat #uganda

There was an adorable little #dog in the apartment window across the street wagging its tail and looking down at the street below. It was so cute I had to take a picture, but then the people closed the shade so I don’t want people to think I’m a creeper so I’m not posting it. So here’s a #selfie instead 😐#youdontwantpicturestaken #getacat