Imagine Niall Spitting Mad


“Mudder fuckin’ piece o’ shit-damn mudder fuckin’ dumb fucks.” Niall spat out as he stormed into the house. Niall slams the door shut to the garage door and storms into the house, spitting mad. 

You jumped from your spot in the kitchen. Niall was stomping around, slamming doors that were open and kicking the edge of the rug. 

“Niall James! Those are my doors too!” You get up and follow him. You fold your arms, “You gonna tell me what’s wrong or just fucking have a fucking pissy attitude?” 

“Da fuckin’ mudder fuckers blood suckers? All o’er da fuckin’ Derby game, fuckin’ recordin’ me!” He spits out, glaring at you over his shoulder. 

“Don’t you fix me with that look Niall! What was going on!” You study his eyes, shaking your head.  You could barely understand 

“I was drinkin’, enjoyin’ me time wid me friends. Ya know. All of dat. Den I turn ta talk ta a girl and take a damn picture wid ‘er and da paps are goin’ on ‘bout ‘ow dey can twist it ta make it look like we were togeder!” He stares down a bit-obviously deeply disturbed. 

You roll your eyes, “Ni… C’mon baby. I know you. And I love you and you and I… I am the upmost confident about the two of us. You know I don’t read that trash.” You rub his arms lightly. 

He just looks at you blankly for a minute before shaking his head and looking down. “Ya jus’ don’ get it. I don’ like people dinking dat I would e’er do dat.” 

“Niall…” You say gently, cupping his cheek. “I love you. More than anything else… What those rags say don’t define who you are. Doesn’t define our relationship-” 

“Ya don’ get it Y/N!” He shakes his head, “I-”

“Niall Horan, you stop this.” You fix him with a glare-your hands on your hips. 

He stared at you, locking his jaw a bit to keep from saying anything. 

“Get over that, get over them. This is about you and. It always has been.” You smile gently at him. “I love you. You told me when we first started dating that those were rags and to always be ignored.” Your eyes are on his dark blue ones. “Now, you must do the same my love, understand?” 

He nods and looks down, “Yeah, I understand.” A deep sigh came from him. You knew he deflated a bit. 

“Good… I love you.” You say gently and get up on your tip toes to give him a soft kiss. His arms come to wrap around you and hold you closer to his chest. 

Niall rests his forehead against yours, “I’m sorry.” He murmurs. 

“It’s okay.” You whisper and kiss him again. “In the future… just talk to me about this calmly please.” You smile softly. 

He nods and rubs your back gently, “O’course. I love you.” He kisses you again, picking you up to carry to go have some cool down cuddles. 

Is dmmd actually porn? All the things I see people post (fanfics, head canons, fanart) has been angsty, fluffy, and pg.

I’ve only ever seen one post with screen caps and it was porn. The wiki description is a boylove thing (a game? A show? A comic??) so that suggests porn.

But you’re all pg and sweet about it. Does the show itself take care of your libido enough that you don’t have to be horndogs on my dash? Or is the show actually only a little porny and mostly plot and everyone gets a laugh being like “hahaha, totally porn.”


Attention Zac Efron fans: today is your lucky day >> 

Can we please have a moment of silence for the fact that when Donnie and Casey were fighting Raph, RAPH, the guy who looks for ANY excuse to fight STOPPED. THEIR. FIGHTING. Not Leo the Leader or Mikey the Peace Maker. Raph.

…That’s pretty bad when even your beserker goes “Dudes now’s not the time. We’ve got shit to do.”