Never Have I Ever

Inspired by @imaginejsugg’s “I Can Say I Have”

“Hello everybody! Today’s video will be a very special one, because I am joined by the one, the only…Y/N Y/L/N!” Joe says to the camera, throwing his arms to the side to show case you walking into frame.

“Hi guys!” You wave to the camera, sitting on the bed him.

“I have some how corralled her into doing another video with me, don’t know what she was thinking.” Joe jokes, nudging you lightly.

“The things you do for a best friend.” You shake your head before looking over at him. “So, what are we getting up to today?

“So glad you asked!” He holds up two pieces of paper, one with HAVE written on it, the other reading NEVER. “A good old game of, Never Have I Ever. Although I think we can probably guess what each other will put, considering how long we’ve known each other. But time for the viewers to learn something new!” He hands one of each word over to you, before briefly explaining the game for the viewers who may have not.

For some reason you began to get nervous. Yeah, Joe had been your best friend for years, and he did know way too much, but there were a few things you had managed to keep hidden. Mentally shaking yourself, you pushed those thoughts to the side. What are the chances of him asking?

“First question: Never have I ever…” Joe pausing, biting his lip as he reads through his list. “Pretended to be sick so I could skip a day of school” He smirks, watching as you roll your eyes and hold up the HAVE sheet while he holds up NEVER.

“You were such a goody good in school.”

“I just cared about my grades, Y/N.”

“Yeah, sure you did, Joe.” You both laugh as he searches for another question.

“Never have I ever been to Disneyland.” You glare at Joe as he proudly holds up the HAVE sign while you lift up the NEVER.

“Are you choosing questions directly against me?”

“Not my fault you’ve never been.”

“Sorry SOME of us aren’t super famous youtubers who get invited to the states, where they can GO to Disneyland.” You may be slightly bitter about this one, having always wanted to go to Disneyland. Obviously, Joe had gone when he was on one of his many trips to the states, but you never had enough money to fly over with him. And refused to take up his offers on him paying your way. Instead, he just brought a bunch of souvenirs back when he went, which did help to cheer you up.

Joe laughs before finding another question from the many submissions. The game continues for a while, and nothing new is revealed between the two of you, although you are sure Joe’s viewers will be surprised by an answer or two, especially the ones that ended up getting a little more personal.

“Last question.” Joe says, putting his phone down beside him and looking at the camera. “Never have I ever,” He glances at you quickly, but you don’t notice, “Had a crush on a youtuber.”

Time seems to stop for a moment, your mouth goes dry. Of all the questions, he had to ask this one. You feel your cheeks flush as you look at the sheets of paper in your lap, debating whether or not you should lie. But Joe would figure it out. With a sigh, you decide on the truth and hold up your sheet.

Joe was holding the NEVER sign, and his face turned to one of shock when he realized you were holding up the HAVE sign.

“Really?!” He asks, both of you lowering your answers. You look down at your lap again and nod. “Who?”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m not telling.” You can’t bring yourself to look at him, but you can feel his stare.

“Alright, looks like she isn’t telling us. Thank you for watching, make sure to hit that like button, and subscribe! Its free. And I will see you next week with another Sugg Sunday Special!” Joe closes out the video, and goes about turning off his camera and lights. You shuffle the papers, waiting for him to ask again.

“You going to tell me who?” He asks, moving the lights back to their place against the wall. You look up at him and roll your eyes, hoping your false act will pass.

“No, and it doesn’t matter. It was a while ago. Now drop it.”

He doesn’t. For the next three days, he constantly texts you, asking who it is. Whenever you hang out, which is quite a bit, he’s bugging you, trying to get you to crack. But somehow your lips stay sealed. Until the fourth day.

It’s a normal day, both of you are sitting on his couch, watching a movie. The remaints of your dinner still sit on the coffee table, both too comfy to get up to clean it. Its been peaceful, you believe Joe has finally decided to let it go on the whole crush thing.

“So, which one did you have a crush on?” He asks, so suddenly it makes you jump.

“Stop.” Is all you say, not in the mood to deal with his pestering.

“Come on, Y/N. We are supposed to be best friends, tell me.” He pauses the moving, looking at you with his puppy dog eyes.

“If we are supposed to be best friends, you’ll let it go already.” You cross your arms, annoyance flaring up in your chest.

“But I want to know! Maybe I can play matchmaker!” For some reason, that’s the last straw. You spring to your feet, your fists clenched beside you.

“Just drop it, okay!” You snap at him. “I should have never done that stupid video with you.” You head for the door, hearing Joe scramble to his own feet behind you.

“Wait, Y/N! I’m sorry!” He grabs your arm, stopping you from leaving. You both stood there for a moment, your back to his, his hand on your arm. “Please…I’m sorry.” He says softly, and he slowly walks to stand in front of you, but you can’t meet his eyes. Instead you stare at a spot on his shoulder.
“Why won’t you tell me?” Joe questions, concern laced in his voice. And you hate it, you hate hiding something from the person you call your best friend.

“Because…it will change things.” The words take some consideration, but you were finally able to get them out. Hoping it would be enough for him to drop the whole thing.

“Change things?” Joe mumbles, almost as if to himself. “What would change….” He trails off and then you hear a sharp intake of breath, and you flinch. He figured it out.

You brace yourself, ready to break free and leave, but instead feel a gentle hand on your chin, lifting your head. You see Joe smiling down at you, his blue eyes shining with happiness.

“Why didn’t you just say so, Y/N?” He asks, before leaning in to place a soft kiss on your surprised lips. Your mind goes blank. The guy you called your best friend, the one you had secretly been in love with for the past couple of years, was kissing you.

Your eyes flutter open as he pulls away, a brief thought flitting through your mind asking when they had closed, and you smile up at Joe.

“Now can you tell me?” He teases.

“I think you figured it out.”

“Hmm, I think so. And I also hope things do change, cause I have been wanting them to for quite some time.”

“Oh really?”



And with that, you wrap your arms around his neck, standing on your toes to reach him, and pull him into another kiss.

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Also!!! How could I forget to post about this - I dreamed about the Dadapalooza crew last night, we were all staying at Lucs place and wanted to go for a hike, but some people were still asleep and Morna and Lucy and Jen and I were in the kitchen trying to make plans and also making breakfast I think? And it was all a bit chaotic (very realistic), but I loved having you all around and Lucy, your house in my dream was super cool, a lot of space and just very “you” and ahh it was great. I miss you all so much!! @unfuckthereallife @biitumen @minotaurtears @getintothecar @jamatacular @shy-retiring-oxford-chaps @friendsandfiends @ihateradiohead @waste-land @woluf

  • Me:Do you know what today is?
  • friend:January 20th
  • Me:Oh no it's much more than that come on get your head in the game what is today?
  • friend:I really don't know
  • Me:It's the 10 year anniversary of high school musical ya idiot so let's see if you can redeem yourself,WHAT TEAM?
  • friend:WILDCATS
  • friend:WILDCATS
  • Me:GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME...and we're?
  • Me:Ya dam right we are
Me about the HSM Reunion

“We’re all in this together”