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Do you have any tips for how to draw proportionate heads for video game characters because I can never seem to get it right and I wanna draw my fire emblem babies like you do :'( they so pretty. Any help is appreciated!

At first we should listen to the art teacher Mr Squidward and start out with a circle, It’s the base how we start out to draw a head. Then decide in which direction your character is supposed to look. Create ledger lines for this case. I always use a vertical and a horizontal one.

Now we get to the more complicated part. I suck at explaining but I’ll try anyway xP (I sketched these at 3-4am, sorry if you can’t read them;;;)
The eyes are always on the middle of your face. It’s helpful to look where the middle is from the beginning of your chin to the top of your head

Same goes for the ears when you draw a character from the side, they are around the middle of the head. The ears high are also around between the eyes and the nose

The Eyes also mostly have an one-eyes-distance to each other

Well this is how I do heads, but it generally depends on each art style.Just take these tips and try out

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24 with Sam and his goddamn accent

You always found it hilarious how competitive Sam got when he was playing a game with you. Any kind of game. If you beat him he would always ask for another chance because he ‘wasn’t ready’ or he was only practicing. He couldn’t accept the fact that you were better than him at certain games and you even let him win sometimes.

Today you were playing Tekken, a game that you were really good at. You had beaten Sam a few times already and you can tell he was getting worked up.

“I just gotta figure out the write buttons to press,” he says.

“You’ve been saying that for the last few rounds. How long is it going to take you to figure it out, Sammy?” You hold back a laugh.

“Hush, I’m getting it and when I do, you’re going down!” He smiled and you shook your head. He drove you crazy but you loved him to death.

You beat him a few more times. He eventually stood up saying that sitting down was messing him up. “Excuses, excuses,” you say.

“We’ll see who gets the last laugh.” He starts the next round and he is actually doing better. You fight for two more rounds and he wins them both. “Ha! Loser!” he shouts and points at you.

“Oh, so I’m a loser now?”

“Yeah, but you’re my loser,” he says. He tries to kiss you but you move away laughing.

“Nice try.”

 After your shower that night, Sam grabs you and pulls you on the bed, kissing you the whole way down. “I want to apologize for calling you a loser,” he says.

“Oh really? And how do you plan on doing that?”

He straddles you and kisses you again, “How about I just show you?” Just as he leans in for another kiss you tighten your legs around him and flip him over. He laughs and reaches up, pulling your towel off. “Or we can have it your way,” he says happily.

“I know how much you love this.” You lean down to kiss him, moving slowly. You can see him slightly lift his head trying to reach you faster. Your lips are about to touch his but then you sit up and climb off of him, putting one of his shirts on to sleep in.

“What? What was that?” he asks sitting up on his elbows looking at you, clearly frustrated.

You crawl into bed next to him and give him a chaste kiss. “Goodnight…loser,” you say and roll over, laughing quietly to yourself. He growls and starts tossing and turning like a child having a tantrum.

You would eventually give him what he wants but you were going to let him suffer for a bit.

Lets just call it what it is, Z has some deep insecurities that she needs to understand and want to heal. Everyone in that damn house knows that’s your man, because y'all are in each other 24/7! And every other girl she finds a threat are in their own showmances…so where’s the logic behind this hair/nail gate?

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"Wrong Person"

“DAMN IT, DYNAMITE! WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR DEAL?! THAT HEIST WAS ALMOST A FAILURE BECAUSE YA CAN’T STOP BLOWING SHIT UP! There was civilians in the area, you idiot and there could’ve been casualties! You’re lucky I got the artifact without getting caught, take your head out of your ass and get your head in the game!”

I’m about sick of Willdabeast and Janelle “ghettofying” all these little white girls for their dance video projects. They can’t use actual black girls. It’s so tacky in my opinion. The braids, the bright color lipstick, the mannerisms, baggy clothes, like it all mimics ‘ghetto black women’ and I’m sick of it. His “Formation” video already pissed me off. He usually only features the white dancers very rarely does he showcase the black ones. His “Formation” video he finally used Chyna, but ONLY because she was in the actual damn video and he figured that would get him more views. Of course the video clip he chose to promote and send to Billboard and other outlets like Buzzfeed was of Jade and the other two white girls. If you’re going to do that shit leave that song out of it. I got your game Will. His head is shoved so far up Jade’s ass it’s ridiculous. 

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listen, I just want to say that I'm so happy you love Emily as much as I do because I just finished UD recently and I'm shocked by how much hate she gets when she's genuinely one of the most interesting & complex characters in the game (not to mention imo the toughest, cause what the fuck she went through so much shit and triumphed). Also your head canons for all the UD kids are sooo good. It's just a joy to go through your UD tag!

Aww, thank you!! 

Yeah, female characters like her are always pretty doomed to be hated by fandom, it seems. I really don’t understand how so many people could just disregard her complexity and all the unique things she brought to the game being one of, if not *the* strongest personality of the group.

If it makes you feel any better, Supermassive Games did an AMA on reddit shortly after the game first came out, and they said unanimously that Emily is their favorite character!

(in case the screenshots aren’t legible here’s the source of them both)

Tbh if not for Emily I probably would have dropped the game and forgotten about it a long time ago. She really pulled me in and kept me intrigued - I wanted to see her succeed, to grow and become a stronger, better, more independent person. And she really does. I agree with Supermassive that she has the most heroic story arc in the game. She’s the best :P

  • Me:Do you know what today is?
  • friend:January 20th
  • Me:Oh no it's much more than that come on get your head in the game what is today?
  • friend:I really don't know
  • Me:It's the 10 year anniversary of high school musical ya idiot so let's see if you can redeem yourself,WHAT TEAM?
  • friend:WILDCATS
  • friend:WILDCATS
  • Me:GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME...and we're?
  • Me:Ya dam right we are
Me about the HSM Reunion

“We’re all in this together”