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Examples of the puppy head tilt confused shawn

THE TWO AT THE END ARE NSFW what did you expect from me? also thanks to my love @ffoleyasitis for helping with these, I love you little one. 

  • You are talking to him about your major and he doesn’t understand anything because you have been studying the subject for a semester and are only telling him about a small part of the whole thing. But he is still super interested in listening to you because you look so pretty when you get all passionate. But Oh God now you are talking about math and yeah you lost him. head tilt
  • You have a face mask on and your entire face is covered in black stuff and Shawn comes home from the studio and just wants to cuddle and eat something. But his S/O decided to become the Goo Monster. He might be tempted to join you though. head tilt
  • You guys are watching a movie and you always play this game where you tell each others theories on who is the murderer and you are talking and talking and you are naming characters he didn’t even know where in the movie. And why the fuck would the mother do that? Your theory is kind of out there and he is struggling to follow. head tilt
  • You have been working on an essay for hours and your hand hurts. When you get back home you just flop down next to Shawn put your hand in front of his face. “Please massage my hand?” “Why?” head tilt
  • you want to try this new position with him and it just doesn’t seem physically doable “My dick doesn’t bend that way darling.” head tilt
  • You are giving him a blowjob and your hair is messy, your eyes are pooling and drool is trickling from your mouth. “Oh love, you’re a mess.” head tilt

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Didn't make sense not to live for fun. Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb. So much to do, so much to see. So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go. You'll never shine if you don't glow. Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play. Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid. And all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars break the mold

i read all of this in a very serious tone until i got to the “rock star” n i must say i was very confused

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Didn't make sense not to live for fun. Your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb. So much to do, so much to see. So what's wrong with taking the back streets? You'll never know if you don't go. You'll never shine if you don't glow. Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on, go play. Hey now, you're a rock star, get the show on, get paid. And all that glitters is gold. Only shooting stars break the mold

thank you

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1. morning rituals:
 Get cereal and a cup of tea, then play some mobile games (mostly Crash Fever), get dressed, make sure everything’s in my bag then head out to uni (or if I’m not in, it’s usually oversleep, skip breakfast and get lunch instead, then chill and watch some youtube before getting to my coursework).

2. biggest fear: Death, followed closely by the sea and everything in it.

3. cloudy or sunny: I enjoy it being bright but I get too warm very easily, so cloudy

4. a band you didn’t like at first but grew on you: Carach Angren, TesseracT.

5. song stuck in your head: “Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures of Ignorance” by Suzumu w/Kagamine Rin and Len (which is odd cause I don’t really listen to vocaloid anymore these days)

6. unrealistic dream: I dunno, my dreams/ambitions aren’t usually all that unrealistic. I suppose, once I wanted one of my stories to be made into an animated series-type thing. I’ll probably never get the time or skill to make that a reality.

7. dream superpower: If I had some kind of superpower that allowed me to heal other people I’d be pretty happy.

8. any regrets?: Nope

9. superstitious?: Not at all.

10. something that makes you feel alive: Live music. And being out drunk with good friends and deciding to carry on into the wee hours of the morning because I’m having a good time and why the fuck not. Sounds kinda bad I suppose but I do it very rarely. I’m not usually that chilled and carefree and I look back fondly on those moments.

I should probably also note that I don’t drink too much (I’d really rather not puke or pass out), and I don’t get hangovers so that’s probably why I don’t regret these times.

11. favourite genre of film: I actually don’t think I have a favourite genre. Fantasy and action have to be up there, though.

12. favourite movie: John Wick (1 or 2 though?? Damn)

13. favourite season: Either autumn or winter, tough call

14. favourite colour: Probably black

15. favourite foods: Sweet potato fries, holy fuck. Also I have a real sweet tooth and will probably lose my mind over anything with marzipan/almonds in.

16. worst habit: when I’m stressed I scratch/pick at my shoulders and back, but now I’m covered in marks and I can’t comfortably wear strappy tops because of it. I’ve been trying to leave it alone and let myself heal.

17. how many countries have you been to?: Literally just France (disneyland specifically). I need to travel more but I don’t have the money to go anywhere right now. (and my parents don’t really do much travelling either).

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new idea: hell chess
  1. all the basic rules are the same like playstyle wise
  2. trash talking is encouraged
  3. you get as much time as you need but if you look away from the board your turn is over
  4. the referee is yelling everything like a sports announcer and you cannot complain
  5. you can take one of your pieces from the board and throw it at your opponents head but you sacrifice that piece
  6. you have to name the king and queen something

fun additives to make the game unique:

  • a. close your eyes and reach into a bag of about 48 chess pieces to pull out your sixteen pieces. whatever you get is what you play and you must follow the rules of those chess pieces. if you get four queens good luck. if you get no queens good luck
  • b. the referee can decide to throw in as many checkers pieces as a time as they please, as long as equal pieces are distributed to both players. the players are now not only playing chess but also checkers on the same board.
Me about the HSM Reunion

“We’re all in this together”

To me the most hilarious thing about “I Don’t Dance” from HSM2 is that Corbin Bleu was the one who ended up on Broadway and Dancing With the Stars

The Eye-Contact Incident

This came to our heads, and we….You know, just…here. 

The next day….

  • You visit Saeyoung’s bunker the next day
  • He doesn’t answer, so you just use your Arabic dictionary to get in
  • You see Saeran relaxing on the couch, so you go by and ruffle his hair
  • He waves you off a bit, but you only smile
  • “Where’s your brother?” 
  • He shrugs. “Dunno. Haven’t seen him all day.” 
  • Figuring he was probably working, you sneak into his computer room to use some of them
  • Saeran knew you used them sometimes (since he did too), so you two usually kept this fact secret
  • It was part of your unspoken bond
  • You start casually playing some games
  • From the corner of your eye, you see a familiar red head and beige sweater
  • You glance sideways and see Saeran standing in the doorway
  • Although you were pretty sure he had been wearing a grey sweater earlier
  • “Oh! Saeran, hi….did you change your clothes?”
  • He was silent for a moment before replying, “Huh? Oh, yeah.”
  • You’re faintly aware of him coming behind you
  • He leans against the computer desk, his two arms encasing her in the chair
  • You stop playing, noticing his behavior as very odd
  • Saeran usually kept his distance
  • Besides that….
  • “Since when did you get muscles?”
  • Saeran gasped, “Are you insulting myyyy—me?!”
  • You spin around on the chair to finally face him
  • You burst out laughing when you see Saeyoung with artificial mint contacts and Saeran’s sweater which was just a little too tight on him
  • “What are you doing, you dork?”
  • Saeyoung clears his throat, “Are you mixing up me, Saeran, with my amazing twin brother, Saeyoung?” 
  • “No, your idiot twin brother.” 
  • “Hey! I mean–oh.Riiight.”
  • You’re about to call him out on his disguise, but instead Saeran comes marching into the room
  • He grabs Saeyoung by the collar and shakes him
  • “I was looking for this all morning! You take his off right now or I will rip those fake contacts right out of your eyes!”
  • You watch in amusement as Saeyoung nervously chuckles and pulls the sweater over his head, leaving him in nothing but a tank top
  • After Saeran leaves, you demand an explanation
  • He explained that the doctor was willing to give him mint contacts, but they didn’t have prescription lenses, so they looked a bit off
  • “I was trying to see if you could tell me and Saeran apart! I was testing our love.”
  • “Of course, I can tell you two apart…who do you think I am?”
  • He glares at you, “Someone who sneaks around and uses my computers, I see.”
  • Pretending to be mad at you, he declares he’s going to go get his glasses
  • Neither one of you can hold in your laughter when he runs into the door 

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Just for one night (Yoongi Smut)

idk what this is, I literally don’t even know what this is, I just wanted to write it. But enjoy <3

You didn’t know what it was that made you do such daring things. Maybe all the liquor you had so irresponsibly consumed or maybe it was how caught up in your emotions you got. Perhaps it was the way his eyes burned into your skin as he watched you from across the room. This little game of cat and mouse having been going on since you arrived into one of the most secluded bars in Seoul. Your senses were more alert tonight, your heart rate steadily increasing with each shot you consumed. Your mind blurred, images of everything and nothing running through your head. You were stressed, it was too much to get your hands on at once, how could something so beautiful become so boring, so dull and lifeless? Had your love been a lie this whole time? And the poor fool actually thought you both were doing better than ever, but was it for his or your parents sake? Sighing you shook your head side to side letting the tips of your silky hair press against your face. You didn’t want to think about that tonight, no you wanted to forget. You needed a distraction and a great one. Eyes dancing up and cascading over to the figure that had been recently watching you, your eyes took him in as he downed his own shot asking for another round. He hair dark black hair blue highlights on the top part. He wasn’t much on the muscles but that wasn’t to say he didn’t look attractive because he did. Seductive and mysterious. His long nimble fingers grabbing at the clear shot glass knocking it back once again letting the bitter liquor quench his thirst for a moment. The burn that felt so good was how you looked at it. He was wearing nothing overly fancy, skin tight gray skinny jeans a black leather jacket and from what you could see little white fabric poked out from the back of his jacket giving you the imagination that maybe he had on a white shirt. Too caught up in checking him from head to toe you didn’t notice the way he watched you check him out. Not leaving you far from his sight watching you from the corner of his eye. Tilting his head slightly he waited for you to look up looking his eyes dead on yours, a cocky smirk plastered across his pink lips.

You sat up straight shifting in your seat. Hands moving to fumble with your small phone wallet so that you could pull your card out only to be stopped as the male bartender looked at you. “Drinks on him.” Your eyes moved to the line of fire, seeing the same attractive male turn up another shot giving you a wink before he looked off. Your head swam with thoughts, inappropriate thoughts. Like how it would feel to have his fingers plunging in and out of your wetness. How hard he could possibly fuck you against the wall. Sighing softly, you tried to think of something else, this wasn’t like you cheating wasn’t you. Lifting your head slowly your eyes shifted taking everything in. The thick smoke of weed that lingered throughout the place, the strippers dancing on the pole swinging around the silver material making their ends meet for tonight. The other cheaters that were there after their 9-5 just waiting to get a quick fuck and go back home to their lovers as if nothing happened. Nothing here was interesting to you anymore, it became boring like home so why not go back there?

Hopping out of your chair you smiled to the male bidding him goodnight. Staggering slightly, you walked outside, finding your feet as if you were a toddler walking for the first time again. Groaning you had a right mind to take off your heels, but it made your ass look good in your dress. Making your way outside the cool air whipped across your skin kissing you in a welcome as the bright lights from the street lights welcomed you. Placing your hand against the wall you gave yourself time to calm down from the throbbing headache that seemed to die down now that the fog of the club was gone. Walking off from your spot you were going to walk to the street and catch a cab. A hand reached out to grab your wrist pulling you backwards. Instantly a smile spread across your cherry red lips letting the male drag you backwards because you were certain who he was. He pulled you back until you were in the middle of the alley, it wasn’t dark enough for no one not to see you but it wasn’t light to where you would get caught instantly either. He looked down at you, inspecting you for some time. Even up close while he was looking at you with smoldering eyes you could tell he was indeed attractive, his soft scented cologne hitting your senses and causing your face to lean forward wanting to smell more of him. Opening your mouth, you were going to say something until he pressed his finger against your lips. Looking up at him, you paused for a second not getting his memo, but then his lips were pressing against yours. His body against yours holding you against the wall, soft sighs of pleasure escaping your lips as you kissed him back. His hands moved from up by your neck downwards through the dip of your breast, cupping your braless chest he fondled you through the thin black material that you were wearing. Your legs buckled lightly from his touch, his hands rough and unforgiving as he flicked his fingers against your perky nipples causing the flesh to harden under his touch. His lips kept pressing against yours setting a rhythm of the kiss. He swiped his tongue across your bottom lip and you opened your mouth welcoming in his pink tongue that roamed freely in your mouth. He sucked and tugged on your tongue trying to pull it into his mouth as his teeth occasionally nibbled on the flesh. One leg sliding in between yours, he ground himself against you and his tight pants left nothing to the imaginary. His half hard bulge poking against your lower stomach as his hands moved to grip at the hems of your dress sliding it a little bit. Groaning you reached for his hands, some part of your mind still trying to fight it. The male still tried to tug up your dress, your hands going to grab at his hands causing him to pull back for air giving you a questioning look.

“I can’t.” You simply uttered shaking against him, you could feel how hard he had gotten but you couldn’t do this here. Not like this.

“Can’t or won’t?” He asked, his deep raspy voice sounding a bit rough from the liquor he had consumed.

“I-“ You paused thinking about it for a while, confused within yourself. The male leaned his head into the crook of your neck inhaling your scent, his tongue dancing across your flesh instantly finding spots that would make you moan gently from him. He smirked against your skin, his hand moving to pin both of yours above your head, his free hand reaching under your dress to tug your panties down roughly to your knees. Almost ripping the fabric in half, it caused you to moan out from the rough treatment, the way he looked up at you was a clear warning that he would give you all you were looking for if you kept moaning like that. His fingers crept up the inside of your thighs igniting your skin with puckering bumps along your flesh. An arch of your body following as you squirmed in his hold. He took his time raising his hand up your leg, pressing his fingers to cup at your pussy. Rubbing it slowly he watched you, his eyes burning into yours as his long slender finger found your clit. Slowly he stroked the bud in a circle, your legs shaking lightly you chewed on your bottom lip trying to stop from moaning out since you didn’t even know his name. The male rested his forehead against yours, teasing your clit until he could feel the wetness start to seep on his hand.

“Do you always get so wet for random men?” He mocked tapping his finger against your clit. You shook your head side to side voice failing you. “Good.” He smirked crookedly slipping his finger slowly down your slit until he was teasing your entrance.

“Do you always fuck random girls?” You countered and he shoved his finger deep inside of your burying it to the hilt.

“Only when they are pretty.” He said simply. You couldn’t tell if he was joking with you or not, some part of you felt bad you wanted to feel special like in all of those cheesy movies, but who the hell were you kidding? He could see the different thoughts in your mind, wanting to change them he slipped his ring finger inside of you as well. Thrusting it in and out of you slowly watching as your hips reacted to his touch sliding down onto his fingers. Your head rolled back and you told yourself to just enjoy it squeezing lightly around his fingers that were curving and plunging deeper into your heat. He smirked leaning down to suck on your breast through your dress, he moved his hand from your wrist to pull your dress towards the middle of your breast freeing them on each side. A growl erupted from his lips his fingers pinching and playing with your sensitive skin he loved to hear how you whined for him. Latching his lips onto your plump breast he flicked his tongue against your heated skin trying to get your breast to ache with need. His free hand kneading your other breast and his fingers pumped faster inside of your pussy, his thumb rubbing over your clit. You were in complete ecstasy the thrill of getting caught only making this more daring and fun, something you had been missing for a while. The male switched his mouth to the other side sucking on your nipple like a baby in feeding pulling back to bit onto the bud lightly. He could hear the squelching wet sounds of his fingers plunging in your heat causing him to move his fingers from inside of you. He licked the clean eyeing you before he turned you around the wall. Dragging you away from it he pressed his hand down against the lower part of your back holding you in place. His hand making quick work of unzipping his pants and pulling his dick out through the opening he spread his legs and yours rubbing his dick up and down your wet slit slowly. Leaning over you with his chest to your back he nipped on your ear as he pressed his tip against your entrance.

“Yoongi.” Was all he said before he snapped his hips forward burying himself into your wet walls. Your mouth flew open as a cry of pleasure escaped, and quickly you were bringing your hand up to your mouth so that you could keep yourself quiet and not get caught. Yoongi held onto your hips, biting his lips as he looked at your plump ass. He pulled out until only the tip was left in before he was slamming back into you at a slow pace pulling out to keep doing the same thing over and over again. His nails dug into your flesh as he pounded into your walls, the wetness from your pussy sliding down his thick shaft landing onto his balls. His eyes glued to how he slipped in and out of you, he couldn’t get enough you were so wet and so warm, fitting him in the deepest ways possible. He stretched you out marking your pussy as his for just this time only. Groaning he shifted to lift you up, pressing you against the wall, one of his hands lifted your leg, the underside of your knee resting into the crook of his arm as he pounded harder into you. Your panties were being stretched and you knew they were tore in some areas but you could care less. You wouldn’t have cared in this moment if anyone came out and wanted to record you. He made you feel so good, his hips rotating and pushing harder against yours, his balls slapping against your pussy as he slammed inside of you.

“Yoongi, fuck please harder.” You whimpered out for him, he reached a hand up roughly pulling your head back by your hair making it rest against your chest.

“You want me to go harder? Tell me whose slut are you?” He asked watching you with dark eyes.

“I’m yours!” You didn’t miss a beat while answering.

“And whose pussy is this?” He asked you again and without fail you answered.

“It’s yours Yoongi! Shit it’s all yours just please, please fuck me Yoongi please.” You were close to sobbing from how much you wanted him and he obliged. Shifting his hips, he built up speed slamming into you as hard and fast as he could angling his thrusts until he found your spot. Slamming into you once you cried out for him to press there. His name falling off your lips like a mantra. Your eyes rolled back, body becoming drenched with sweat and your makeup smeared. Yoongi loved it watching your face as you contorted it in pleasure. You tried to warn him how close you were but the tightening of your pussy and how your legs shook told him all he needed to know. Slipping his hand down he rubbed at your clit until you were trying your hardest to hold your cries of pleasure in, tears streaking down your face and body writhing against the wall you came hard for him, your orgasm sweeping through you like a tidal wave. Your wetness continuing to trickle down your parted thighs as he fucked it out of you. Yoongi groaned burying his face in your neck, slamming deep into you until he was ready to cum.

“Can I?” He asked and you nodded your head okaying him to cum inside of you. He bit onto your shoulder with a soft growl as his own orgasm rocked through his body shooting thick ropes of his white cum into your pussy. You took deep breaths taking it in letting some of it spill out of you. Yoongi held you close until you both were calmed down.

He pulled out of you a few minutes later hearing voices start to swarm around you he knew that soon for the most part everyone would be going home. He was used to this after all. Helping you get dressed Yoongi turned you around leaning close to press one last kiss against your lips slipping away with a teasing wink. You stare at him watching him slip back into the club to possibly pick up another victim and how you wished in that moment that he would just stay with you. Sighing you pushed from the wall hauling a cab and going home, the ride was short, it seemed shorter than what it usually did. Your hands fidgeting with your phone wallet and your keys. Once you were at the house you paid the fare to the cab and got out, walking towards your car, you got into the driver seat changing from your clubbing dress to a more formal one. You combed your hair and removed your makeup with makeup wipes. Smiling widely at your reflection you pulled your ring from the cup holder and walked towards your home, going to take a shower.

A few hours later strong arms wrapped around you from behind causing you to roll over and stare up into your fiance’s eyes. He nuzzled his nose with yours and you gave into him, holding onto him as if you hadn’t wiped away every ounce of trust between the two of you, falling asleep and trying to shake your mind of the handsome stranger you pulled your lover closer to you blacking out for the night.

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Can I ask you what your thought are about the animations in MEA and why you think it was acceptable to allow to get this far into development

I hate how tumblr mobile doesn’t tell me if I get asks, so i’m sorry if this is late

First off, I don’t have a problem with the animations. This is a Bioware game, of course there’s some wonky animations. In my romance scene with Kaidan at the end of ME3 his eyes straight up rolled to the back of his head it was terrifying. Or any number of characters who I’ve seen start glitching out and running through walls or start floating. I think they’re funny. Why is that Bethesda (another powerhouse of great games) is loved for weird animation and glitches, but Bioware is shit on?

Having played part of Andromeda, I see no reason to worry. Sure there was some things that were off, but ultimately I just laughed and continued playing. And Bioware already said that on day 1 they’re going to release a patch to fix anything. And continue adding patches as people find other problems. Bioware did the same thing with Inquisition.

There’s no need to worry friend, everything is going to be fine