me: just fall asleep already 

my brain: always out there, cArryINg thE bAnNer-the sun’ll come out tomorrow, one day more. another day, another-  look out my window, theres a view of other windows- WAVING through a windowwwww IM FLYING HIIIIGH defyyyyyying gravvity-GoTtA GeT GoTtA GeT gEt YoUr HEaD iN tHe GaMe TWO PLAYER GAAAAAAAMMEE theres nothing like summer in the city- IM SINging in the raaaaaiinn ORLANDO orlando I LOVE YOU orlando, SEASons of loooooovvveee-GoTtA FinD mY coooooorneeer of ThE SKyyyyyy-VeRoNicA, open the OPEN THE DOOR PLEASE- anatole is HOT he spe-

me: why

Me about the HSM Reunion

“We’re all in this together”

To me the most hilarious thing about “I Don’t Dance” from HSM2 is that Corbin Bleu was the one who ended up on Broadway and Dancing With the Stars

>>The Marks We Make<< Chapter 2 update!

Tag. Honestly Lance get your head in the game, if you’re not going to pay attention you’re out. 

​ has fought hard and written a pretty long chapter for you guys to read and have fun with while we go back to SUADWM for a while! 

Admittedly, this one gif is… rough to say the least. Doesn’t flow as smoothly as I wanted it to, but I’m still experimenting and learning, so it’s fiNE. 


“he tried to shoot me!” Tony screamed. Thor’s hands settled him back down in his seat and Bucky rolled his eyes. 

“i knew you would stop the bullet.” 

“oh and how would you know that Mr. ‘I can see the future’ i only recently created the technology that allowed me not to be shot in the face by you.” Tony said just as angrily.

“and this is all over Y/N?” Steve asked, “you two have been fighting for weeks over Y/N?”

“of course.” Tony answered, “gosh Captain, get your head in the game.”