Every time Jack or Ransom go back to Canada, the rest of the hockey team puts in requests for Canadian food to be smuggled back across the border.

Holster is absolutely hooked on ketchup chips. There is no other flavour that is both tangy and sour like ketchup but also gives him the crunch of potato chips.

Dex and Nursey fight over the limited supply of All Dressed Ruffles. One time, Nursey broke into Dex’s dorm room and stole the last bag of All Dressed that Dex had been saving for after exams.

Shitty is all about the Kinder Surprises. They’re technically illegal in the States, so shhhhhhh, but there’s something about having a toy inside of a hollow, chocolate egg that makes them so damn irresistible.

Lardo loves Coffee Crisp. Loves them. She would consider running someone over for one. Don’t get between her and a Coffee Crisp.

Bitty asks for jugs of maple syrup, the real kind that’s harvested from Canadian-grown maples. Jack also brought him Nanaimo bars once, and they were so good that Bitty swears to this day that there was crack in them. 

Chowder generally enjoys anything that they bring him, but he secretly prefers Cadbury chocolate over Hershey’s.

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What Canadians REALLY Want To Say To Americans 🙏🏽😂🍁 • To watch the full video, click the link in my bio. Also, tag all your fellow Canadians!! • Happy Canada Day! I’m always getting teased by my American friends for being Canadian. Hope you enjoy this fun, light-hearted little skit. No hard feelings neighbours! Yup, neighboUrs 😀! Go #TeamCanada ❤️❤️

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So Sean and I are pretty moved into our trailer… A lot of stuff kinda just has to stay boxed for now… Need to head out to Arkansas then Arizona tomorrow.

But we definitely started a war between our temporary neighbors here at the RV park. Our fifth wheel came with two recliners we don’t want, so we put them outside with a sign that said “$100 or best offer.”

The cranky Canadian next door offered $50, but we said we wanted to give the Craig’s list offer an hour, but then another old couple from down the street came by and offered $75, so I said yes, which made the cranky Canadian poke his head out. Then all the old people got into it for a bit.

So the the couple walk off to go get their car and right as they’re driving back to us, the Canadian yells over at Sean: “Fine! Come get your $100!” He was pissed, but his wife really wanted those chairs. The old couple was super sweet about being outbid and said they had felt sorry about outbidding him at first, but the Canadian goes: “They said they’re sorry? They’re not sorry! He did the same thing to me over an RV!” He grumbled the whole time, but happily took the chairs.

The whole thing was kind of hilarious.


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You're incredibly ignorant. You have enough followers and some of them will think you're right and copy your shitty plan of not voting Hilary, duck her if you want to but voting for any other and letting Trump win will guck your goddamned country and the rest of the world When racism starts getting to you you can can palm your back

I’m actually Canadian living in America so I can’t even vote sooooooooo


You wanted Mitch so you get the cute Canadian! :)

Mitch looked into your eyes and smiled. “Has anyone ever told you that your beautiful?” He asked you. You smiled and blushed. He leaned down and placed his lips on your own. Fireworks were everywhere.

Oh Canada

Yo two minutes for the end of the match and Canada is 2 goals down and still they’re fucking fighting to score, with Labbe running across the field (twice). Good on you Canada for all your fight. More fight than many of the teams I saw in the past games. Labbe, you’re a fucking beast! Hold your head high because McLeod and the rest of Canada is proud of you. I thought this was a very balanced game, where unfortunately Canada made silly mistakes. YO WTF I JUST SAW HERDMAN TRYING TO SMILE WHILE FIGHTING OFF TEARS AND MY HEART IS BROKEN ALL OVER AGAIN! GOD DAMMIT GERMANY WHY YOU GOTTA DO THIS!?! Go get your bronze Canada. YO AGAIN NOW I JUST SAW THE CANADIAN PLAYERS ON THE FIELD CRYING BUT STILL SUPPORTING EACH OTHER AND TRYING TO BE ALL TOUGH AND MOTIVATIONAL TO EACH OTHER AND MY HEART IS EVEN MORE BROKEN!

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Today is the day, has given me the lucky numbers (12, 21, 22), and so the winners are:

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I would like to thank everyone who entered, and all of our followers for being here and following the adventures of my two goofballs. I wish I could send you all something!

Stay tuned though, there will be another give away this summer over Jimmy and Fae’s birthdays! I am planning a fun month long even starting on Jimmy’s birthday and ending on Fae’s!!