Oh Canada

Yo two minutes for the end of the match and Canada is 2 goals down and still they’re fucking fighting to score, with Labbe running across the field (twice). Good on you Canada for all your fight. More fight than many of the teams I saw in the past games. Labbe, you’re a fucking beast! Hold your head high because McLeod and the rest of Canada is proud of you. I thought this was a very balanced game, where unfortunately Canada made silly mistakes. YO WTF I JUST SAW HERDMAN TRYING TO SMILE WHILE FIGHTING OFF TEARS AND MY HEART IS BROKEN ALL OVER AGAIN! GOD DAMMIT GERMANY WHY YOU GOTTA DO THIS!?! Go get your bronze Canada. YO AGAIN NOW I JUST SAW THE CANADIAN PLAYERS ON THE FIELD CRYING BUT STILL SUPPORTING EACH OTHER AND TRYING TO BE ALL TOUGH AND MOTIVATIONAL TO EACH OTHER AND MY HEART IS EVEN MORE BROKEN!

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myanchoronthisship  asked:

why did you get a Canadian cabin as your tattoo? like what made you decide to get it rather than like a maple leaf or whatever

the thought of getting to escape away to a little cabin in the woods surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes make me feel so happy and safe. it’s my little haven I suppose and I thought a tattoo would be a nice reminder of that.