Just because there’s an executive order doesn’t mean the thing will definitely happen. I have to remind myself of this so I don’t go lie down in a corner forever. Dumpster Fire is signing a slew of these because his stupider supporters think he’s actually doing something.

The Times is keeping track of what’s what and how many more steps are needed before some of this happens. And how many chances we have to fight it down. Take the Keystone Pipeline. It looks like all it needs is one more step. State Dept approval, but all the senior staff resigned in the last day. So good luck getting your shit together on that one–while the Canadian company is currently suing the US for $15 billion. It’s a mess.

i witnessed a fist fight in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant today

one man supposedly spit on another man’s car. so of course that is an Unforgivable Assault on one’s Manliness and must be dealt with in a mature, grown up way such as yelling ‘fuck’ a lot and punching each other in a parking lot

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One thing I dislike about being a buttercream fan is living in Canada, and they go and do concerts, tv shows and being on the radio. Cause right now Jack is on capital with Roman:( and I can't find links. But other than that I love them.

And the fact that NO ONE COMES TO CANADA
Why?! We are a magical and wonderful place. Come visit us. Give your Canadian fans love!

But I get you love.
Also: time differences. I’ve never been able to watch one of Joe’s live streams, or Jack’s random instagram ones because its right in the middle of my work day!

Getting to know the Mun

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Relationship Status: Long Distance

Lipstick of Chap stick: Neither really. Tried chap stick in the winter. Feels like gloop on my lips, and never have I ever wanted to try lipstick on.

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Last Movie I Watched: Who Killed Captain Alex?

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Top Three Characters: (No Particular Order, just three good ones)

1. Oliver Mira Armstrong, Full Metal Alchemist (This sword was passed down the Armstrong family for Generations)

2. Tom Nook, Animal Crossing (I don’t have to justify it, but he is an honest business man who gets way too much hate.)

3. Grunt, Mass Effect (Enough said)

Top 3 Ships: (Oh boy)

1. Commander Badass and Jonesey, Manly Men Doing Manly Things

2. Iron Bull and Dorian, Dragon Age

3. Garrus Vakarian and Tali’zorah, Mass Effect

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What Canadians REALLY Want To Say To Americans 🙏🏽😂🍁 • To watch the full video, click the link in my bio. Also, tag all your fellow Canadians!! • Happy Canada Day! I’m always getting teased by my American friends for being Canadian. Hope you enjoy this fun, light-hearted little skit. No hard feelings neighbours! Yup, neighboUrs 😀! Go #TeamCanada ❤️❤️

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So Sean and I are pretty moved into our trailer… A lot of stuff kinda just has to stay boxed for now… Need to head out to Arkansas then Arizona tomorrow.

But we definitely started a war between our temporary neighbors here at the RV park. Our fifth wheel came with two recliners we don’t want, so we put them outside with a sign that said “$100 or best offer.”

The cranky Canadian next door offered $50, but we said we wanted to give the Craig’s list offer an hour, but then another old couple from down the street came by and offered $75, so I said yes, which made the cranky Canadian poke his head out. Then all the old people got into it for a bit.

So the the couple walk off to go get their car and right as they’re driving back to us, the Canadian yells over at Sean: “Fine! Come get your $100!” He was pissed, but his wife really wanted those chairs. The old couple was super sweet about being outbid and said they had felt sorry about outbidding him at first, but the Canadian goes: “They said they’re sorry? They’re not sorry! He did the same thing to me over an RV!” He grumbled the whole time, but happily took the chairs.

The whole thing was kind of hilarious.

Oh Canada

Yo two minutes for the end of the match and Canada is 2 goals down and still they’re fucking fighting to score, with Labbe running across the field (twice). Good on you Canada for all your fight. More fight than many of the teams I saw in the past games. Labbe, you’re a fucking beast! Hold your head high because McLeod and the rest of Canada is proud of you. I thought this was a very balanced game, where unfortunately Canada made silly mistakes. YO WTF I JUST SAW HERDMAN TRYING TO SMILE WHILE FIGHTING OFF TEARS AND MY HEART IS BROKEN ALL OVER AGAIN! GOD DAMMIT GERMANY WHY YOU GOTTA DO THIS!?! Go get your bronze Canada. YO AGAIN NOW I JUST SAW THE CANADIAN PLAYERS ON THE FIELD CRYING BUT STILL SUPPORTING EACH OTHER AND TRYING TO BE ALL TOUGH AND MOTIVATIONAL TO EACH OTHER AND MY HEART IS EVEN MORE BROKEN!

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Today is the day, has given me the lucky numbers (12, 21, 22), and so the winners are:

#12 dashmom!! Dash and Dot will be getting The Extreme Canadian!!

#21 6woofs!! As your pups have some allergies you will be getting the I Smell Bacon!

And last but not least: #22 Huskybeans-beaglebiscuits your pups are getting the All Things Green!

I would like to thank everyone who entered, and all of our followers for being here and following the adventures of my two goofballs. I wish I could send you all something!

Stay tuned though, there will be another give away this summer over Jimmy and Fae’s birthdays! I am planning a fun month long even starting on Jimmy’s birthday and ending on Fae’s!!


okay, soooo a lot of things happened the last time and i thought an update would be necessary now!

- i’m writing my first A-Level exam on tuesday and i started studying like 1,5 months ago and i’m just exhausted and tired from studying, i’m just SO scared that the exams turn out bad
- i’m going to canada in august for three months (toronto, montreal, quebec, vancouver), if anyone is intrested in a lovely meeting to eat delicious food or just to hang around, just message me (i may answer a bit late because i’m just really busy with studying at the moment)! :)
- i’m sorry to say, but the canadian embassy is horrible. the way to get your work and travel visa is as horrible as getting tomorrowland festival tickets and round one opened yesterday and i didn’t got it because their server was overloaded and even if i was on point the website didn’t worked and 2100 visa were away after 4 minutes and they closed it again. there was no chance for me to get one. i hope i will have more luck the second round.
- every apartement i tried to book for quebec had cancelled my request, it’s really frustrating
- i have a lot of trouble with my feet, i can’t walk a long distance because my little toe (on both sites) hurts like hell in every shoe after a while. so i went to the doctor and he said i have to be operated on both feet. the whole thing will last 3 months, and yeah, this is even more frustrating because i can’t walk without crutches for this time. i can’t do sport or anything else.
- well, at least my progress with yoga at the moment is really nice, and i’m sooo happy with my body the last time. i feel better than ever before because i really start to see my first muscles haha! also my abs are showing up more through my abs workouts :)
- my boyfriend will come and visit me in canada for one month, which is absolutely amazing and i’m soooo happy about it! :)
- a few of my recipes and pictures of my food were puplished in two magazines now, which is also a great thing