Guys, do me a favor

Go send @swabin10 some cute, fluffy lunyx, highspecs, or gladio/fang headcanons and just overall send her some good vibes.  For a couple days now she’s been dealing with haters who are sending her hate for not liking their ship.  

And let me tell you…THAT’S NOT OK.  I don’t give a damn what you ship.  It can be my notp for all I care.  But don’t be forcing your ship onto anyone who doesn’t ship it.  Don’t be telling them that their ship or their fandom is stupid or harassing them for wanting to make art or write fics just because they don’t agree with you.

She is an amazing artist who takes time out of her day to draw for the fandoms and the ships she loves because she wants to.  She owes you nothing.  She owes the fandoms nothing.  And if you send her hate for not liking your ship, then you deserve nothing.  

Have some mutual respect for each other.  Don’t shit on our fandoms/ships and we won’t shit on yours.  That’s just common decency.  The negative energy you spend hating on someone for not agreeing with you could be put to better use such as making art or writing fics and actually enriching your fandom.

So I just found a glitch

that if you turn off your shading and the other tab too fast…. THEN THIS SHIT HAPPENS!

Alex body, Linda head

Small horse. My head at the smoke ball, horse’s head on star.

The dog is actually possessed by ghost



And many more….


Cosima and Delphine, Orphan Black (The Few Who Dare, 5x01)

OK, I’m gonna really REALLY really need - at some point in the lifespan of show!OL - Claire to tenderly kiss Jamie’s scars/booboos! I long to see it. Its just one of my fave things Claire ever does in the books.

Well um...

I’m one of the biggest Olicity supporters you’ll ever meet… but they just set up Oliver and the real Dinah ( the shade of it allll hahahaah) to bang bang bang. This man is now surrounded by thirsty bitches. But the only one he wants is too busy going into the dark web and mourning the loss of a dude she dated for like 3 months with tiny hands.

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