“I don’t play around that often
When I do
I’m a freak
So you’d better believe
I like it rough

Push up to my body
Sink your teeth into my
Get undressed
Taste the flesh
Bite into me harder
Sink your teeth into my

- “Flesh” by Simon Curtis

So… Well, this kinda happened. Because I love galra!keith and dark!shiro/Champion. Okay and I love purple and pink hues and close-ups and smut and aaaah!

There are just not enough fanfics where both of them are Galra… It’s always Shiro having a split personality, so it’s more like Keith and Kuro. And it’s just not the same. I’d write some myself, but - as you may have noticed - my English sucks. So I’ll confine myself to drawing galra!sheith stuff. A lot of stuff actually. Like a shit ton of it. :D

pretty setter group chat #1
  • Suga: nice, but tell me if you get to at least undress him
  • Oikawa: u and captain-kun sure are nasty
  • Akaashi: making out is the basic, it's so last year
  • Oikawa: WTF
  • Kenma: i have to agree
  • Oikawa: not u too kitten-chan
  • Kenma: i'm sorry
  • Kageyama: typing
  • Suga: oh shit i forgot Kageyama is in the gc, i'm an irresponsible parent
  • Kageyama: you are not my mum
  • Suga: i am, at some point
  • Kageyama: oh right

Help, my wife keeps accidentally seducing me by getting undressed to change clothes, then notices how flustered I am by how gorgeous she is and starts doing things to seduce me even more on purpose!!!

My favorite things from the Leverage Gag Reel:

-”Hi, I’m Beth Riesgraf.”
-”Charles you’re on the wrong show.”
-*Intern finds Beth and Aldis secretly hiding behind some shit* Aldis: Get out of here, what the shit? Privacy.
-*Intern finds Beth, Aldis, and Christian all hiding in various states of undress.* Aldis: GET OUT OF HERE, WHAT THE SHIT! PRIVACY
-Literally like, they all know about the Ot3 and they love it.
-Beth: *in the middle of a crowded mall* SHIT. Oh SHIT. I’m sorry to all the parents and children. *Hiding her face in shame.*
-”What are we going to do, Nate?” “We’re going to convince him that you’re a lying greedy bitch.”
-Gina hitting Tim a lot.
-Gina cleaning a table with money she’s holding in between her toes.
-Gina sneezing.
-”It’s a dick in a box.”
-”Why yes my- my- my- my-”
-”Oh fucky ducky.”
You’ve spent a disproportional amount of your life in air ducts.” “I’m sorry.”
-”Mr.  Travers I am Agent…………….”
-Client: Isn’t…What you guys do help people when no one else will?
Tim: No.
-”You callin me a liar? Cause I’ll get on this fuckin plane and leave right now.”
-”There’s a subdivision of other buildins up above. You’re gonna- I’m gonna- You’re lookin at  another take from me cause I just fucked up.”
-(Blooper from the WWII episode.) Beth: Oh, Charlie.
Aldis: Sup boo how you livin?
-The entire cast fixing their hair in the camera at some point.
-Chair spinning.
-Aldis: We looked everywhere, but the f-farm- p- p- fuck.”
-The team skipping out of a cloud of smoke while holding hands

I can’t wait for the day when I’m walking home, down a tree lined street in Bayswater London, after a productive day in business, I walk into my apartment and light all of my candles, pump some Neo soul, run a bath, put my food that I cooked in the morning straight into the oven, open my draw full of pre-rolled spliffs and take out a handful and grab my ash tray and head back to the bathroom, get undressed, slide into the bath and message my man asking him how long he’s gonna be, share some memes with my girls and check in on my mum, then put my phone on silent and kick back!

I want to come home to you on a Wednesday night and walk into our room in our apartment, and see you lying in our bed sleeping. Crawling in beside you, kicking off my shoes and climbing under the covers, not even bothering to get undressed. Accidentally waking you up ever so slightly, so you’re just able to mumble an “I love you” and wrap your arm around me as I slowly fall asleep beside you after an exhausting day at work.