thatchibidoodle my 3DS broke last year and I finally got the $100 I needed to fix it a couple months ago in birthday checks, but my dad deposited those checks without telling me or giving me the money so it got spent on other stuff so then he of course owed me that $100 and I kept asking him for it to get my DS fixed and he kept telling me to wait until his next pay period and he’d been doing that for the past like 3 months and a week or two ago he gave me the $100 in cash and so I gave it back to him and asked him to get my DS fixed, then he told my mom to tell me she called to have it fixed even tho she didn’t and then I was just kinda over it and bought a new one

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Lol that's the point. If you didn't have that asian in you you'd be ratchet as hella hahah. But let me get those digits tho ma

Lol are you serious right now?