Don’t Buy King’s Quest

homestuck and the hs game are only running behind on content due to That Odd Gentlemen STEALING from homestucks to make their own profits. If it’s true that TOG wasted $788k of our kickstarter money, then of any money you paid toward a homestuck game 32% (aka A THIRD) has been effectively stolen by TOG. please get the message out and DONT BUY KING’S QUEST. 

I have been working on translating the Ar Tonelico II light novel recently, and I thought I’d share what I’ve been working on! I’m focusing on parts centered around Infel, so far I have completed the Prologue and all the Year 3313 chapters.

So here is the Prologue (and table of contents). I’ll post the others as well soon. This part is kind of short, but the 3313 chapters are all quite long.

This is unedited, so please feel free to correct whatever. Also, if you own the novel, feel free to correct parts I may have translated wrong. Parts marked with (?) are where I got especially confused. Or if you don’t own it and think you can help, just ask me, and I’ll either sceenshot the page or type it up.

Just please give me credit for the translation, I’ve been pouring all of my free time into it!

So here it is- the Prologue!

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So if black lives matter, why aren't you talking about the 9 billion black fetuses aborted every year?

You’re pulling these numbers out your ass. There’s an estimate of a little over seven billion people on Earth so where the fuck you getting nine billion black fetuses?

Like, please take your racist ass out of our inbox. Unarmed black people getting killed for no reason and you here talking about some non-sentient fetuses?


[ I’m alive I swear! I was busy all day long alright?! But I’m here now, so yeah! Also, for no reason what-so-ever drop a little heart on this post if ya’d like some sort of starter! ]

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how do i get away from your page? i keep getting stuck on it. i reblog and it brings me back. then i find something else that takes my attention. then i get stuck on the mindmelter post. rinse repeat. i keep getting sucked back in. bringing out my softer side. please help!

Now this, I can get into this.
Don’t try to fight it. You find that the more you look at the pretty pictures, the deeper you fall into my spell.
Feel your mind dissolve and your willpower trickle away. Doesn’t it feel good to let someone else do the thinking for you?
Your whole body is relaxed now. You can hardly move. Accept this. It feels good to lose control.

i’ve been hearing firecrackers pretty much since 10 this morning but that was the first one i could actually feel. 

i’m going to take it as a sign that it’s time to crack open bottle of wine #1. 

ppl always talk abt pining!harry but what about pining!louis tbh like louis thinking that harry is THE ONE until harry brings home a girl and he can hear them going at it all fucking night, and then it hits him that harry’s just the same with nick as he is with louis, and with that bloke at the bar last friday, and a girl the night before, and harry says they’d never said, never made it official, and louis thought all the ‘i love you so much’ and louis never sleeping in his own bed and harry wearing his clothes made it pretty clear, but harry doesn’t want that, he loves louis but he wants to be ‘young and free’ or whatever he said, so louis backs off but he’s always hoping, on the (very) rare occasion that harry sneaks into his hotel room on tour that it’ll finally be the time when he says he’s staying for good. it never is, but louis will take anything he can get

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Man as a not straight, mentally ill person myself, I certainly see f*ggot and ret*rd as a slur but that doesn't matter because you don't find a problem with it, therefore that applies to every other person on the planet lmao get your head out of your ass please

Hey, if you want to be weak and be hurt by words, be my guest, faggot. 



Trans Enjolras Week! July 12-18

Hello Les Mis fandom! I am very proud and excited to announce the first annual Trans Enjolras Week!

More and more people are headcanoning Enjolras as trans, and I think that’s AWESOME! Therefore, I thought we should have a week in the fandom dedicated to it!

Trans Enjolras Week will be July 12-18. (That week also includes Bastille day, July 14th… some fun French history there!)

Use this week to post your headcanons, fic, art, cosplay (PLEASE) relating to Enjolras being trans. (Please post it at all other times too, but especially this week). Use the tag ‘trans enjolras week’ so everyone else can find your work. It will all be reblogged onto this blog for archival purposes.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot an ask to this blog, or my personal aspiringenjolras.

Also, please reblog this to help get the word out!

See you all soon!

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I was just raped.. For the third time.. By the third guy. I feel so nasty but I've scrubbed my skin raw.. I really just don't see a reason to live anymore.

Go to the emergency room, now. Bring the clothes, underwear, everything you were wearing with you. This wasn’t your fault. Please go and get checked out and get a kit done. It doesn’t mean you have file a report, it just means you have the option later to do so and still have evidence. Also, when you are there, please tell them how you are feeling. I am really worried about you.

Your life matters, even if you can’t see it at this moment.


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Al not paying her rent in time and having to stay at Mike's place until she gets it all fixed out. Oh boy.


[TWITTER] 150705 History Japan Official Twitter

ヴィーナスフォートに来てくださったSTORIAのみなさん!ありがとうございました‼︎‼︎ 今日はこれから渋谷タワーレコードで、18時からと20時半からの2回、リリイベを行います♡ #HISTORY #히스토리

Those STORIA who came to Venus Fort! Thank you!!! Later today at Tower Records Shibuya, there will be 2 release events at 6 pm and 8:30 pm♡ #HISTORY #History

[TWITTER] 150705 History Japan Official Twitter

18時から渋谷タワーレコードでリリイベ中です! たくさんのSTORIAのみなさまが来てくれました♡ 本日は20時半からの回もありますので盛り上がっていきましょう‼︎‼︎ #HISTORY #히스토리

In the middle of the Release Event at Tower Records Shibuya that started at 6pm! Lots of STORIA came♡ There is another one today at 8:30 pm, so let’s get excited!

trans cr: his-torybegins
please take out with full credits