Beach Day

This one have a story. Oh boy what a story. It was meant to be finished a month ago for patreon. But Only finished it two days ago.

My tablet started to have issues working on it. The pen to be exact. Making it really hard to draw as it was like drawing with an almost empty pen. Extremly frustrating, making me anxious to work on this picture.

Then my pen broke completely so I had to order a new one. Making me loose time. Then it became this piece I had to work on making me nervous and angry. But I had to do it before working on commission. Making me guilty.

long story short, it is the next time I let myself feel bad because of a stupid picture. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Or see it. Missing cutie marks? Don’t care.

I woke up this morning to the “leaked pictures of Chen and his ex” all over my Twitter (since most of the accounts I follow are EXO fanartists in Korea). While I’m happy to know Chen is fine and dating people despite his idol life, please don’t spread the pictures around. That’s something private and shouldn’t be exposed to the world. He’s also human and deserves privacy as well.

Hey guys, i have this project that I’m hoping will become something much bigger. I, with the help of some amazing friends, have created this as a platform for creative and entrepreneurial black youth. Simply bc with so much going on in our world, so much negativity and live lost, it’s very easy for us to get discouraged. So many of our parents tell us to give up on our more artistic and risky dreams bc things like that aren’t possible for us. My goal is to build a community for us where we can support each other and our dreams and will prosper. But I need some help getting the word out! So please, if you haven’t already go follow @afrorenaissance and promote, repost, share, and tag your friends ✊🏾❣️

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Okay don’t get me wrong I love Finn so much but someone please explain why he had no visible qualms about attacking the storm troopers. Like I get he’s changed but wouldn’t it be hard to hurt someone you used to be a brother/sister in arms with? Didnt he think ‘oh no my blaster bolt just hit FN-5143, he was quite funny’ or remember how he used to have quiet sombre lunches the cafeteria with his squadron. No hesitation my dude just goes for it and it kind of bugs me. And i don’t mean he should stand there and die, maybe a quiet scene after the battle to show his inner turmoil or even just mulling it over. Finn was able to change, doesn’t he ever wonder if some other stormtroopers felt the same way or feel obligated to help them get out like he did. Someone please explain


I’m Little Petalbounce, and I’m a Toonfest Blue cat on TTR! I took a pretty long hiatus from Toonblr, and it seems that almost everyone I used to hang out with is no longer active.

I’d love to have some more people to hang out with! Toonblr is an awesome community, and I’ve really missed hanging out here!

Can I please get a promo so that I can make some new Toonblr friends? I post art sometimes, and I am pretty much a huge memelord. <3

Dear nervous system, please cool your shit.

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Hi, so.. I was talking to a friend with adhd, and when he first met me, first thing he said "the adhd is strong with this one" then as we keep talking he's totally sure I have adhd. Like I can't focus, I "seem" drunk and hyper as hell, my train of thought keeps bouncing around, coffee calms me down ect. ect. I don't want to say I do bc I haven't been diagnosed, but I can't because my parents wont listen bc they think "something's wrong with me" and I get decent grades. So help please?

Check out our self-diagnosis post. We outline the process for self-diagnosis and if you go through that and come out the other side with a “yes” then you can say that you have ADHD or that you probably have ADHD. You can’t get accommodations without a formal diagnosis, but going through the process we outline will give you a fair bit of ammunition to help you with doctors and parents.


Sorry for the delay! I wanted to wait for the other mods since I didn’t know all of their cats and opinions on who we’re accepting. Its getting late, though, so I’m just going to post who got in. The names of mod cats may change, since I don’t have all of them!

Thank you to everyone who applied! And if you didn’t get accepted, please keep a look out for your next opportunity!



Leader – Berrystar (Mod Alfie)

Deputy – Burntpelt (Mod Neon)

Healer – Mintshine  ( @septimusmaeda )

Healer Apprentice – Possumpaw ( @birdwording )


Copperstep (Mod Night)

Coppercreek ( @none-honor-with-left-tiddy )

Sproutfur ( @fake-goldstars )

Graywind ( @slightlylittlecloud )

Ferndapple ( @ihaswolves  )

Milktuft (Mod Fawn)

Talloak (Mod Hawk)


Ratpaw ( @roma-needs-a-toma )


Bearstar (Mod Hawk)                                  



Leader: Error (Mod Hawk)

Deputy: Cotton (Mod Alfie)

Healer: Piper (Mod Neon)

Healer Apprentice: Marigold ( @emperorbird)


Rascal (Mod Hawk)

Fence (Mod Night)        

Garbage ( @slightlylittlecloud )

Rabbit ( @fake-goldstars )

Jesse (Mod Fawn)


Percy (Mod Alfie)

Hemlock ( @septimusmaeda )

Journal ( @scourg )

Grey ( @yellow-lions-paladin )

Flea ( @afrightenedmouse )

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Salaam, I'm getting really stressed out because of school and some upcoming exams. Could you please pray that i succeed? Thank you.

I had to do an influence map for school assignment so i thought maybe i should share with u guys :D it was really fun to see how I get to where I am with these influences. Please check them out when u can cuz they are all amazing. :D btw im sorry that i haven’t been posing lately after fan expo. I have been very busy with school and my own film. but i’ll try my best to keep updating. :D if you want to see all kind of wips of sketches i do, i usually use twitter now. you can follow my [twitter]

Invoices are getting sent out now! Please remember to pay within 12 hour or let me know what’s going on :) 

Thank you all so much. There was an amazing turnout tonight, we could hardly keep up! 

Tomorrow evening we’re going to have 10 mineral lots of mostly just tumbled stones and then we’ll have auctions!